24 Fantastic Edible Wedding Centerpieces And Display Ideas

We always get the munchies at weddings, especially when the reception kicks off pretty soon after the ceremony and we have a cocktail on the go!

You can choose an appetizer buffet lineup before your wedding dinner. Or maybe, enlist waiters to wander through the crowd with fancy-looking trays of canapés (although that always makes us chuckle when the waiter has to keep explaining what they’re serving precisely!).

Buffets or canapés are both good ideas, but we’ve got another one.

Why not try edible wedding centerpieces? It’s been a thing for a while now, and we’re looking at everything from fruit and veg, cheeses and nuts, even chilled apps and dehydrated snacks.

Happy couples like you have discovered that edible centerpieces are fun, affordable, more convenient, and a great conversation starter for guests sitting at the same table.

Let’s check out 24 fantastic edible centerpiece ideas!

A Reason to Love Food Display Racks

Set of 4 Black Metal Pizza Pan Riser Stands

A great way to serve pizza, desserts, appetizers and any other plated desserts, foods, and appetizers.

While we’re fans of artfully designed edible centerpieces created to mimic floral arrangements, it’s perfectly fine to make your edible centerpieces truly functional, like a mini-buffet at each table.

No more buffet lineups or waiting for the canapé trays to come by! With this display rack, you’ve got plenty of space on top for appetizer trays or a bountiful arrangement of freshly picked fruits.

To make it decorative and wedding-worthy, you can easily coil a garland around the bottom with an arrangement of LED votive candles mixed with fiery diamond confetti.

Try the Fish Appetizer Tray

Big Wooden Serving Fish Tray Handcrafted and Polished

This fish plate is made from wood, is hand-sanded, and then is polished to make it smooth so that it does not hurt anybody.

What a perfect centerpiece idea for a breezy beach wedding!

This fish appetizer tray holds salty nuts, dried fruits, or candies in four large sections, manageable, temperature-safe items to nibble on and have someone refill as guests help themselves.

It’s a perfect accompaniment to a drinkable coconut centerpiece or a fresh veggie centerpiece with an assortment of chilled ranch dressing, blue cheese, or hummus.

Foldable Steel Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

Foldable Steel Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

This fruit basket opens easily and folds tightly for easy storage in the drawer.

Add a touch of industrial chic to your edible centerpiece theme with this convenient, collapsible fruit bowl! It’s easy to transport and set up, and it’s a beautiful, functional piece to hold crunchy pears or honey crisp apples.

We picture fairy lights strung around the base for a glowy effect and a clear plastic bowl placed within the steel centerpiece. 

Appetizer Sign Explains Everything

Wedding Appetizer Sign

Dimensions: 8x10. 300 dpi high resolution.

Do you want to include fine ground sea salt crackers and little tubs of your Aunt Joyce’s red pepper jelly with your edible centerpieces?

Do yourself (and your guests!) a favor and place fun and funky appetizer signs at each table to describe the deliciousness.

It’s All on a Bamboo Skewer Stand

Bamboo Skewer Holder Stand w/ 100 Holes

Our Natural Bamboo Square Skewer Holder measures approx. 12" x 11.8" and approx. .6" tall

Another way of eliminating buffet lineups and scattered plates is with a bamboo skewer centerpiece stand.

Each stand holds up to 100 pieces of cheese spears, bbq bites, cake pops, fruit or veggie kabobs, or chocolate lollies per tray, so everyone gets to enjoy appetizers at their leisure!

Appetizer Drink Boards Are Awesome

Wine Appetizer Plate Set of 4

The Wine Appetizer Plate Set of 4 are handheld cheese board with wine holder trays that let you enjoy a snack, a drink, and a free hand, all at once! 

This appetizer and drink board is a fun idea, especially for the bridal party. Having your little tray allows you to enjoy appetizers and drinks while circulating through your reception as guests enjoy your fun and festive edible centerpieces!

Charcuterie Board for a Seated App Buffet

Charcuterie Board for a Seated App Buffet

This oak tray allows you, “the chef” to arrange your appetizers in a single location in the quantities that you decide!

