The 18 Best Wedding Photographers in Renton, Washington

When planning a wedding in Renton, Washington, you can expect the experience to be altogether beautiful. From the location’s incredible landscape views to the wealth of skilled wedding professionals, this city is a dream for engaged couples.

As you two begin the search for the best wedding vendors, there are a few key guidelines to keep in mind. Most importantly, finding the perfect wedding photographer is a critical part of the wedding planning process.

Your ideal photographer can capture your vision in a way that’s better than anything you could ever have imagined. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, here’s a little inspiration from the best wedding photographers in Renton, Washington.

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Kayla Esparza Photography

Kayla Esparza is a dynamic wedding photographer who loves capturing candid moments and genuine emotion in her images. With Kayla as your wedding photographer, you will be treated to a top-notch experience that you will never forget.

As an avid traveler, Kayla loves helping couples and families to plan their grandest adventures. On the happiest day of your life, you can rest knowing that she will put your perspective and vision first in every moment.

Amy Buchanan Photography

This PNW native is a dream for couples looking to exchange vows in beautiful Renton, Washington. Amy Buchanan Photography is the perfect choice to get wedding photos that capture the heart and soul of your love story.

More than capturing beautiful photos, Amy walks with her couples through the entire wedding day experience. While you’re dancing the night away with your soulmate, she’ll be sure to preserve every second.

Mykaiha Gale Photography

With a focus on storytelling and genuine romance, Mykaiha Gale Photography truly honors her couple’s perspective. In every single image, Mykaiha wants your wedding day to look and feel like the most incredible day of your life.

Mykaiha provides wedding and portrait photography for hopeless romantics and adventurous lovers. If you want your wedding photos to have plenty of character, charm, and style, she’s the perfect photographer for you.

Chelsea Moudry Photography

Serving the PNW, Chelsea Moudry Photography is ideal for nearly-weds who are interested in documentary-style wedding photography. With a passion for destination weddings and elopements, Chelsea is ready to make your wildest dreams come true.

From the romantic engagement session to the fun family photos, every photo shoot will feel like an absolute breeze. When it comes to delivering a wedding album that you can share with everyone, Chelsea is your gal.

Ensign Photography

If you love dancing to the beat of your own drum, you’ll immediately fall for the team at Ensign Photography. This wedding photography business is built on allowing couples to be the best version of themselves.

For couples who are tired of boring, stiff posing, you’ll love working with a photographer who prefers organic imagery. As you talk, laugh, and even dance with your soulmate, this talented photographer will capture these memories forever.

Jaime Denise Photography

This documentary wedding photographer is one of the best and brightest in the state of Washington. If you two are exchanging vows in Renton, we highly suggest you check out the incredibly talented Jaime Denise.

With 13 years in the photography industry, Jaime has plenty of experience and wisdom to help bring your vision to life. This means that on your wedding day, you can relax and be present in the moment while Jaime takes care of the rest.

Kayla Sprint Photography

If you and your partner are planning an intimate event, you’ll appreciate that Kayla Sprint is one of the most skilled elopement photographers in Washington. For private ceremonies, micro-weddings, and stunning elopement photography, we cannot recommend Kayla enough.

Having shot in a wide range of locations throughout the state, Kayla knows the best spots for your romantic wedding photos. As you two prepare to run away together, she’s ready to join you on this incredible journey.

Shots by Ashley

Located in the heart of Seattle, Shots by Ashley has been serving couples throughout Washington for several years. With a love for fine art photography, Ashley makes every event she captures look like a stunning work of art.

While photography may not have been her first career, it’s safe to say that this is her life’s greatest passion. Through photography, this lifelong creative has the opportunity to help her couples tell a wonderful story.

Rhiannon Mim Photography

With Rhiannon Mim, you can expect a creative photography style that allows you to show off everything that makes you, you. This skilled professional photographer is here to help you realize your wildest wedding dreams.

Offering more than pretty pictures, Rhiannon also provides top-notch services for photography. Her couples can expect a custom experience that makes them look and feel their best.

Jess Hunter Photography

Covering both Minnesota and Washington, Jess Hunter is obsessed with helping couples pull off their dream wedding. If you two are into the dreamy, romantic style of photography, Jess just may be the perfect fit.

For this professional photographer, crafting stunning, timeless wedding albums is a skill that comes naturally. When you partner with Jess Hunter Photography, you can trust that your wedding portraits will feel like a breeze.

Photography by Kaitlyn Stober

Photography by Kaitlyn Stober is a beloved photography business that has been serving couples the world over. With an undeniable talent and custom photography service, Kaitlyn is here to help grant you the fairy tale wedding you deserve.

In a state full of passionate photographers, Kaitlyn stands out for her ability to see and bring out the best in her couples. On your wedding day, you will have the freedom to enjoy making memories while she takes care of the rest.

Stefan & Audrey

If you’re looking for a dynamic duo that knows all about romance, do yourself a favor and check out Stefan & Audrey. Skilled in the art of celebrating authentic love stories, these two want to honor you exactly as you are.

For Stefan and Audrey, wedding days are all about capturing the genuine moments and real joy that their couples experience. No matter the size or style of your wedding, they will make sure that you have the best day ever.

Marnie Cornell Photography

This PNW-based wedding photographer is one the most sought-after professionals in the industry. Her creativity and sense of style make her an easy choice for couples who want wedding photos that they can display in their forever home.

Becoming a mom made Marnie realize just how precious the little moments in life can be. As she strives to capture memories great and small, you’ll know that your wedding album will be the perfect record of the big day.

Taylor Marie Photography

For the last 6 years, Taylor Marie has been crafting wedding galleries as vibrant and colorful as her personality. If whimsical, retro imagery is your jam, you and Taylor Marie are guaranteed to be a match made in heaven.

Whether she’s shooting an elegant event or a bold destination wedding, Taylor gives it her all to bring your vision to life. If you need an adventurous wedding photographer who understands the assignment, Taylor Marie is your gal.

Mountain Meandering

If you’ve found yourselves craving a wanderlust wedding, Mountain Meandering is the perfect team for you. Serving Washington State and beyond, these seasoned professionals will take your wedding day to the next level.

Your wedding day should feel like an adventure, and with Mountain Meandering, every magical moment will be preserved forever. This way, you two can always go back and reflect on your special day, even decades down the line.

Photos by Katie

From the delightfully creative mind of Katie McBride, Photos by Katie has taken the Washington wedding industry by storm. If you want your Renton wedding to be captured in all its splendor, Photos by Katie is the perfect choice.

As an adventurous wedding photographer, Katie does so much more than capture the key moments of the day. She also prioritizes the real emotions and interactions that you two will want to treasure forever.

Summer Grace Photography

Summer Grace Photography offers a unique, refreshing experience for couples who want their vision to be elevated. In addition to capturing your most special moments, Summer Grace Photography will make you feel like the most important people on earth.

While Summer started her business just five years ago, she’s been honing her photography skills since the age of 16. Her wealth of experience and training is your ticket to priceless imagery that honors your love story.

Henry Tieu Photography

If you’ve been searching for someone who can provide breathtaking, timeless images, this will be the second-easiest “yes” of your life. Partnering with the artistic genius of Henry Tieu Photography means that your wedding photos will be out of this world.

Co-photographers, Henry and Sergio, have plenty of experience capturing romantic elopements, so you can rest assured that you’re in great hands. Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding or an intimate local event, these two have got you covered.

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