9 Amazing Mother Daughter Wedding Photo Ideas

If you thought you were marrying your ride or die, think again. 

Your true day one is your mama, the beautiful woman who gave you life, and in this article, right here, I’m giving that lady her due!

Fathers of the bride get a lot of attention on the wedding day. Now Dads, don’t get your hackles up, you certainly deserve the attention, but let’s not leave mama in the corner, okay?

Lest we forget, your mother birthed you into this world, and that ain’t no easy thing. So, please, don’t go your entire wedding day without giving her a little love. 

Perhaps you’ve gotten this far, and you agree – mother-daughter time is a top priority on the wedding day. But then you’re asking, “how do I make sure this goddess who is gracing the earth as my mother gets the photos she deserves?”

Well, friend, how thoughtful of you, and also, I’ve got some unique mother daughter wedding photo ideas.

Let’s dig in. 

Mother Daughter Wedding Photo Ideas
Photo by Taylor Rae Photo + Film

Best Mother Daughter Wedding Photo Ideas

Let’s say this together – authentic photos make the best photos!

So if your brain is feeling particularly scrambled trying to figure out how to best highlight your sweet mother, think about what you’ll be doing on the big day together. 

Natural moments make timeless photos. These are the images you’ll reach for again and again over the years. 

Try not to worry too much about engineering that perfect moment. Simply include your mother throughout the day, let your wedding photographer know that photos with her are necessary (though they’ll probably already know that), and let the day unfold. 

Getting Ready

mother looking at her bride daughter wearing wedding gown
Photo by Elissa Deline Photography

Prep time is prime time to work your mama in. 

Likely, she’s already going to be there with you. You know she won’t want to miss a moment of the hair and makeup and mimosas (there will be mimosas, right?!). 

Letting your mom button you into your dress or giving her the chance to put your jewelry on – these moments are guaranteed to produce some emotional wedding photos. 

mother helping bride daughter in her gown
Photo by The McDonalds

Plus, of course, you get the benefit of having your built-in BFF with you throughout the whole morning to pump you up, give you pep talks, and remind you of what a special occasion this is. 

Also, a side benefit is that moms are usually semi-professional criers. As soon as I became a mom, the waterworks turned on and never stopped.

So if you’re looking for some happy tears… you know who to turn to. 


mother kissing her bride daughter
Photo by Marissa Rae Photography

Most of us know what a “first look” is, yea? 

It’s that special moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony.  Some couples opt to carve out this quiet, candid time just for the two of them. 

It’s grounding. It’s also usually emotional. 

But have you considered a first look moment with your mom? 

Remember how I said moms know how to cry? I mean, I know there’s no right way to cry, but moms would own that territory if there was. 

Combine your mama’s stellar talent at dropping some tears at the drop of a hat with the fact that you chose to carve out this special moment for just you and her on your wedding day???

You are pretty much guaranteed at least a few (if not dozens) of photos that are wedding album worthy

And then, of course, it’s simply a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life. So there’s that. 

The In-Between Moments

mother bride walking with her two daughters
Photo by Nick Mehn Wedding Photography

I know I’ve already made a firm argument for candid moments, but I’m circling back because it’s that important. 

A mother on her wedding day walking hand-in-hand with her daughter. There’s a story there.

When it’s your story, it will instantly take you back to that time. Instead of traditional portraits, which simply document who was there, candid moments allow you to feel what you felt when the picture was taken. 

bride talking with her mother and father
Photo by Haverlee Photography

Years from your wedding day, you’ll look back at that photo of you and your mom laughing or crying or laughing while crying (this is the most likely), and you might be surprised to find that laugh bubbling up again or a tear coming to the surface. 

This is why you’re getting photos in the first place, right?

To remember the things worth remembering?


bride with her mother walking together in the aisle
Photo by Wonderstruck Media Co

Okay, I know the tradition is for ol’ Pops to walk his daughter down the aisle, and I get that. I’m not here to argue against a good father-daughter moment. I don’t want to stir the pot. 

But then again… have you thought about mom (*actively stirs pot*)?

Perhaps you don’t have the best relationship with your dad. Maybe it was your mom who consistently (and without fail) showed up for you. Maybe your dad isn’t here anymore, or perhaps you simply want to shake things up. 

Having your mama hand you off bucks the system in the most sentimental way possible, and you’re sure to have some emotional wedding photos if you choose to go this route. 

mother of bride crying
Photo by Becca Louise Photography

If that’s not for you, then simply making a little time to highlight your mama during your ceremony could be an excellent idea. 


happy bride mother carries her daughter
Photo by Emily Blackford Photography

And then, of course, there’s the reception. 

It’s over. The pressure is off. Now it’s time to just relax, have fun, and listen to people say really nice (and sometimes slightly embarrassing) things about you. 

The dance floor will always produce memorable photos (thank you, dance floor). 

Get out there and cut a rug with your mama. You both deserve to let loose a little. A mother-daughter wedding dance isn’t typical, but again, let’s throw out tradition in your mom’s name, mkay?

happy bride, mother and father
Photo by Foxtails Photography

However, if you’re not the dancing type, make sure to cozy up with mom at some point during the reception.

It’ll be a comfort to you after a fun (but, let’s be honest, stressful) day, and you know she’ll never turn down an opportunity to snuggle.

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