The Most Popular Wedding Photography Poses To Use On Your Big Day

Your day is coming, and it’s time to strut your stuff. 

You know all of those gorgeous photos you’ve been drooling over? The ones that look so natural. It’s like the couples’ photographer just found them dressed up in a field, twirling in one another’s arms and laughing as the sun goes down. 

It’d be nice to believe that’s going to be you. You really want that to be you.

But you’re terrified that your body will forget how to work, and it’s going to look like you and your partner barely know each other on your wedding day. (Insert stress here).

We’re not going to let that happen. Also, if you hired a decent photographer, they’re not going to let that happen either. 

Let’s get into some details so I can prove to you that you won’t go ‘American Gothic’ all over your wedding pictures.  

Wedding Photography Poses

How to Pose and Win at Your Wedding Photos

I’ve got some good news for you. There are some fundamental things you can do to make sure you’re nailing those wedding photography poses you’ve been dreaming about…

Trust Your Photographer

The top of this list is always going to be to trust your photographer. You hired them for a reason, and hopefully, the reason was that they take dope photos! 

But taking fabulous wedding pictures isn’t as simple as clicking a button. That’s why you’re paying them so much. 

Your wedding photographer is a professional, and they know how to help you loosen up so you too can be the couple frolicking in that field. 

Also, please understand that most of the couples they work with feel just as awkward as you. They’re not professional models; they’re just a couple on their wedding day. 

A wedding photographer’s talent comes out in many ways, and one of those ways is bringing the magic out of you. So for goodness sakes, trust them. 

Now Forget Your Photographer

Kind of like a set-it-and-forget-it thing, right? 

I don’t mean that you should just ignore your photographer during your wedding shoot. What I do mean is that if you and your partner get caught up in an intimate moment, stay in that moment. 

The real sauce is when you and your partner are interacting naturally.

So, if your photographer gives you a prompt, and you find yourself enjoying that prompt, and gosh, your partner is ridiculous, and wow, can you believe you’re married now? Oh wait, the photographer is looking at you -smile. 

That. Don’t do that. Just ride the moment as long as you can, and don’t think about what you should be doing. 

Remember that the candid moments are the gold! It’s your natural expression, not the forced smile that’s going to get you the most beautiful images.

Ask for Prompts

Most likely, your photographer will be coming in hot with plenty of silly and romantic prompts to pull the best emotions out of you. 

Again, this is why you hire a good photographer. 

But, if you’re feeling anxious about hitting the perfect wedding pose, then ask your photographer about it.

The prompts will get you two engaging and interacting with one another, but remember the magic happens in the in-betweens. 

So, when your photographer tells you to tickle each other, stare into one another’s eyes without blinking, or go in for a kiss but don’t actually kiss, what they’re really looking for is what happens after you break the pose.

Your natural reactions, together. 

Have Fun

This makes the whole prompt thing a lot easier. 

It’s your wedding day. Please try to have fun. I know in the world of Instagram, where everyone has a platform, and every image seems so important, it can be tough to just have fun. 

But this isn’t about Instagram, and it’s not about Pinterest either. It’s not about looking a certain way or getting nicer photos than Sarah because you just need to beat her in something. 

It’s about you, and it’s about your partner.

So please, let all the other expectations go and just enjoy this moment with your new spouse!

Let the Guests Wait

You have come so far, sis. Planning a wedding isn’t easy. 

You may have found that things start to mysteriously become about everyone else when you’re planning your wedding. How does it happen?

Your mom really thinks you look better in this dress, not that one. Your dad hates your mom’s best friend’s kids, and so you need to make sure to take note of that in the seating arrangements. 

And what about Uncle Hal? Should you move the ceremony site closer to the reception to make it easier for him? 

And if you invite Brenda, you have to ask Carl because you just don’t want that drama in your life, and oh my gosh, when is this over???

Sound familiar? You’ve done all that hard work, so now just take a hot sec and enjoy your photos. 

Yes, everyone may be waiting for you. Let them wait. 

What to Avoid In Your Wedding Shoot

There are some things you can side-step when heading out to do your wedding day couple’s shoot.

Pretty much anything that gets in the way of you having fun can take a seat. 

Rushing Through Everything

This might not be a problem if you listened to my last tip, but just in case you need a reminder, don’t rush. 

I’m not just talking about rushing through your photos. Remember those prompts your photographer is going to give you? Take those slow too. 

If you rush everything, you probably won’t enjoy it, and your anxiety will skyrocket. Also, it’ll make it hard for your photographer to catch those golden moments.

Stay present. Enjoy the moment. Take it slow. 

Staying Quiet

Don’t freak out if you’re a quiet person. What I’m really talking about is voicing your concerns. 

Talk to your photographer, talk to your partner, and communicate expectations. 

It’s easier for everyone to hit the mark when they know what the mark is, so please don’t be shy about communicating your wants and needs. 

Thinking Too Much

Raise your hand if you can overthink things right into their grave (raises hand). 

Take a breath and check that anxious mind at the door. If you’ve already hired a capable photographer and communicated your expectations, there’s nothing left to do.

Enjoy yourself. 

Best Wedding Poses to Make Your Wedding Album Lit

Enough of the wedding day pep talk. Let’s get into some wedding poses that’ll make your photos fire. 

