Best Wedding Photographers in Wichita Kansas

While Wichita, Kansas, may be known as “the Air Capital of the World”, a talented wedding photographer will truly make you feel like your head is in the clouds. That was terrible – we’ll see ourselves out.

All jokes aside, Wichita is home to some of the best wedding photographers in the Midwest who consistently deliver amazing experiences and results.

Whether you are planning a backyard wedding or a black-tie affair, choosing the right wedding photographer for you and your fiancé is an important decision. However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult choice.

Read on to discover the 19 best wedding photographers in Wichita!

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Becca Louise Photography

With over 100 weddings under their belts, Becca and Jacob are the husband and wife team behind Becca Louise Photography.

They believe that the best wedding photography experience is stress-free and allows you the space to be in the moment during your celebration.

To this end, they take a nonobtrusive approach to capturing your special moments and giving you visual heirlooms to last a lifetime.

Becca and Jacob can do everything from industrial chic ceremonies to backyard receptions.

Find Becca Louise Photography at Becca Louise Photography or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Ashley Schurch Photography

Ashley is based in Jackson, Mississippi, but she travels all over the country to photograph weddings and has done great work out of Wichita.

Her light and airy style matches spring weddings very well and will bring out the beauty of lush meadows and rolling hills.

Former clients admire her kind heart and appreciate how well she answers the questions of even the most detail-minded people.

While she primarily photographs weddings, she is also a newborn, family, branding, and portrait photographer.

Aly Gronberg Photography

Aly’s mission is to unobtrusively photograph your wedding day. She will reveal all of the intimate moments, quirkiness, playful antics, and genuine love that happen when you aren’t looking for it.

She sums up the photography experience she offers as “less of me, more of you”. Her images are truly emotive and she has an eye for capturing events in motion.

We especially love her editing style, which is soft and delicate, bringing out the warmth in skin tones and creating a soft glow.

Her wedding packages start from $1,500, including 5 hours of consecutive shooting and at least 250 photos.

Tim Davis Photography

Tim is a storyteller who uses the camera as his pen and each photo becomes a page in your love story.

While his style may not be for everyone, it is a great choice for couples who don’t care about getting “the shot”. Instead, Tim is a good choice for couples who are seeking a documentarian who will take interesting photos.

Tim is an active photographer in his community, documenting festivals, dance performances, and the everyday lives of real people.

Lively Photography

Kristin is the professional photographer at Lively Photography who will create beautiful photos of your wedding day.

Her style is light, joyful, and carefree with a combination of posed and candid shots. She does an especially good job staging brides with their floral bouquets and flower arches.

From ensuring your veil isn’t caught to finding that one uncle who keeps wandering off, Kristin will be there for you every step of the way.

Former clients appreciate her kindness and her ability to keep everyone on a timeline even when the wedding party is big.

Jennie Marie Photography

Jennie is a Kansas-based wedding and elopement photographer, who promises fun and a stress-free wedding day experience.

Jennie’s philosophy is that a really good wedding photographer is more than a talented creative with a camera.

Instead, an incredible wedding photographer will handle the difficult situations on your wedding day – the cousin blocking the shots with her iPad, the tipsy aunt, and the groomsman everyone keeps losing track of.

Jennie will do all of this while capturing candid moments and joyful images that you will cherish.

Although Jennie lives in Wichita, she travels throughout the Midwest to capture amazing couples.

Darrin Hackney Photography

Darrin credits his skills as a people person with making him a great photographer. He knows how to interact with all types and can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

From fashion to couple to wedding photography, all of Darrin’s work is people-centric.

If you are looking for editorial-style wedding portraits followed by wholesome yet engaging photos on your wedding day, then Darrin is the photographer for you.

Check Darrin’s website to see examples of his wedding work because his Instagram account primarily features fashion shoots and portraits.

Eric Tran Photography

Based in Wichita, Eric is a talented photographer who provides timeless wedding photos that are at once creative and utterly lovely.

His portfolio includes a range of weddings, from South East Asian ceremonies to Catholic nuptials. While no two pictures are alike, his incredible eye can be seen in every photo.

While his outdoor photos are stunning, he also does a great job shooting in reception venues with artificial or low lighting.

His wedding packages start at $1,800 for 8 hours of photography coverage and at least 400 high-resolution images.

Katy Elaine Photography

Katy is an all-around great wedding photographer because she creates an environment that leads to fun, joyful images that are truly one in a million.

She prioritizes getting to know you and the important people in your wedding so that she can create shots that fully embody you as a couple.

Calling Katy a visual storyteller is the perfect description because each picture makes you think, “I have to know the story behind this one”.

Former clients love how even her posed shots look completely natural and you can see the personality of each subject.