The quality of these handmade charcuterie boards is undeniable, and you get handy little extras like dividers to arrange your edible options in attractive and tasty ways!

This is what we mean by allowing guests to sit or mingle around their tables, and these functional, decorative appetizer boards make ideal gifts after your big day.

Serve up Tapas on Mexican Folk Art Tray

Serve up Tapas on Mexican Folk Art Tray

Ceramic color may vary in the accent colors The cobalt blue is the base color

Here’s a stunning centerpiece base that’s also one of the most practical designs we’ve seen.

This handmade ceramic set features seven pieces, including a big platter, that can be arranged together or scattered around a table filled with eye-catching treats like chilled and stuffed cuke (cucumber) snacks.

The coloration on this tray is exceptional, with a deep cobalt blue being the primary tone, and the whole set is 100% lead-free.

Ceramic Swirl Appetizer Plate

Set of 3 Porcelain Appetizer Platter with 4 Compartment

Our divided serving platters are made from a type of premium lead-free and non-toxic porcelain, chip-resistant and sturdy.

This decorative plate is perfect for sweets, cheeses, nuts, or candies, and there’s even a mini-skewer tray in the center for something different like chilled pesto tortellini skewers!

If you place this appetizer plate on a neutral pedestal with little mason jars of posies laid around it, you’ve got an easy but elegant arrangement.

Geometric Bowls for Attractive Accents

Durable Ramekins for Baking Souffle

High Quality And Safe: Ramekins baking bowls feature durable, this ramekins is thicker and stronger than others. 

We were at an intimate ceremony in a chicly renovated garage space with the service doors pulled up to bring the outdoors in.

There were big bowls of delicious, air-fried, and salted sweet potato chips on every table, and the bowls looked just like these minimalist pieces with cool geometric patterns. It was a big, lip-smacking hit!

Boat Shape Fruit Basket for a Wonderful Wedding Decoration

This two-tier basket is woven by hand in either seagrass or water hyacinth. We like the idea of placing plums or pears in the bottom and a dried floral arrangement in the top. It’s a unique and classy look that’s quick and easy to do!

Rose Gold Grazing Board Is Gorgeous

Rose Gold Food Grazing Board

This fabulous rose gold grazing table will have your guests coming back for more. 

Laying out grazing boards on your reception tables lets guests sit and, well, graze! It beats waiting at the bar and a buffet lineup, and this grazing table is gorgeous and rose gold to boot!

Boho Chic Solid Wood Food Tray

Solid Wood Food Display Tray

The fruit bowl is designed to bring a classic and sophisticated look to any occasion.

This simple bowl on a solid pedestal base fits perfectly into a centerpiece display with other elegant items like single tapered candles.

Fruit and veggie finger foods like cherries, grapes, or cherry tomatoes would look beautiful on display, or you can go super-sweet with homemade marbled fudge or white chocolate bark with pistachios and cranberries!

Cross Tier Display Stand Makes It Deliciously Clear

The cross-tier effect really brings this up a few decorative notches. Because it’s high-grade acrylic, it’s food-safe for various savory appetizers, including sushi or hors d’oeuvres, or sweets like cupcakes, muffins, or squares.

Cool Acrylic Tray for Charcuterie Cones

Cool Acrylic Tray for Charcuterie Cones

Such elegant tray for parties or any special occasions. 16 slots holes 1.25” diameter holes for any of your cones.

We love fun and funky ways to liven up your edible centerpieces! These clear acrylic trays come with either 16 or 24 slots to hold cones of charcuterie appetizers, so you get enough servings for each table.

Something relaxing and delicious for your guests to sit down and savor!

Personalized Marble and Wood Serving Tray

Personalized Wedding Gift-serving Tray

This printed wood serving tray is the ideal housewarming or holiday gift for anyone!

A marble and wood serving tray already makes a decorative statement, but you also get to personalize these centerpieces with a lovely message.

