The 22 Best Wedding Photographers in Tacoma, Washington

When most of us think of the Pacific Northwest, it’s the Seattle area—especially when we need a caffeine boost because we start craving a Starbucks anywhere!

But the stunning location of Tacoma offers more than great coffee and Seattle’s famous hipster scene! If you live in Tacoma, you know.

Tacoma offers plenty of amenities for a medium-sized city and the same gorgeous scenery as other places on the map.

Even better for brides, Tacoma has terrific wedding planning options and an above-average “livability score” compared to better-known spots. So we weren’t surprised to search for the best wedding photographers in Tacoma, Washington, and see many great choices.

Have fun picking the best Tacoma wedding photographer for your big day!

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Petersen Pictures

Carl Petersen has won awards for photography and filmmaking. Petersen Pictures specializes in capturing your wedding day with a bit of direction from Carl and a ton of fun for you!

Once upon a time, Carl was an actor in LA. He landed minor roles but had more success writing and shooting short films. 

Later, Carl began working behind the camera with top LA photographers, and he covered many high-profile weddings. Petersen Pictures is now based in Tacoma, and he’d love to be your wedding photographer!

Kelli Hodges Photography

Based in downtown Tacoma, Kelli Hodges Photography shoots weddings locally and internationally, and Kelli specializes in capturing your life in extraordinary pictures.

Kelli offers you the unexpected as your wedding photographer—she knows it’s nice to have some posed pictures, but her focus is capturing your personality and creating amazing shots.

Kelli Hodges Photography adores your natural smiles and loving moments!

Matt Rommel Photography

Kentucky-bred Matt Rommel brings his love of the outdoors (and good Kentucky bourbon!) to Matt Rommel Photography in Tacoma. 

With 8+ years of experience, Matt’s photography style is candid, artistic, and genuine. As your wedding photographer, his focus is creating original, authentic, and impromptu images of your love story as you wed.

Matt Rommel Photography is the real deal in wedding photography!

Ike and Tash Photography and Motion

When you visit the “About” page on Ike and Tash Photography and Motion, you’ll probably feel tingles up your spine—we absolutely love how Ike and Tash describe themselves and their business!

Husband and wife Ike and Tash are a team, their business and family are their legacies, and they found their dream and future behind the camera lens!

Ike and Tash focus on sassy, edgy, bold, and urban portraiture. As your wedding photographer, they breathe life into your love story and create timeless images you’ll be so proud to cherish.

Jenny Storment Photography

Jenny Storment’s heart is in the PNW, and she feels lucky to live in Tacoma with her family. Jenny Storment Photography knows the stress of wedding planning and wants to photograph your most precious moments with your joy and relaxation in mind!

With Jenny as your wedding photographer, you get an experienced and energetic person who makes you feel great getting your pictures taken. 

Your wedding day photos glow with light with the PNW landscape as your backdrop. Jenny has documented over 150 weddings, and she loves her job and all her wedding couples!


Anastasia is the founding photographer behind “IAMPHOTOGRAPHYUSA.” She’s worked with hundreds of families and beautiful wedding couples in seven states and is based in Seattle-Tacoma.

As your wedding photographer, Anastasia captures your unique beauty and wedding day love story.

She created her website to celebrate the stunning images she’s captured of couples like you. You should check out the website because Anatasia has a lot of helpful wedding planning information!

A.Lorae Photography

Amy Lloyd Wagner loves photography and gets more excited about her career daily!

As the portrait photographer behind A.Lorae Photography, Amy’s passion is showing you what everyone else sees—like your unique smile and the loving way you and your new spouse look at each other. 

A.Lorae Photography will capture wedding day images that you adore and make you laugh and cry with joy. As your wedding photographer, Amy loves all love and is an inclusive photographer!

Flourish Photography by Bree

Brianna (Bree) Eaton built Flourish Photography by Bree with strength and a passion for empowering women at every stage of life!

As your wedding photographer, Bree loves finding the amazing moments between you and specializes in natural and studio lighting. Bree feels blessed to call her wedding couples friends, and it’s an honor for her to capture your life and expanding family.

Bree also brings added expertise to wedding photography because she was a wedding planner, and she’s happy to customize your wedding photography package!

Fox & Wagon Photography

Stacy is the talent behind Fox & Wagon Photography, and she sounds funny and fantastic!

When she was 22, Stacy became a Photo Pass photographer at Walt Disney World. She learned to capture magical moments between loved ones on the job, and her passion for photography grew.

Returning home to the PNW, Stacy started Fox & Wagon Photography, married, started her family, and adopted her dog. Stacy calls herself “awkward,” but her wedding portfolio is gorgeous and full of happy wedding couples who obviously adore her style. 

Contact Stacy to talk about your wedding day vision!

CSwindell Photography 

Auburn, WA

CSwindell Photography is based in Auburn, with husband and wife team Clint and Cindy behind the cameras (fun fact: their business name is a blend of their first names: Clint, Cindy, and their handsome son, Cain!).

Clint and Cindy traveled the world after they met, and they became passionate about photographing beautiful sights. For Clint, wedding photography is such a rush!