Skyler Livingston Photography

Skyler’s creative approach to photography combined with his technical know-how leads to perfect images that capture moments in time.

Since 2008, Skyler has provided photography services in the Wichita area and has developed his own brand of photojournalism.

While he will suggest poses that best suit each person, he also fades into the background to capture the most natural shots.

His goal is to create a collection of images that will make you feel the same emotions that lit up your wedding day.

Former clients appreciate Skyler’s technical knowledge and ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Chris & Lara

Chris and Lara are a husband and wife team who provides wedding photography services in Wichita and beyond.

Their true-to-color, timeless images are happy and capture authentic emotion in a way that is filled with care and respect.

While their photography style is what initially draws you to them; it is their ability to create effortless connection and ease your wedding day that makes them truly stand out.

Former clients are thankful they hired Chris and Laura because it felt like having your best friends by your side.

J Renee Photography

Jennifer specializes in wedding photography and portrait sessions in Wichita and the surrounding area.

While Jennifer loves using natural light, she also does a great job working with artificial light sources to capture precious moments and add a dose of drama to your wedding portraits.

Her wedding packages start from $5,399 and include up to 6 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, high-resolution digital files, engagement photos, and an 8×8 wedding album.

This package is great for smaller and shorter weddings; however, the Platinum Package ($5,999) is best for larger events.

Cynthia Dalene Photography

Cynthia is a Wichita-based photographer who offers a fun-free photography experience that is tailored to each couple.

If you have a playful personality and love seeing your silly side come out in photos, then you will love working with Cynthia.

But, don’t worry, she will also get pictures that are a bit more timeless so you do not have to compromise.

She is committed to capturing the magic of those in-between moments while keeping the energy high and the atmosphere relaxed.

You will never feel like you are being stalked by a photographer when you work with Cynthia. Instead, you will feel like a friend is walking with you every step of the way.

Alex Bo Photography

Alex is a wedding photographer who always gives 100 percent and makes sure to connect with couples before the big day so she can understand their exact vision.

Her mission is to document your wedding day so you can see and relive those beautifully emotional moments.

The moment you say “I do”, when your maid of honor checks your makeup before the first look, the look on your mother’s face when she sees you in your wedding dress, and your best friends tearing up the dance floor – these are just a few of the experiences Alex captures.

Her most popular wedding package is The Bundle and it starts from $4,000.

Saindy Pyles Photography

Although based in Wichita, Saindy travels across the United States to tell the stories of people in love. Her photography style is romantic with an emphasis on light editing and natural posing.

Her images are polished and, not to be tacky, but they truly look expensive in a good way.

Saindy describes herself as a “professional at bringing out yourself” and you can easily see how comfortable people feel in front of her camera.

Whether you are getting married in an iconic Kansas barn or on the plains at sunset, you will love the experience and the results of working with Saindy.

Hana Alsoudi Photography

Working between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Midwest, Hana describes her goal as creating “images that feel like home”.

Her style ranges from glossy editorial to laidback cool, and we love how well she adapts to the needs of each couple.

While no two pictures are alike, the one thing they all have in common is an intimacy and relaxed ease that only occurs when the subjects feel comfortable with the photographer.

She believes that beauty is in the subtle details so she tells epic love stories through moments both big and small.

While she does not live in Wichita, she knows the area well and is a great choice.

Alycia Rife Photography

Alycia is an experienced photographer who tells the stories of people who have found their soulmates. Her images are soft and dreamy, but her editing style brings out earth tones and warmth.

If you are planning a bohemian-style wedding, then you will love having Alycia behind the camera.

She doesn’t believe in posing and instead listens to how you and your partner hold space together and lets you lead the way.

Former clients love working with Alycia because of her kindness, skill, and genuine care for each of her couples.

Shelby Laine Photography

Although Shelby is a traveling wedding and elopement photographer, she is based out of Wichita and her style is completely her own.

She is an inclusive wedding photographer who simply wants to capture you exactly as you are. She works incredibly hard to make sure that your once-in-a-lifetime moments will be immortalized forever while celebrating you and the next step in your journey.

Her photos are full of life, love, and joy. She has a special way of capturing people that shows the parts of their personalities that they love and celebrate the most.

Her wedding packages range from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the hours of coverage and services requested.

Neverland Photography

Kiera is the lead creative at Neverland Photography, which provides boudoir and wedding photography services throughout Kansas.

Her images are sweet, timeless, and just a tad bit quirky. If you are a huge Trekky or absolutely love Tim Burton films, she can incorporate a little of your favorite fandom into the shoot.

However, ultimately her photos are timeless and tell the stories of people in love through genuine moments.

Her basic wedding package starts at $2,300 and includes 6 hours of coverage, professional images, timeline planning, and an online photo gallery.

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