Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

You’ve been flaunting that rock on your left hand for quite some time, and you’re probably so preoccupied with wedding planning that you haven’t considered what happens to your precious engagement ring during your wedding ceremony. 

You might have even just realized you may have to take it off! But where do you put it?? Don’t be alarmed, there is no right or wrong answer, there are however a few options worth considering to avoid any last-minute panic at the altar!

So what exactly do you do with your engagement ring while you’re saying your vows…

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day

Wear It on Your Right Hand

Many brides simply move it to their right-hand ring finger on the big day. Simple!

This leaves the left ring finger empty and ready to receive the wedding band; easy and convenient!

After the ceremony, the bride can simply move her engagement ring back over to the left hand, so the two can become acquainted! They are going to be friends for a long time, after all.

If you choose this option then make sure your engagement ring fits on your right hand! The last thing you want is to lose it walking down the aisle! 

Leave It at Home for the Day

If you’re not bothered about showing your engagement ring off during your wedding day (or photos), then the sensible option is to leave it safely at home.  It is certainly one less thing to think about on the big day.

It also means that your brand new wedding ring will have its moment to, ahem, shine all on it’s own.

Wear It as Normal 

If the very thought of moving it at all fills you with dread, then you can of course keep your engagement ring firmly on your wedding ring finger for your ceremony. Your future husband can then simply place the wedding band on top after your vows.

While it certainly comes down to personal preference, this choice does however go against traditional wedding ring etiquette…

Tradition, in most Western countries, states that the wedding band should sit at the bottom of your fourth left finger because the vein runs straight to your heart. Sweet!

You may want to switch them over discreetly to get them in the right order, or if you’re a real stickler for tradition then perhaps choose another option altogether. 

Ask Someone Else to Look After It

If your engagement ring just doesn’t fit as snugly on your right hand (well done for checking) or perhaps you just think you’ll forget to move it before the ceremony, then simply ask someone else to look after it.

This could be your Maid of Honor, Chief Bridesmaid, or even your mom. After all, delegation is key when it comes to weddings! 

As long as you have faith they won’t misplace it, then it should be an honor to look after it until you become a Mrs. 

What If I Can’t Find a Wedding Band to Match My Engagement Ring?

Hopefully, this is something you have sorted out long before the wedding ceremony itself!

Not all engagement rings are designed in the same way; you can pretty much have any shape and design you can imagine! However, this means some do not sit nice and flush against a straight wedding band.

Your diamonds may not be raised for example, and you may want to select a curved design to keep your bands sitting closely together. 

Another option is to get your engagement ring altered so that the band can fit snugly underneath. You can even choose to fuse the two together if you wish!

Any good jeweler will be able to guide you on this.

Can I Wear My Wedding Band Before the Wedding Day?

We get it, your wedding bands have finally arrived and you’re excited to wear them! But is it bad luck to wear them before the wedding day? You certainly don’t want to wear them if there is any old superstition around it!

Sure, some people may be a little judgy and think it’s bad form to wear your wedding bands before the wedding day, but it is not actually bad luck.

In fact, it’s probably a good idea to wear it alongside your engagement ring for a few days to test out how it feels, and of course, make sure it fits properly. This is even more relevant if you ordered your rings online and have not had a proper chance to try them on.

Note: Your wedding band is likely to shine beautifully because it’s new and polished. You may want to think about getting your engagement ring cleaned before the big day to match! 

But whatever you do, don’t forget to give both wedding bands to the ring bearer ahead of the wedding ceremony… a bride wearing her wedding band from the start of the ceremony? Now THAT would be awkward when it comes to the vows!

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