Cindy and Clint are best friends, and Cindy loves handling the details so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. At CSwindell Photography, you’re a bridal VIP!

M. Laine Photography

Meghann Laine is your PNW elopement photographer, and with M. Laine Photography, you get the expertise of a fellow traveler and a hiker who knows where, when, and how to capture your wedding day adventure!

Permits and private shooting locations are Meghann’s specialty, and she can guide you through your PNW elopement with no stress.

At M. Laine Photography, your one-of-a-kind wedding becomes a reality you’ll cherish in gorgeous, timeless images!

Lessie Blue Photography

For Lessie Blue Photography, the biggest joy is witnessing romantic moments and celebrating your wedding day love story in gorgeous, timeless images!

Tacoma-born Lessie is passionate about capturing the most genuine emotions on your wedding day. Her favorite part of being your wedding photographer is getting to know you and vibing with you to create breathtaking wedding day photos!

Anchor & Lace Photography

Married photographers Alexis and Keith Stein want you to know they’re your perfect photography pair!

Their business, Anchor & Lace Photography, is located in the PNW, and Alexis and Keith offer wedding photography locally and worldwide. 

Anchor & Lace blends the Steins’ talents and delivers wedding day images that are timeless, romantic, and artistic. Keith explained that he bonded with Alexis over photography right away, and her passion for wedding photography drives him to succeed—they make each other the best wedding photographers!

Brooke Nalani Photography

Brooke Nalani Leigh Embree is your wedding and elopement photographer in the Seattle-Tacoma area, but this faith-based photographer will travel anywhere for your wedding!

The work of Brooke Nalani Photography has been featured in Cosmopolitan, and that’s amazing because Brooke never knew her career would be in photography when she first picked up a camera in her sophomore year of high school.

Brooke believes in capturing photos that take you back to your wedding day moments. From the start of your day to the end, Brooke Nalani Photography delivers the whole experience!

Amanda Howse Photography

Amanda Howse Photography is based in the Tacoma area, and she’s been passionate about wedding photography for over two decades!

With two BAs—including a degree in professional photography from the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography—Amanda is educated and experienced in capturing your wedding day.

Amanda recalls her first experience as an assistant photographer for a couple in Northern Couple on her wedding website. Every wedding she photographs is special to Amanda, and she would love to have a place in her heart for your wedding!

Nallayer Studios

We love the meaning behind professional photographer Reyallan Thompson’s business—it’s his first name spelled backward!

As your PNW wedding photographer, Nallayer Studios thrives on high-energy and capturing all the epic shots on your big day.

Reyallan is joyful about giving his wedding couples good direction, and his wedding day images reflect his excitement in capturing your unique love story!

Chelsea Tornga Photography

When you book Chelsea Tornga Photography for your wedding, you get blessed with a talented photographer whose mega-watt smile is joyful and infectious!

Chelsea specializes in on-location weddings in the PNW and uses natural lighting to capture the vibrance and emotion of your wedding day. 

Chelsea Tornga Photography loves to create connections with her wedding couples and be your portrait photographer for life!

Taylor Jones Photo

As your wedding photographer, Taylor Jones Photo has a simple and chill philosophy that suits the lifestyle in the beautiful PNW.

Taylor knows that light is the most important element in capturing photographs. But your personality is what gives those images life. 

Taylor Jones Photo asks you to live in the moment and enjoy your wedding day photography—he’ll reward you with the most real and beautiful images to cherish!

Venture To Elope

Hannah and Adam are Venture to Elope, your PNW photo and video adventure elopement team!

After getting engaged outside Zion National Park, Hannah and Adam adopted their pup, Juneau, and married in August 2022. Venture to Elope has adventure-traveled worldwide.

Hannah and Adam are passionate about capturing your wedding day moments on film, and video gives you even more cherished memories to relive, like you both saying, “I Do!”

Jahni Lynn Photo

Jahni, Roselynn, and Melanie are your wedding day photographers at Jahni Lynn Photo, and these talented, funny ladies are ready to be your wedding BFF!

Jahni Lynn believes love is love, and it’s your day, so you’re number one. Jahni Lynn Photo works on trust with their wedding day couples, and they’ll always be there for you. 

There’s one more thing Jahni and the team believe in—they have the best jobs ever!

Something Minted Photography

Shelby is a lead photographer who started Something Minted Photography after experiencing a beautiful moment of love and faith with her mom and her future husband on her wedding day. 

Each time she revisits her wedding album, Shelby remembers every happy tear, heartbeat, and love in every embrace!

That extraordinary feeling inspires Shelby to give her wedding couples the same experience. Something Minted limits their wedding photography to ten couples per year, so you get her very best! 

Jason Comerford Photography

Jason Comerford and his wife Hannah run Jason Comerford Photography.

They serve couples and other portrait clients in Washington state, and as your wedding photographer, Jason and Hannah will earn your trust and create stunning images of your wedding love story!

After falling in love at college, Jason and Hannah married and took a significant risk: making their passion for art and creativity into their full-time business. Jason and Hannah love their business, and thanks to many happy couples and clients, Jason Comerford Photography thrives!

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