Can You Get Married on a Sunday? All You Need To Know!

We all know that Saturdays are the most popular day of the week where weddings are concerned. However, the world is still playing catch up on weddings and since there are only a limited amount of Saturdays in a year, more and more people are choosing a different day for their event.

But, can you get married on a Sunday? Well, of course, you can!  But what differences would there be and what compromises and changes would you need to consider making? 

Here we discuss everything you need to know about getting married on a Sunday…

can you get married on a sunday

The Plus Sides To Getting Married on a Sunday

Let’s start with the positives!

You should find that your shortlist of venues will have more availability for Sunday weddings, meaning you may have your pick of months to get married in.

You will potentially also find that popular wedding venues offer lower fees on a Sunday, which is great for your wedding budget!

Wedding vendors also often offer discounted rates for Sundays compared to prices for a Friday night or Saturday wedding. Some would consider a Sunday an ‘off day’ so they may give you lower quotes.

Also, I would encourage you to negotiate with your wedding suppliers – if they don’t usually work Sundays, they may be very grateful for the extra business and happy to give you a discount!

Think About Your Guest’s Schedules

The biggest differences for a Sunday wedding all center around travel, logistics, and whether people have to work on Monday morning. 

If most of your guests can take the Monday morning off work then HURRAH you can still have that big party wedding that you might be wanting!

Same with travel – do the majority of your guests live close by or will many be traveling? This will all affect how you plan your Sunday nuptials. 

You may want to mix up the timings of your wedding day – consider a big brunch or early afternoon wedding. This will either give guests time to travel when your wedding is over on Sunday evening or get them to bed early enough so that they can travel to work on Monday morning. 

Even if you do plan to host your wedding earlier in the day, it’s likely a handful of guests will still not be able to attend. If they have children who need to be in school the next day it could be tricky. Hopefully, they will be able to sort sitters who can deal with this but it is worth thinking about in advance, especially for those guests who don’t live locally.

Don’t worry – we’re sure they will try their best to be there, and you will still have your core people who wouldn’t miss it for the world!

If You’re Planning a Church Ceremony

Please do check in with your church if you are planning a religious ceremony on a Sunday.

Since weekly church services take place on Sundays, it may make it difficult to host an early afternoon ceremony for you. Discuss the possibilities with the church so you can finalize your plans.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you are planning a civil wedding service outside of a church.

Choose a Holiday Weekend if You Can

Have you thought about picking a holiday weekend?

If everyone has Monday off work then Sunday becomes another party night! Weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day could be great options for you.

One word of warning though – these dates will usually get booked up well in advance, and also remember that travel and hotel costs are often inflated during holiday weekends so you would need to get things booked early to get a good price.

Consider a Daytime Wedding

So, if you are sold on the idea of having a Sunday wedding, there are a few things you may want to mix up in terms of timings.

Firstly, Sunday weddings are typically a little more relaxed than the party vibe of a Saturday night celebration. Think about how this could affect your decor and even your final outfit choices.

You may want to shift the timings so that everything starts and finishes a little earlier. Have you thought about a Sunday wedding brunch? I mean, brunch is always a good idea, there is something for everyone and I love the idea of sharing endless mimosas with your loved ones.

You can still keep all the traditional elements of the wedding that you want – the party will just be starting a little earlier. Live music, the first dance, the cake, and the photo booth all work well as afternoon activities – if you have started on those mimosas early, then everyone will still be up for a party! 

I recommend talking to your wedding planner or directly with your venue to get some guidance on what they usually do timing-wise on a Sunday.

Be Flexible With Your Wedding Weekend Schedule

Choosing a Sunday wedding will also affect other events within your wedding weekend schedule so you will need to be flexible here.

If people are rushing off by Monday morning then you may not be able to have the morning-after brunch or breakfast you wanted. Instead, you could shift the festivities to Saturday lunch or host an evening welcome party.

This may also change your plans around the rehearsal dinner. Saturday nights will be busy for venues and also the most expensive time of the week, so we recommend potentially moving this to lunchtime and tying it in with the official welcome. Alternatively consider Friday evening if all your guests can make it.


Whatever day you end up choosing for your wedding day, it will still be the most incredible day for you both, surrounded by your loved ones, so be confident in your planning decisions… and most importantly please ensure you relax and enjoy every moment!

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