Christmas Engagement Photos

Couple in forest sitting on a branch
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Magic isn’t just in the air. It’s on your hand too, because you’re engaged!

The Christmas season is one of the most popular times to get engaged, and that checks out. Winter engagement photos are cozy AF, but Christmas engagement photos? I mean, it doesn’t get any better! 

But if you want a bit of Christmas cheer with your ice, then you’re going to have to do it right.

Top Things to Know About a Christmas Engagement Photo Shoot

Dress the Part

couple holding hands in snow
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

You should always pay attention to your style in your engagement session. Still, when it comes to a Christmas engagement photoshoot, you’ll really want to be intentional.

What you wear could either scream Christmas or give more of a subtle nod. 

Stunning emerald dress – a hint of Christmas. Matching red plaid check shirts – a little more holiday forward. 

Be Authentic

couple kissing in bed with santa hats on
Photo by: We The Blackwells

And neither approach is wrong, which leads me here – be yourself. 

If Muppets Christmas Carol is your favorite movie of all time (excellent choice) and you belt Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas,” then own it, friend. 

Rock those Santa hats we all know you’re dying to pull out and feel no shame. If, however, you’re afraid your pale red nails aren’t enough of a holiday statement, don’t stress.

Show up the way you want to!

Hire the Best Damn Photographer

guy holding girl in arms in forest
Photo by: We The Blackwells

This isn’t necessarily a holiday-based tip, but it bears repeating. 

A solid photographer that you love will always produce stunning photos, whether you’re going for themed engagement photos or not. 

Get the best photographer you can without spending the mortgage money, and you won’t regret it!

Best Christmas Engagement Photo Ideas

Let’s get into the good stuff – actual winter engagement photo inspiration!

Snowy Stroll

couple dancing in the snow
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

Engagement sessions typically have to be scheduled ahead of time. But, if your photographer is open to waiting for the next blizzard, take advantage of their flexibility! 

If you’re lucky enough to have snowfall during your session, then don’t waste that magic! Take a walk in that pillowy goodness, and don’t stress the hair or makeup. 

Christmas Light Tour

Wanting a heavy dose of holiday cheer?

If you’re in a city and can’t take advantage of the snowy mountain magic, or if you live somewhere that snow doesn’t frequent, find a local Christmas light show. 

Cuddly Campfire

guy proposing in front of a fire
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Get those sparks flying (you’re welcome) by cuddling up around a campfire! This can be a really great way to stretch your engagement session after the sun goes down. 

Bonus – add some fairy lights or Christmas lights around the campfire for added ambiance. 

If You’ve No Place to Go, Let It Snow!

couple and dogs in pajamas on the couch
Photo by: Wonderstruck Media Co.

And stay inside!

If you live somewhere where the weather gets too cold (or not cold enough), embrace the Christmas cheer in your own space. 

Invite your photographer in, and capture your engagement photos in the place you love best. 

Share Something Festive

Grab a cup of something cozy!

The bonus here is that you’ll finally know what to do with your hands once the camera moves in your direction! 

Find a Christmas Tree

couple holding hands near Christmas trees
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

Head out into your national forest (with a permit, of course) or hit up a Christmas tree farm. 

Surrounded by those evergreens, you’ll be feeling all of the Christmas spirit without being too on the nose. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Winter Activity!

Skating, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or sledding – there’s nothing better than sharing your favorite winter activity with your favorite person. 

Grab a Blanket

couple smiling at each other with blanket around them
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket (bonus points if it’s holiday-themed) and let your photographer capture the magic!

Embrace the Storm

couple in the middle of road while snowing
Photo by: Wonderstruck Media Co.

If it’s unlikely that you’ll get snow where you live, head somewhere that it’s guaranteed. Travel up to the mountains or schedule a quick holiday getaway and find the snow that your heart desires. 

Go for a Sleigh Ride

If there’s enough snow nearby, there are actually people who offer sleigh rides. Look it up! 

Would you settle for a carriage ride if there’s not enough snow? Because I definitely would!

Grab a Coffee

Couple having coffee through a window
Photo by: Photography By Ali K

A window seat at your favorite coffee shop is a prime engagement shoot location. Does your coffee shop decorate for Christmas?

Even better.

Embrace the Props

couple kissing in front of Christmas tree
Photo by: TaylorRae Photo & Film

If you’re going for a Christmas-themed engagement shoot, please don’t be shy about it! Use all the holiday props you possibly can because it’s Christmas! And you’re engaged!

Head to the Lake

guy proposing to girl in front of lake
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

And then do whatever this guy is doing because it looks adorable. 

Get Into the Mountains

couple walking in the sow with their dog
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Skip the tree farm and head straight to the mountains! Bring your pup with you, and you’ll all have a blast. 

Pine Close Up

close up shot of engagment ring
Photo by: Rachel Mae Photography

Who doesn’t love a good ring detail shot? Include some pine to give it a touch of that Christmas feeling!

Have Fun

Couple spraying champagne and holding hands
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

That should go without saying, but I get it. Engagements, weddings, and planning can get a bit… stressful. 

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and who’s important. Try to use this time to add a little Christmas cheer to your life and loosen up with your favorite person. 

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