29 Groomsmen Golf Gifts For Your League Buddies

When it comes to wedding planning, a lot of grooms don’t want to pick the favors, flowers, and other decorations. Well, let’s be honest, most grooms don’t get given a chance!

However, there’s at least one thing that the groom should definitely be in charge of choosing, and that’s the groomsmen’s gifts for his best friends!

A lot of guys love golf; it’s a great way to get in some exercise and fresh air while talking and joking with pals on the course. 

So, if you and your buddies love to spend time on the green, we’ve got a few ideas for custom golf gifts for your groomsmen. 

Personalized Golf Glove

Golf gloves can make or break a swing. Show your groomsmen you care with this personalized golf glove.

This Etsy seller will personalize the glove by printing initials on the wrist so he’ll never mix up his glove with someone else’s again!

Canvas Golf Club Covers

Canvas Golf Club Covers

These classic headcovers are a part of our CANVAS COLLECTION.

A handy tool for protecting golf clubs and drivers, these canvas golf club covers can be personalized with a name or monogram.

They’re available in three canvas and four leather colors, as well as three different sizes.

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

The golf ball is machined to fit a stainless steel opener plate, with a keychain loop and a carabiner added as not only a way to attach it anywhere but also to provide leverage for use.

This bottle opener is shaped like a partial golf ball, which makes it the perfect functional golf gift for the beer-drinking golf lover in your life.

Beer Slinger

Personalized Beer Sleeve

This insulated beer sleeve easily fits 5 of your favorite cold brews to help get you through a round - or a refill at the turn (we won't judge).

Make sure he keeps his favorite beverage cold on the course with this easy-to-travel beer slinger.

It can even be customized with his initials!

Travel Golf Bag

Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag

High quality materials: Made of premium 600D heavy duty polyester oxford, tough enough to protect your golf clubs during travel.

If your buddy is really devoted to the game and tends to find the golf course wherever he travels, consider giving him this golf travel bag as a gift.

It’s lightweight and equipped with wheels, so he won’t have to haul it through the airport or depot. This travel golf bag also has space for every golf tool he needs; he won’t have to rent ever again!

Fun Golf Ball Markers Set

Fun Golf Ball Markers Set

These items make the perfect gift for any golfer in your life. They also make the perfect groomsmen gifts or are perfect for any special occasion! 

Golf ball markers can be important when you’re golfing with multiple players.

These poker-chip-sized markers have golf puns laser-engraved on them; your friends are sure to get a chuckle when they see them. 

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

Stand out on the course with your personalized golf balls! Have the best father's day or bachelor gift!

These are the #1 golf balls used by professional golf players!

Get the avid golfer of your group this set of a dozen custom golf balls, he won’t run out of them for a long time. 

Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro is a trending brand all over the world. We specialize in optical products. We have our own factory and sales team, meaning we stand behind our products and cherish the customer experience.

A rangefinder is a handy golf tool, and this one has a 650-foot range. It’s small and compact, so it’s easy to put in your golf bag, doesn’t take up a lot of space or add a ton of weight to it. 

Personalized Golf Scorecard Holder

Personalised Golf Score Card Holder

The par-fect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life, keep all those important scores together in this fun personalised golf score card holder.

If one of your groomsmen is always serious about keeping score, this personalized golf scorecard holder could be the perfect gift for him! Plus, it has a par-fect pun on the front. 

Golf Ball Whiskey Glass Set

Golf Ball Whiskey Glass Set

Our team created this product to maintain the golf lifestyle off the course.

Is your best man or fraternity brother a big fan of whiskey? Consider these gorgeous golf ball whiskey glasses just for him!

He’ll be able to enjoy two of his favorite things at once – whiskey and golf!

Custom Microfiber Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel

Microfiber Golf Towel - Great size design to clip to your golf bag or your belt loop.

The perfect size to clip to a golf bag or belt loop, this microfiber golf towel comes with an aluminum carabiner clip.

You can even customize it with his initials and select his favorite colors for the stitching and handles of the golf clubs. 

Golf Bag Tag

Golf Bag Tag

Our golf bag tag is made from a sturdy plastic material making it tough enough to endure the toughest of travel conditions.

A golf bag tag will help any golf fan keep all his tools in the same place, and helps prevent mix-ups with other people and their accessories. 

This golf bag tag comes in black or gray, has a holder for tees, and can be customized with initials.

Best of all, this tag attaches to a golf bag using a belt-like strap, so it would take some doing to get it to detach.

Exploding Golf Balls

Exploding Golf Balls

Plastic ball looks just like the real thing!

Does your big brother think he’s as funny as Bo Burnham or Dave Chappelle?

The perfect golf groomsmen gift for the jokester in your life, these exploding golf balls are sure to shock whoever has the misfortune of using them. Once the “smoke” clears, you all can have a big laugh!

Monogram Caddie Case

Golf Accessory Organizer and Glove Storage

First of its kind Golf Organization and Glove Storage Device designed to hold all of your golfing and non golfing essentials while extending the lifespan on your glove!

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of equipment.

A caddie case is an essential golf tool for staying organized on the course and preventing loss and aggravation. This one has room for a glove, tees, keys, and any other golf tool you may need. 

Have it personalized with your groomsman’s initials so he never mixes it up with anyone else’s, and if he loses it, it’ll be easy to identify.

