37 Funny Groomsmen Gifts That Are Sure To Give Him A Laugh

When it comes to wedding party gifts, the groomsmen can be difficult to shop for. After all, adults can buy themselves whatever it is they want or need, usually.

But if your groom is known for his sense of humor, a funny groomsmen gift could be just the thing to boost his hilarious reputation – and it will bring joy and laughter to the people he loves.

We’ve compiled a list of some funny groomsmen gifts for you, so you don’t have to worry about what to buy the most important men in your groom’s life. Read on!

Manly Candle

A perfect gift for the guy who just got a new home, this “manly” scented coconut wax candle was hand-poured in the USA.

With a top note of citrus (bergamot), a middle note of mahogany, and a base note of musk, this candle smells fantastically masculine. 

The Office Poster

One of television’s most iconic sitcoms, this quote from (Wayne Gretsky) boss Michael Scott is both a funny reminder of a hilarious show and an inspirational lift.

Funny Dog Calendar

This calendar is perfect for the guy who always forgets what day it is, or who loves to travel, or who loves dogs . . . or all three! It’s sure to make him giggle every time he flips to a new month.

Outlet Mustache

What’s better than adding a mustache? Almost nothing!

A no-brainer gift for the hilarious guy who’s into home decor, these outlet mustaches will turn the electrical outlets in his home into expressive little faces. 

Introvert Mug

The ideal gift for an introverted homebody, this mug is perfect for curling up on the couch with a pet and a good book, alone!

Custom Face Socks

If one of your groomsmen is meticulous about his appearance, these custom face socks are a funny present for him!

Just upload a picture of your friend, and the seller will create these fun socks.

Cat Playing Guitar Shirt

What’s cooler than rock and roll? A cat playing guitar, of course!

This shirt is perfect for the musician or music-lover groomsman who also loves animals, but especially cats.

T-Rex Water Tracker

Many people find it hard to drink enough water during the day. Well, this T-rex water tracker makes it easy and fun! It’s good for the earth, too, because it’s reusable – unlike that pesky comet!

Custom Shot Glasses

You can personalize these shot glasses with different drinking salutes from various languages, or with the groomsman’s name. The possibilities are endless! 

Jesus Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is a great gift for the Christian dad of your wedding party.

He’ll be ready for whatever situation arises at your wedding with this Jesus fanny pack – maybe he’ll even turn water into wine! Fingers crossed!

Pet Rock

If your groomsman’s home doesn’t allow pets, get him the least offensive pet around – a pet rock!

This one even comes with a cute little “birth certificate.”

Pizza Socks in Box

Some people are terrible at keeping socks – the dryer eats them, or they just leave them everywhere they go.

These four pairs of socks have been expertly and cleverly rolled and folded to look like a fresh, hot pizza. They’re so brightly colored, your groomsman will never lose them!

Poutine Candle

Perfect for the foodie, this poutine candle looks almost good enough to eat. We’d love to see his guests’ reactions when he lights it on fire! 

Funny Welcome Mat

Another option for the introverted man of the group, this “welcome” mat is one to-the-point and funny groomsman gift!

Crap Bag Tote

Perfect for the eco-friendly fan of Friends, this tote bag makes a more obscure reference to the iconic sitcom, so only the most devoted fans will get it.

This tote bag is perfect for the groomsman to use to haul whatever the groom needs on his wedding day, too!

Punny Kitchen Towels

These kitchen towels are chock full of food puns, making them perfect for the funny groomsman who’s talented in the kitchen.

You’ll get bonus points for giving him more puns to make his friends groan!

Van Gogh Coffee Mug

If a member of your wedding party is an artist (or art fan) and loves his morning (or afternoon) cup of joe then consider a funny mug like this one as his wedding gift.

This mug makes his point clear without him ever having to open his mouth – except for coffee!

Nickelback Photograph Frame

Was your groomsman once a huge Nickelback fan? Is he still? Then he’ll definitely appreciate this Nickelback photo frame, which references the music video for their hit song “Photograph.” 

This photo frame is also a great gift for any music lover of your crew!

Custom Face Blanket

If one or more of your groomsmen is coupled up, consider putting his and his boo’s faces on a soft, cozy blanket!

