27 Amazing Wedding Photos on Stairs Ideas You’ll Love

It’s so easy to get in your head about things, you know? 

You want that fairytale wedding with the pictures to prove it, but oh my gosh, what if it’s not perfect, and what if the pictures aren’t creative enough, and what iffffffffff!?

Here’s the thing – it won’t be perfect. Something is bound to go wrong. It’s a large event with many people and a suffocating amount of pressure attached to it. 

Things will inevitably go wrong. 

So, let’s take a deep breath and let that one go. You can, however, get gorgeously creative wedding photos on stairs that will turn your eyes into a waterfall every time you look at them, forever and ever, amen. 

How? You ask.

Wedding Photos on Stairs

Nailing Your Wedding Photo Ideas

There are a lot of ways to nail your wedding photos, and creativity in this industry knows no bounds. 

The first and most critical thing you must do is book a wedding photographer you love. If you get photos you’re head over heels for without prioritizing a photographer you’re head over heels for, well then, friend, you are the beneficiary of massive amounts of luck. 

If you’re not down for leaving the outcome of your wedding photos in Lady of Fate’s hands, then hire someone whose photos make your heart explode (or dance or do some kind of weird movement that you’re not sure what it is, but you know it’s good!) 

Once you book your wedding photographer, talk with them. Listen to them (he/she is the professional you adore, after all), and then bounce some of your ideas off them.

What ideas? 

Well, in the world of wedding photography, there are endless iterations of the wedding day. Might I make a case for some stair wedding photography? 

A Case for Wedding Photos on Stairs

newlyweds sitting on stairs outside
Photo by: Allie Sayre Photography

Stair wedding photography? What are you even talking about? (this is you asking me a question).

Well, friend, it’s exactly as it sounds, and let me tell you, it is the underdog of the wedding world (not entirely sure this is true). 

Stairs hold the key to your wedding photo dreams, and I’ll give you some examples as to why. 

Listen up. 

Sneaky First Hand Holds

bride and groom posing holding hands near the stairs
Photo by: AbiJoPhoto.co

Don’t want to do a first look, but all about that first touch (the PG one, c’mon)? 

Check out this couple that looks straight outta a magazine!! The height and angle of the stairs feed into this angular photo. It’s the perfect place to hang out before your wedding and look gorgeous. 

Take a couple of cues from these folks. 

Dips and Angles

newlyweds kissing on the background of the stairs
Photo by: AbiJoPhoto.co

Speaking of angles…

I mean, if you’re going to go for the dip, please do it in style like these two. This bride is working on that wedding dress, and the stairs in the background are singing praises!

Show Off the Dress

bride showing off her gorgeous wedding gown on the stairs
Photo by: Adrianna Joy Photography

Ummmm hello? 

If you have access to these mossy-covered stone stairs that are straight up out of an Irish romance novel (and I mean that in the best way possible), then you listen to me right now! 

Do not waste what you have been gifted. 

There are endless wedding photography poses that would look gorgeous on these stairs, including (but not limited to) this bride showing off her gorgeous wedding gown. 

Please tell me how you’d be able to serve up princess wedding gown vibes without a set of stairs to show off the train? 

It’s not going to happen. 

Strike a Pose

bride and groom striking a pose on a set of stairs
Photo by: Allie Sayre Photography

Speaking of trains!?!?!

It’s just one stunning photo after another, am I right? Thank you, stairs.  

Do you see how easy striking a pose on a set of stairs is? It’s basically like you just step on the stairs and poof! all of your wedding photography dreams are coming true. 

The camera loves you… especially on stairs. 

Cuddle Close

bride cuddles up close with her beau standing on the narrow set of stairs
Photo by: Allie Sayre Photography

Sneak out back to a more narrow set of stairs, and you’ve found the perfect place to cuddle up close with your beau. 

Didn’t think an old rusty set of stairs could look so stinking gorgeous, huh? 

Bring the Whole Crew

newlyweds posing with their bridesmaids and groomsmen using the fire escape
Photo by: Allie Sayre Photography

Um, hello, this crowd just leveled this set of stairs UP. Ehm, I think they just set this fire escape on fire… get it? Because it’s a fire escape?

Anywaaaaaay, I love how this photographer used the height of the fire escape to create interesting depth in this wedding party photo. And kudos to this wedding party because they are on their absolute A-game. 

Make a Grand Entrance

bride is making a grand entrance down the staircase
Photo by: Alysha Miller Photography

All eyes would be on her anyway, but they certainly are now!

This above-the-crowd shot is everything, and let’s just all notice that it wouldn’t be possible without those stairs. 

Am I getting you onboard yet?