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

These puppies are next level and you can't afford another drink without them. 

This set of two golf-ball-shaped whiskey chillers is sure to delight your whiskey-drinking, golf-loving friend.

These chillers each look like a real golf ball, so there’s no mistaking what his favorite sport is. Plus, they’re handy if he’s just run to the liquor store!

Star Wars Golf Pun Shirt

Star Wars Golf Pun Shirt

Design is printed as pictured on the garment.

Is that the Death Star? No, it’s just a golf ball!

This shirt is the perfect groomsmen gift for the guy who always has a Star Wars reference, no matter what the occasion. You’ll get bonus points if he’s also a dad – his kids are sure to groan at the pun whenever he wears this goofy shirt!

Leather Golf Ball Case

Another awesome golf gift is this leather golf ball case.

Complete with a clip to attach to a bag or belt loop, this case also has four loops for tees!

Paint-Splatter Golf Tees

Paint-Splatter Golf Tees

Blue and yellow splatter golf tees are here. Each order includes 20 wooden golf tees (2 3/4” or 3 1/4”).

These golf tees are made from wood and have a fun design of blue and yellow paint splatters. The set also comes with 20 tees, so it’ll take forever for him to run out of them! 

Personalized Insulated Mini Golf Bag Lunch Cooler

Playing golf can really work up an appetite, as can talking and laughing with friends!

Make it easy for him to be the snack guy with this personalized mini lunch cooler. He can easily load it up with snacks and sandwiches so you never have to leave the golf course again!

Vintage Golf Patent Prints

Vintage Golf Patent Prints

Get this retro set of iconic Golf patents artwork reinterpreted to capture the spirit of innovation, engineering, sports, and hand crafted to infuse the classic, vintage feel and personal touch by our award winning artist in North Carolina.

This set of half a dozen photos is the golf essential for the guy who’s practically a pro golf player! They’re golf-themed, but they’re also cool – we especially love their vintage style.

These prints are true works of art, and all he has to do is put them in a frame and hang them up.

Custom Shoe Bag

Custom Shoe Bag

Personalised Shoe Bags. Perfect for transporting shoes and boots, avoid getting mud everywhere!

Some golf players wear certain special shoes when they’re on the green. However, you still need to keep the other things in your bag clean from your street shoes. That’s where this custom shoe bag comes in.

With eight colors and nine fonts to choose from, you can personalize this shoe bag based on the style of each member of your wedding party.

Golf Ball Cufflinks

These cufflinks make for a practical and cool golf groomsmen gift. Your friend can even wear them on your wedding day to reference your favorite activity to do with them!

A Collection of Golf Books

The Golf Book

Find all there is to know about golf: from its ancient origins to the global competitions today. Learn about the strokes and analyze the talents of the world's best.

Give him the gift of golf in literary form with The Golf Book.

A beautiful and practical book, he can read it and feel good about leaving it out on his coffee table as decor when he’s finished; that’s how pretty it is!

Golf History

Greatest Game Ever Played

The story of Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon, who in pursuit of their passion for a game that captivated them as children, broke down rigid social barriers that made their sport accessible to everyone on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, positioning golf as one of the most widely played games in the world. 

A perfect gift for fans of golf history, The Greatest Game Ever Played is a chronicle of how golf became more accessible to the common man. Without this history, he might never have played the game!

Golf Courses Tracking Map

Golf Courses Tracking Map

This golf themed pin map was designed by our talented graphic designer as a fun way for any golf enthusiast to track where they have teed off across America! 

If you have a friend who loves to travel and loves to golf too, consider getting him this golf course tracking map!

He’ll have fun putting pins in the places he’s played, and it’ll help serve as a reminder of his favorite trips.

Custom Two-Seat Mini Golf Cart Desk Clock

Custom Two-Seat Mini Golf Cart Desk Clock

This Custom Deluxe Two Seat Mini Golf Cart Desk Clock is a brilliant and perfect gift for the true golf enthusiast.

Is one or more of your groomsmen always texting you during work that he’d rather be out golfing than sitting at his desk?

Remind him of his favorite activity by getting him the gift of this two-seat mini golf cart desk clock. It’s a great way to track the time until he can get on the green again!

Golf Themed Tie

Golf Themed Tie

Our dress ties for men are made from a stain-resistant microfiber for a classic look.

This tie is made from microfiber, which makes it incredibly soft to the touch.

The dark red color is masculine and will go with almost anything he pairs it with, not to mention the pattern of tiny swinging golfers is not overwhelming. 

Golf Cornhole Lawn Game

Golf Cornhole Lawn Game

An exciting new hybrid between golf and cornhole for the ultimate outdoor game! Easy to learn and includes rules for several fun games

If you’ve got the clubs, this game is for you!

This golf-inspired cornhole game comes with everything else you need to play, including the board, 16 foam balls, a hitting mat, and a scorecard. 

Golf Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bag

Made of high-quality environmentally friendly PU fabric, exquisite workmanship, wear-resistant and durable. women's or men golf bags with stand is water resistance to avoid any liquid to permeate.

This golf bag is made from polyurethane, which makes it waterproof, light, and durable.

It can also stand on its own via two extendable legs, making golf clubs easily accessible – no caddie required!

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