22 Amazing Kissing Balls for Wedding Centerpieces

What sounds more romantic: a parasitic plant called mistletoe or a beautiful boho kissing ball?

Sure, “kissing under the mistletoe” has been a very fun Christmas tradition since Victorian times, but we need to call out mistletoe for stealing the kissing ball’s thunder!

Way back in the Middle Ages, crafty peasants were creating “holy boughs” out of holly branches, leaves, and little religious tokens that they painstakingly twined into balls. The boughs decorated homes and doorways to bless occupants and visitors, and from there, kissing balls were born.

Centuries later, a guy named Charles Dickens (you may have heard of him!) popularized kissing beneath mistletoe sprigs in a few beloved books… and the kissing ball eventually got dropped.

But not at your wedding!

Unlike mistletoe, kissing balls aren’t simply seasonal decorations—they’re gorgeous for any year-round event, and we’ve got 24 of the sweetest kissing balls for wedding centerpieces.

Bella of the Kissing Balls for Wedding Centerpieces

This affordable package of wedding decorations includes kissing balls made from the “Real Touch” brand of silky flowers, with accents of satin ribbons, lace, feathers, burlap, rhinestones, or pearls!

If you’re wondering, Real Touch artificial flowers are fabrics, polymers, or plastics. The process of making these faux flowers is over a hundred years old, and new advancements to this flower-making technology have made them look and feel even more realistic.

Buyers rave about the seller’s ability to customize orders to their complete satisfaction, so if you’d prefer a different color scheme or more kissing balls in your order, you only need to ask!

Rustic Farmhouse Chic Kissing Balls

Any rustic-chic bride who ever loved a rag doll as a kid will adore these soft rag kissing balls!

You can choose from soft ivory or white colors and there are various size options too.

The shaggy fabric effect on these kissing balls includes some random loose strings; ahh whimsical boho decor at its finest!

Lemon Blueberry Kissing Balls to Love

If you’re able to hang centerpieces over your tables at an appropriate height, you free up a ton of space for your guests to enjoy dinner and the festivities with more elbow room.

It’s becoming a popular option with many brides to hang faux floral centerpieces (which is grand!), but we’ve got an even more unique idea!

These 7-inch faux lemon blueberry kissing balls would make ideal centerpieces for a summery afternoon wedding reception. Leafy accents and a pretty gold ribbon make this hanging arrangement a standout.

Red Foam Rose Kissing Balls for Wedding Centerpieces

These foam kissing balls are soft yet durable and can be hung over your reception tables or placed in tall vases with LED lights or pebbles for an easy yet classy look.

There are more colors than just red to choose from, and the available sizes are 6.5 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches for easy mixing and matching.

Silk Rose Navy Blue Kissing Ball

This “blooming range of rose kissing balls” are made from high-quality silk that is simply exquisite to the touch.

Hang these by the attachable organza ribbon or arrange them in vases. Note that these durable, reusable rose balls are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Kissing Balls of All Colors

These smaller fabric flowered kissing balls are affordable for banquet tables at larger receptions, and they come in a dizzying array of colors.

You can sit these balls in vases or hang them from satin and metallic drawstrings.

Wine Cork Kissing Balls That Wow

How about wine cork kissing balls for your vineyard wedding reception?

The design is deceptively simple-looking, but the quality is on point, and we love that only real wine corks are used (some feature dates, others have a cool red wine stain on the tips!).

These cork kissing balls would look great arranged on decorative frosted wine bottles with fairy lights inside.

Half Moon Full Romance Kissing Ball

You get a “half-moon kissing ball” with this idea, but trust us, it’s all good!

The beauty of this flat-bottom design is that you can arrange your kissing balls on rhinestone-studded or crystal-embellished cake plates or wider-width candy dishes for low-profile table centerpieces.

Satin Loop Hydrangea Kissing Balls Centerpieces

When you want an option other than faux roses, these fabric hydrangea kissing balls are so pretty.

They notably come with a satin loop attached for a heavenly effect of billowy, angelic clouds hanging over your reception tables.

Pinecone Kissing Ball Perfect for Fall or Winter

Such a timely (yet timeless) decorating idea for autumn or holiday weddings!

These 4-inch kissing balls are handmade of natural hemlock pinecones and adorned with a stunning, sheer gold or rust-red ribbon. The ribbon color is customizable if you have another color scheme in mind.

Stunning Sunflower Kissing Balls for Wedding Centerpieces

This faux floral chandelier is perfect for laidback summertime nuptials.

Each sunflower kissing ball features a string of LED fairy lights to keep these little balls glowing as the sun goes down.