This gift can be especially meaningful for those in long-distance relationships; they can still cuddle with the one they love when they’re far away from one another.

Exercise Block

This is the perfect gift for the man who’s a little bit of a couch potato.

All he has to do is put this little wooden block on the floor, run around it twice, and triumphantly claim he has “run around the block” a few times. Incorrect interpretations of what that means are not on him!

You’re the Bomb Bath Bombs

A bath bomb set that comes in four different scents with a pun on the box? Sounds like the perfect gift for the high-power groomsman in your life!

Give him the ultimate gift of relaxation with these handmade bath bombs!

Custom Face Magnets

These custom face magnets are a great way to make sure your groomsman remembers exactly who you are.

Simply upload a picture with the face you want to see on the magnet, and this Etsy seller will create it for you!

Baldi Mug

This mug is a perfect gift for the bald guy in your life – whether by choice or by nature. We love the play on the store’s name and logo, edited to make it punny!

Drake Meme Dishwasher Magnet

We’ve all seen so many Drake memes in the past few years. However, have you thought of using one on a dishwasher magnet to show whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty? We bet not! 

This gift is perfect for the guy who lives with roommates. They’ll never have another dishwasher fight again!

Bacon and Coffee Shirt

This shirt is a great gift for the coffee-and bacon-lover in your wedding party, especially if breakfast is his favorite meal of the day.

These shirts come in multiple sizes too, so they’re available for every guy you need them for!

Celebrity Saint Candle

Candles add ambiance to spaces, and having a celebrity “saint” on them adds humor too!

From Amy Poehler to Prince, there’s a “saint celebrity” candle for whoever the object of their admiration might be.

Sarcasm Shirt

An excellent reference to an amazing series, this shirt tells people that this groomsman is a whiz with sarcasm before he even opens his mouth!

Video Game Socks

Video games are fun, and so are these socks!

If your groomsmen are really into playing video games, give them a pair of themed socks to keep their feet warm while they’re beating you at Mario Kart.

Chicken Parm Sweatshirt

There are few things as comforting as a sweatshirt, but chicken parmesan comes close! Make him feel doubly cozy with a sweatshirt with the name of his favorite dish on it.

It’s random, which means it’ll either get some laughs or generate confusion. Either way, it’s amusing.

Parks and Rec Wine Bag

This would be a hilarious gift to get the man who’s a bit of a snob about wine.

Whether he’s from a long line of vintners or studied abroad in France for a semester, this quote from Parks and Recreation’s April Ludgate is sure to make him smile!

Jesus Shaves Bag

This “Jesus Shaves” reusable bag is a fun gift for any eco-friendly groomsman. He can use it to carry library books or groceries, and it’s sure to get a chuckle out of everyone who sees it!

Problem Solving Flowchart Poster

We think this would make a great gift for a younger brother; even if he’s now all grown up!

Ease his anxiety by giving him this problem-solving flowchart poster to hang as art in his home.

CSI: Cat Scene Investigation Art

Any cat owner knows that cats love to lie on whatever they deem comfortable, whether it’s convenient for humans or not.

So, if your groomsman loves CSI, cats, or both, we’re sure this adorable poster will be a feature in his home! 

Review Kitchen Decor

Maybe one of your groomsmen is getting into cooking?

Support his efforts with this kitchen decor that gives him an almost five-star review. After all, there’s always room for improvement.

Man Hands Hand Scrub

Perfect for the nurse, mechanic, or doctor in your life, this hand scrub both exfoliates and moisturizes.

Man Hands hand scrub is made using natural ingredients, including pumice, sodium bicarbonate, aloe butter, sunflower oil, and sea salt. The lemon and rosemary essential oils make hands smell clean without smelling too sweet.

FaThor Sign

If one of your groomsmen is a dad and a fan of superheroes, consider giving him the gift of a new title: FaThor. It’s like a father, but mightier!

A cool gift that’s both a compliment and a dad joke; sounds perfect to us.

Friends Bowl

Perhaps one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, Friends is full of funny quotes, one of which is “Joey doesn’t share food!”

If your groomsman is similar to Joey Tribbiani, consider getting him this bowl, customized with his name so that no one will ever steal his snacks again!

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