Remember, though, these are just ideas. Nothing is required of you except to have fun. And actually, that isn’t even required, but it’s heavily suggested.

Focus On the Wedding Gown 

Women against a wall in white dress
Photo by: Jess Living Photo

If you put the time (and money) into getting the perfect wedding dress, then you better get a photo of you working it. Not that you have to earn time in the spotlight, but you totally have. 

Rock the Suit

Man in suit fixing bow tie
Photo by: Maddie Lee Photography

Guys (or girls), rock your suit!

Listen, your style is on point today, and you are looking fine. Let the camera know how you’re feeling. 

It’s the Side-Eye for Me

Couple looking at camera
Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

Side-eye can get a bad rap, but I’m here for this version; you looking at the camera and your partner looking at you? Feels like we’re catching you in a moment. 

That First Look

First look between bride and groom
Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

Are you team first look? It’s kind of hard not to be with memorable shots like this. 

The first look can be a heavily debated choice, but can you just take a look at these photos one more time. This could totally be you. 

Plus, you get a beautiful moment before your ceremony to get aligned with your partner. Beautiful.

Running Toward the Camera

couple running towards the camera wedding pose
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Let’s get you running toward your future, shall we?

This is an adorable way to get a little movement and action in your shot. 


run away couple wedding pose
Photo by: Jess Living Photo

Who needs to go back to the reception? Not you, friend. 

Hold hands and run away from the camera to make it look like you’re making a romantic getaway.

A Stolen Moment

Wedding day couple looking at art
Photo by: The McDonalds

Sometimes the best poses in wedding photography are the ones that aren’t planned. Grab a moment, just the two of you, with the chaos of your day all around you. 

You could even try it with your bridal party surrounding you. 

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Groom dipping bride in the middle of a field
Photo by: Kalena Photography

If you’re going to go for that classic dip shot, go all in. 

Make this image yours with your own accessories and flare. Just don’t let your partner drop you. 

Wide Shot

Couple on the edge of rocks
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

If you’re getting married in a stunning location, please don’t neglect it. 

Find a spot that really speaks to you and ask your photographer to get it all in. Your background will always help support your story, especially if the location is meaningful. 

The Lift

Groom picking up bride by the beach
Photo by: Kanoa Photography

Another classic, and it’s for a good reason. 

If you’re comfortable, have your partner lift you off the ground and let your photographer capture the magic. 

Cake by the Pound

Couple feeding each other cake
Photo by: Ali K Photography

Be subtle about it, or… don’t. 

Poppin’ Bottles

Wedding Photography Poses 13
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Take some bubbly to your wedding portraits and let loose! 

Since wedding portraits are typically done after the ceremony, it’s fitting you start celebrating.

Plus, you set the tone for your wedding reception, and I’m pretty sure this guarantees that you’ll have fun. 

Hugs from Behind

Groom hugging bride from behind
Photo by: Jaymi Nichole Visuals

Nothing like a good cuddle hug. 

Pro tip: have your partner face the camera, then run up behind them and take them by surprise. That’s how you get those authentic smiles. 

Invite Some Guests

Couple in a field by cows
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

I know that I said you should take some time to yourself, but if you have guests like these, you should ignore my previous advice. 

Although I feel like it goes without saying, please be careful. 

Wild animals are wild, and you don’t want to end up like those unfortunate tourists at Yellowstone who don’t know how to be around animals. 

Walking Together

Bride and groom walking in a grassy field
Photo by: Jaymi Nichole Visuals

Take your partner by the hand and go somewhere. The natural movement of you two walking together will make the shot feel more at ease and realistic. 

Jump IN

Bride and groom in a pool
Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

If you don’t mind it, go all in. 

Of course, you’ll come away with some pretty remarkable photos, but they’ll have nothing on the memories you’ll create by doing something unexpected. 

Dead On

Wedding Photography Poses 18
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

Get your beau behind you and take on the camera directly. 

If you can keep a straight face, you’ll get some pretty stellar photos. I’m sure the laughs that follow will make some good ones too. 

Chin Grab

Groom holding the chin of his bride
Photo by: Rose Arrow Photography

Is there anything more romantic than a chin lift into a kiss? Maybe, but I can’t think of anything!

Get your beau to dip your chin up and score a gorgeous photo. 


Don’t Look Back (Scratch That)

Bride looking back at camera while groom moves forward
Photo by: Kanoa Photography

Walk away and hit your photographer with that look over your shoulder. 

The natural movement from walking and your smoldering look will be enough to burn a hole right through the camera. 

The Almost Kiss

Bride and groom almost kissing
Photo by: Jaymi Nichole Visuals

Most likely, your photographer will ask you to lean in and come as close as you can to kissing but don’t kiss.

This can get some spicy intimate photos. But it can also get some fantastic laughing shots when you just can’t hold the pose anymore. 

Do you know what really makes for a good wedding pose, though? 

You and your partner just being yourselves. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is the biggest hurdle, but you can totally do it. Your photographer will be right there to help you along. 

Before you know it, you’ll be driving away in your car that’s filled with a bunch of extra cake, and you’ll be wondering how it all went so quickly. 

Enjoy it, friend. If you do, you’re practically guaranteed gorgeous photos. 

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