Use It as a Background

bride and groom portrait on the unique backdrop of gorgeous stairs
Photo by: Alysha Miller Photography

Can stone stairs look tropical? 

Well, I think this photo proves that they certainly can. I love the use of these gorgeous stairs as a unique backdrop for these bride and groom portraits. 

Work as a Team

newlyweds walking down a badass natural stone stairway holding hands
Photo by: Alysha Miller Photography

Hand in hand into the future. Walking down a badass natural stone stairway, of course. 

Use That Big Sky

beautiful newlyweds posing on the stairs under the big sky
Photo by: Cam And Mikayla Photography

Stairs! They are serving up that height you need, honey! 

You’re going to be on Cloud 9 during your wedding day, so why not get a picture of you there? 

Create an Arch

newlyweds walking through the arch stairway
Photo by: Cassady L Photography LLC

Please, with that arch! Obviously, the couple is owning this moment, but I do not hate that arch stairway in the background. 

What a gorgeous touch!

Steal a Kiss

groom and bride kissing on the stairs
Photo by: Cassady L Photography LLC

This stairway. That dress! The kiss!!!


Throw It Over the Shoulder

bride casts her glance over her shoulder standing on the stairs and showing off her dress
Photo by: Cassady L Photography LLC

Throw ’em a look as you walk away. 

These stairs give the bride all the height she needs to show off her dress with a side of sass. 

Frame It Up

bride and groom posing in the background of stairs that create a beautiful frame
Photo by: Ellyn Elizabeth Images

These steps and the deck in the background create a beautiful frame for this bride and groom portrait!

Spiraling in Love

newlyweds sitting on the spiral staircase
Photo by: Ellyn Elizabeth Images

Why do I love a spiral staircase? Why do they feel magical?

They always have for me (ever since I was a kid), but this photo, in particular, is serving up some major magic vibes. 

Grand Exit

newlyweds making a grand exit from a church
Photo by: Ellyn Elizabeth Images

Is a church wedding really a church wedding without a grand stair exit? 

It’s a question for the ages. 

Sneak Away

bride and groom sneak away to a side staircase
Photo by: Ever After Moments

Hello? What did I say about the cozy vibes?

Sneak away to a side staircase and get a minute alone with your forever person. 

Make a Statement

newlyweds kissing on the stairs
Photo by: Katie Weinholt Photography

Holy stairs!

Keep It Down-home

newlyweds posing on the stairs near the house
Photo by: Luna + Lion

Going for a rustic wedding or some country chic? 

Front-porch steps have never let anyone down. 

Keep It Classy

elegant newlyweds posing on the stairs
Photo by: Singleton of Pics

Maybe you want something with a bit more refinement? 

This entrance on these stairs nails it. 

First Look

bride coming down the stairs
Photo by: Drea Gonza Photo

Don’t you just feel like you’re in the room for this moment? 

Coming down the stairs can bring a lot of movement into a photo, making the audience feel like they’re in on it. 

Get Out of There

newlyweds walking down the stairs
Photo by: Drea Gonza Photo

Stairs for a send-off? 


It’s in the Details

bride shows off her gorgeous shoes standing on a mosaic tile staircase
Photo by: JackElope Photography


I mean, these shoes were gorgeous on their own, but pair them with that mosaic tile staircase?

**Chef’s kiss*

Take a Breather

bride and groom hugging sitting on the rustic stone stairs
Photo by: JackElope Photography

Is this a rustic chateau in Tuscany? Do I even know what that means?

Who cares! These rustic stone steps are the perfect spot for a bit of a breather during a whirlwind day. 

I’m sure glad their photographer was there to capture the moment!

Walk in the Room

bride walking down the stairs
Photo by: Gretchen Lynne Photos

It’s the crop of the photo for me. 

The stair’s height allows you to get so many creative and exciting shots that add to your wedding day story. 

I’m entranced, and I need to know more. 

Set a Scene for the Ceremony

newlyweds standing on the stairs by the altar in a church
Photo by: Chelsey Logan Photography

A church wedding will typically have stairs by the altar. 

Work them. Use them. Showcase them. 

Work the Veil

bride showcases her wedding veil on a gorgeous wooden staircase
Photo by: Mindee Malloy Photography

Is there a better way to showcase a veil than a gorgeous wooden staircase?

That veil needed those stairs, and those stairs needed that veil. Truly. 

Don’t Forget the Stairs on Your Wedding Day

Have I made a case for stairs? 

They’re sure to elevate your wedding photos – we like the puns or what? 

Ultimately, you should always make the best decisions for your wedding day, and if those plans don’t include stairs, so be it! 

However, stairs are an effortless and natural way to add some creative elements to your wedding photos if you’re open to it!

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