Faux Orchid Flower Kissing Ball

Orchids are exotic flowers, and this faux, creamy-white orchid arrangement makes a unique and special kissing ball to hang over your reception tables.

Each ball gets a touch of bling with pearl pins and a white chiffon bow, and if you’re thinking about fairy lights as accents, it’ll give these orchids a golden glow.

Floating Flower Kissing Ball with Rhinestones

We’ve talked about hanging kissing ball centerpieces or arranging the kissing balls on vases, cake plates, or frosted wine bottles on your reception tables. Hey, they’re kissing balls, and you can do practically anything with them.

But when we remembered a little decorating idea called floating kissing balls, we took to it like ducks to water!

This 15-inch, half-moon kissing ball has sparkly rhinestone accents and can handle getting wet. So, if you’re getting married poolside, you should think about some floating kissing balls sparkling in the sunshine as you say, “I do!”

Pretty Purple Flowery Kissing Ball

This flowery kissing ball is completely round and comes with a lightweight and shiny plastic pedestal. It’s a good size for a table centerpiece (12 inches in the vase and approximately 8 inches across), and the price is affordable.

You have the option to switch out the included plastic pedestal with a mason jar filled with fairy lights, or you can add a lacy burlap ribbon to each pedestal to emphasize the boho chic.

We love the uniqueness of the mini faux floral buds, and the purple color is lovely if that matches your decorating scheme.

Paper Flower Kissing Balls

Attention book-loving brides: when we tell you that you can have kissing balls lovingly handmade for you from pages out of actual books, how cool is that on a scale of 1 to amazing?

It sounds like a painstaking process (with fruitful results) because these paper flower kissing balls are individually cut out from the bookbinding and rolled up to create the effect. They’ll look perfect hanging over tables, arranged on candle-stands, vases, or both!

Accent it further with affordable strings of fairy lights hanging around each kissing ball or a garland of LED lights curled around them on your reception tables.

They’ll make wonderful seasonal decorations after your wedding, too!

Artificial Mistletoe Kissing Ball

We admit it. We can’t hold a grudge against mistletoe for too long!

This confession is especially true after we spotted these silky faux mistletoe leaves and realistic-looking berries fashioned into little kissing balls with a soft green ribbon.

These are fantastic Christmasy hanging centerpieces for your seasonal wedding. You’ll also find plenty of decor uses for these pretty pieces afterward.

Boxwood Wedding Kissing Ball

We love learning new stuff, and we’ve found out some interesting facts about boxwood.

Boxwood shrubbery is very versatile, and these shrubs provide evergreen color year-round, even in some colder locations with snow.

This round kissing ball measures 7-inches high, wide, and deep, making it an excellent medium-sized decoration. It’s made of boxwood pieces on a wet foam ball that hangs by a ribbon.

When you’re looking for low-key touches of nature in a seasonal wedding, consider these elegant and romantic kissing balls.

Rose and Lilac Kissing Balls

These silken rose kissing balls have plum-colored lilac accents that add dimension and a glamorous edge to the typical rounded shape.

Each white rose features a pearly pin to hold it in place, and these lightweight balls all have a plum ribbon with a customizable length to ensure your centerpieces hang perfectly.

Marvelous Metallic Flower Kissing Balls

We love this idea: a 10-inch diameter kissing ball finished with a soft, shiny metallic coating of rustic rose gold (one of our favorite wedding tones!).

If you hang these balls on strings of fairy lights, your DIY efforts will look spectacular. These kissing balls would look equally fabulous as table centerpieces glowing next to LED votive candles.

Purple Shell Kissing Ball

Beach brides, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Up first in our selection of destination or waterfront wedding centerpieces is this little 4-inch kissing ball made of real shells in purple and lavender colors.

Imagine these shell balls and tapered LED candles laying on a sandy beige chiffon table runner with sprinkles of LED diamond confetti glowing at your beach reception.

Starfish Kissing Ball with Pearl Handle

This arrangement is beach-wedding worthy! 

It’s a flower ball made from Real Touch ivory roses and a rhinestone-studded starfish brooch for added bling.

If you’re looking for a single stunning centerpiece for your head table, the larger starfish kissing ball (in 10 to 16-inch sizes) is a breathtaking look to consider. However, the medium-sized kissing balls also make great guest table centerpieces when you sit them on LED-lit Eiffel Tower vases.

Nautical Kissing Ball for Waterfront Weddings

Finally, a kissing ball that covers all of your beach wedding bases!

It’s good to know that you can get these nautical-themed table arrangements customized to become your dream wedding decorations.

The style shown here is a gorgeous display of faux hydrangea, seashells, starfish, decorative shapes of driftwood, ribbons, and a turquoise glitter garland for a crowning touch of bling!

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