Not only do your guests enjoy a selection of meats, cheeses, and crackers at each table on these serving trays, but we think it would be fun to hold a little draw during your reception.

One lucky winner at each table gets to take this serving tray home and enjoy it for years!

Woven Wood Boho Fruit Basket Set

Woven Tabletop Food Fruit Vegetables Serving Basket

These longer lasting baskets are constructed of durable Hand Woven Polypropylene Fibers, giving no hard jagged edges, reinforced at the rim and base with internal wire ribs.

This handmade, stackable 3-piece set in wood rattan is boho elegance. Laying out cheese, crackers, and grapes on your tables, along with a clear vase of florals, gives an intimate and inviting look to your reception tables.

Distressed Farmhouse Trays for Rustic Wedding

Farmhouse Riser Stand

All of the ball feet are done in dark walnut stain except for the Wild Cactus.

These footed trays or “riser stands” have a distressed farmhouse flair, and we love the color choices: sunset, serenity, wild cactus, dream catcher, or barn door!

Each rustic riser is handmade and finished with furniture wax, so it’s best not to serve food directly off these pieces.

But if you’re thinking about arranging cupcakes, tarts, or wrapped candies on your reception tables, these colorful centerpieces would make a gorgeous staggered centerpiece.

This Cake Topper Is a Star

Silver Glitter Star Sticks

The sturdy wooden dowel makes it easy to stick these star picks into flower arrangements, cakes, food platters, and centerpieces.

A dash of sparkles is always an excellent choice when you’re decorating for a wedding, so go ahead and add stars to sprinkle cake pops on your edible centerpieces!

These sturdy little sticks come in a huge variety of colors and packs of 6, 12, or 24.

Cupcake Holders Wrapped in Silver or Gold 

Cupcake Holders Wrapped in Silver or Gold

Wrappers are shipped flat. An easy assembling is required via pre- cut tab and open slot.

These cupcake holders wrapped in silver or gold are anything but ordinary (like the glitter didn’t give that away!).

They’re perfect for tasty treats to scatter around your centerpieces—we picture buttercream cupcakes with a rosette piping for the look of delicious edible flowers!

Sweet Tulip Shape Wrapper for Treats

Tulip Cupcake Liners 200PCS

Tulip Cupcake Liners, 1.97 inch, depth: 3.15 inch, suitable for most standard size bakeware, four colors total 200pcs. 

These sweet tulip-shaped paper wrappers may look delicate, but they’re sturdy for baked goods or as serving cups for nibbles placed on your reception tables.

Paper Orchid Mini-Cupcake Holders in Laser-Cut Designs

Little details make a big impression with these paper cupcake holders that feature intricate designs like seashells in ivory, butterflies in white, or bliss in black. If you’d like something exceptional, consider a truffle display.

Toothpick Holder With Industrial Flavor

Portable Retractable Toothpick Holder

Easily hand press up or down to open or close the lid, to keep toothpicks from dust and insect, make them dustproof and clean.

A humble toothpick holder becomes an eye-catching statement piece with its minimalist black and white design and cool wire detail.

Place these on your reception tables with trays of cheese cubes and olives, and let your guests spear some appetizers for themselves!

Portable Utensils for Easy Appetizer Serving

Compact Portable Utensils

Food grade stainless steel compact travel fork, knife and spoon set in gold or silver in a travel pouch with 100% cotton reusable napkin. 

Something as simple as this utensil set with screw-on handles is a perfect addition to appetizer trays on your reception tables.

This stainless steel set is available in silver or gold (we think the gold is exquisite), and the long handles are sturdy for an easy selection of nibbles… no more dropping fruits or veg slices off a flimsy plastic fork or spoon!

A Splendid Chocolate Cornucopia 

Thanksgiving Chocolate Cornucopia Filled

This is an edible Chocolate Cornucopia. It is filled with yummy chocolate covered goodness. 

We love unique and delicious ideas like this… an edible cornucopia filled with yummy stuff like chocolate-covered Oreos or pretzels!

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