The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Washington

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding day since you were a little girl or only since your engagement last week, you’ve probably got an idea of how you want your wedding day to go.

Between seasonal color schemes, gourmet catering, and finding the perfect venue, you’ve got a vision of your dream wedding locked in your head.

In the rush of taking care of all the little details, you can’t forget one of the most important elements in creating a truly unforgettable event.

If you want to not only experience the wedding of a lifetime but also look back on this day forever, you’ve got to make sure that you book the right wedding photographer.

With all of the options available in Washington, it may be overwhelming to comb through hundreds of Instagram pages searching for the photographer that meets all of your requirements.

No need to stress though, as we have compiled a list of 12 of the best wedding photographers in Washington, just for you.

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Wanderlust Wolf Photography

For outdoor enthusiasts, wilderness wanderers, and anyone who loves breathtaking landscapes, Wanderlust Wolf Photography is an absolute dream. This incredible photographer makes capturing natural shots feel like a breeze, a skill that you will definitely appreciate on your big day.

With style, creativity, and several years of experience under her belt, lead photographer Kylie Wolf is fully prepared to capture your destination wedding. Trust us, this will be the second easiest yes you’ve ever said.

Find Wanderlust Wolf Photography at Wanderlust Wolf Photography or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Erynn Brown Photos

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind photography experience that’s perfectly tailored to fit your unique needs. If you’re looking for a wedding vendor who is an equal parts photographer, cheerleader, and instant best friend, Erynn Brown fits the bill.

With Erynn, you can expect a compassionate professional who strives to make each of her couples feel as comfortable as possible on their special day.

Showcasing her efficiency and attention to detail, she finds a way to capture only the best shots and provides you with a selection of photographs that you’ll want to keep always and forever.

Find Erynn Brown Photos at Erynn Brown Photos or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Shubha Tirumale

Shubha may be a photographer by trade, but your wedding experience will feel more like the set of a major motion picture.

While Shubha’s getting all the glamour shots on your special day, you can act as a celebrity with your own personal paparazzo, primping and preening for the cover of every magazine.

This highly talented photographer makes it a point to capture images that are worthy of displaying in your home for everyone to see. Shubha’s down-to-earth nature and willingness to do whatever it takes to meet your needs will make your wedding day a dream come true.

Cameron Zegers Photography

At Cameron Zegers Photography, you can expect a unique experience that allows you to truly be yourself in your wedding photos.

Whether you’re typically camera-shy or the most photogenic couple on the planet, this dedicated photographer is committed to making sure that you’re completely comfortable in front of the camera.

Subtlety is Cameron’s specialty, allowing her to move seamlessly throughout your event without distracting you from enjoying every beautiful moment. Yet somehow, as if by magic, she’s able to capture these precious memories, all the same.

While Cameron is happy to travel far and wide to capture the perfect shot, she specializes in navigating the delightfully diverse landscapes of Washington. This is great news for you, providing the expertise and confidence needed to help you and your soulmate curate the perfect images to display in your forever home.

Salt & Pine Photography

Led by the phenomenal Darryl Ann Geske, the team at Salt & Pine take the cake for the most stunning wedding photos in the PNW.

They’ve made a name for themselves by developing meaningful relationships with their couples, turning clients into friends with each event that they shoot.

The dedicated photographers on this team understand that great photos often come from the most mundane moments in our lives.

Throughout your event, they’ll take the time to capture every laugh, hug, and loving gaze shared, allowing these small, authentic moments to blossom into something altogether beautiful.

Logan Westom

If you’re looking for cinematic wedding photos that look more like stills from a major motion picture, Logan Westom’s portfolio is sure to blow you away.

Westom’s distinctive style shows his commitment to honoring the grandeur of your wedding day and making every couple feel like absolute royalty.

Westom shoots with a determined mindset that focuses on the brevity of life’s most beautiful moments and attempts to extend them for as long as possible. Once your wedding photography package is delivered, it’s almost guaranteed that you will want to hold onto each cherished image forever.

With an eye for composition and a heart for people, Logan Westom is one of the best and brightest that Washington has to offer. While you still have plenty of options throughout the state, we’d venture to say that you can’t go wrong with this unbelievably talented professional.

Sound Originals Photo & Video

The fabulous team at Sound Originals is experienced, eccentric, and everything you want in a wedding photography collective. Allow them to take care of your special day while you spend the entire event celebrating your union.

It’s not every day you come across a full media team that offers top-notch video services along with stellar, artistic photography.

This outstanding group is well worth the investment when you’re being provided with an incredible professional experience and invaluable images from the happiest day of your life.

Kat Nielsen Photography

Kat Nielsen Photography is all about capturing raw, candid memories of pure joy on the most special occasions life has to offer. On wedding days, in particular, Nielsen’s talent and optimistic nature shine through to create some of the most beautiful images you will ever see.

Booking Kat Nielsen means that you’ll have a creative photographer who takes the time to get to know you before setting up your photos. That way, she can make sure that your personality is on full display in each incredible shot.

When you’ve got a little downtime, Nielsen would love to chat with you about coffee, traveling, and all things Taylor Swift. Otherwise, you can just relax and trust that your amazing photographer is going to provide you with all the incredible images you deserve.

Taylor White Photography

When it comes to delivering that light and airy style without losing a sense of character, few photographers can perform as well as Taylor White. White works overtime to make sure that your wedding photos are as bright and joyful as your incredible love story.

Not only does White cover wedding photos, but she’s also available to shoot engagements, maternity sessions, and family photos, making her the perfect photographer for every stage of life.

Wherever you find yourself, she’s happy to meet you there just in time to capture those special, candid moments of happiness with the ones you love.

Jenn Maurer

If you’re a fun-loving couple who can’t get enough of hiking, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors, Jenn Maurer’s style is perfect for you.

This nature-obsessed artist will work tirelessly to make sure that the beauty of Mother Nature and your gorgeous ceremony fit together seamlessly.

Waterfront, mountainside, or nestled in the midst of a vibrant meadow, your destination wedding will come to life in front of the Maurer’s camera. You’ll feel like a natural-born model as you and your brand-new spouse take photo after photo of pure, wedded bliss.

Prepare to have the best day ever with Jenn by your side as the cheerleader you never knew you needed. As you prepare for this new season of life with your soulmate, you can finally start the greatest adventure that anyone can experience.

Olivia Louise Photography

Couples saying “I do” in the great state of Washington will want to take a look at this stellar photographer’s breathtaking portfolio.

It may not be the Hollywood meet-cute that you imagined, but we promise it will be love at first sight.

Olivia loves shooting in natural environments and considers herself to be an experienced adventure elopement and wedding photographer. If you’re getting hitched anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, Olivia Louise Photography is definitely worth checking out!

Justin Kraemer

Personality pics are just par for the course when you’ve got the flawless Justin Kraemer as your wedding photographer.

Never one to shy away from bold statements and character-filled setups, this passionate photographer will help you to take your wedding to the next level.

Kraemer’s style takes even the most simplistic backdrops and utilizes framing, poses, and his gorgeous couple (that’s you!) to paint a breathtaking picture of true love.

If you’re all about dramatic, film-worthy shots, you and your soulmate will hit it off with Kraemer immediately!

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