The 16 Best Wedding Photographers in Minneapolis, MN

Your wedding day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start narrowing down that extensive list of vendors. From florists and caterers to officiants and coordinators, you’ll need a dedicated team of professionals to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Out of all the wedding professionals needed to build your dream team, one of the most important services to cover is photography. While your great aunt may be pretty handy with a camera, a skilled photographer can transform one incredible day into a lifetime of beautiful memories.

When it comes to crafting the wedding album of your dreams, you need an experienced professional who can truly honor your love story. If you’re ready to find the perfect fit, check out our recommendations for the very best wedding photographers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Becca Dilley Photography

With a focus on character, emotion, and endless fun, Becca Dilley is ready to help you prepare for the event of a lifetime. As your wedding photographer, part-time bestie, and personal hype woman, Becca will make your big day feel like an absolute dream.

If you’re feeling a little nervous about portrait sessions, you can trust that Becca will work overtime to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable. Whether you’re hosting a huge celebration or a more intimate event, you and your soulmate will feel like the only people that truly matter.

Bellagala Photography

For a more comprehensive media experience, we can’t recommend this team highly enough. At Bellagala Photography, you can expect personalized service that has been tailored to meet your every need.

With photo and film offerings for your romantic event, Bellagala is your one-stop shop for media services on the big day. This award-winning team of photographers has the style, expertise, and professionalism to provide you with the wedding album that you deserve.

George Street Photo & Video

With so many incredible views and breathtaking backdrops in Minneapolis, you need a photography team who can bring this city’s landscape to life. The talented professionals at George Street have enough experience and creativity to make your wedding day stand out among the rest.

In addition to top-notch photo and video services, George Street provides exclusive recommendations for your wedding venue and engagement location. Whether you’re a transplant or a Minnesota native, George Street is happy to provide all the guidance and support you need to plan your event.

Bradley Hanson Photography

Since he was 10 years old, Bradley Hanson has been finding new ways to celebrate the art of photography. 24 years and 600 weddings later, this skilled artist has made a name for himself as one of the best photographers in Minnesota.

Rather than over-posing his clients, Bradley prefers to take a discrete approach, allowing his couples to enjoy their big day as he moves seamlessly throughout the event. You won’t even know he’s there, that is until you see the phenomenal images he was able to capture as you were having the time of your life.

Barclay Horner Photography

If dramatic shots and dynamic editing are your jam, Barclay Horner Photography is right up your alley. This talented photographer’s unique character and undeniable style are perfect for highlighting the beauty of your special day.

With plenty of experience shooting natural landscapes, Barclay Horner is an ideal choice for couples hosting outdoor weddings. Rain or shine, she’s all in to make sure that your wedding gallery is worthy of telling your amazing love story.

Camelot Photography

For a photography team that understands all the delicate details and intricacies of wedding planning, look no further than Camelot Photography. If you want someone who can capture every incredible moment without taking away from your special day, this is the way to go.

With Camelot Photography, you can embrace the unexpected, allowing candid moments to transform into timeless memories. Class, elegance and a clear commitment to authenticity make this team an excellent choice for weddings in Minneapolis.

Dempag Photography & Entertainment

With Dempag Photography & Entertainment, you can expect a full multi-media experience on your wedding day. Dynamic photographs, cinematic film, and energetic DJ services make this team an easy decision for couples who want the whole package.

Dempag is especially helpful for couples who are looking to save a little cash for their honeymoon. Rather than booking wedding vendors through several different companies, Dempag’s clients can cover a variety of media services with a single, affordable booking.

Eileen K. Photography

As a Minnesota native, Eileen K. has all the tips and tricks to make your Minneapolis wedding feel like a fairy tale. Whether you’re getting hitched in a stunning outdoor space or a classic indoor venue, Eileen will use every skill in her toolbox to bring your vision to life.

With over a decade of experience in the business, Eileen has captured a diverse collection of romantic events. Add yours to the list, and you can trust that this dedicated artist will give it her all to honor your love story.

Heather Hanson Photography

As an artist, journalist, and seasoned wedding photographer, Heather Hanson is well-versed in the art of storytelling. In capturing her clients’ most intimate moments, she helps to celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives.

Having shot in several states throughout the U.S., Heather offers a vibrant portfolio as proof of her incredible skill behind the camera. Don’t take our word for it though – check out Heather’s work for yourself and prepare to be blown away.

Laura Alpizar Photography

If you’re on the hunt for a photographer who is just as bold and adventurous as your romance, Laura Alpizar may be the perfect fit. This Twin City-based photographer delivers drama, style, and endlessly elegant images to take your breath away.

This impressive artist brings a unique perspective to her photography, pairing timeless composition and framing with colorful, creative shots. With Laura, you can rest knowing that your wedding album is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Lauren Baker Photography

Lauren Baker Photography is the perfect choice for free-spirited couples who want a wedding album that captures their character. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just want to relive your wanderlust years, Lauren is worth looking into.

This hopeless romantic can’t get enough of shooting in lush gardens and sprawling estates, using the venue’s natural beauty to highlight your event. With a heart for people and a love for authenticity, Lauren will be cheering you on every step of the way.

Rivets & Roses Photography

This incredible team of photographers is primed to help you take on one of the most important days of your life. With the studio-trained crew at Rivets & Roses, you will be blown away by their passion, skill, and dedication to honoring every client.

Led by Eliesa Johnson, this team prides itself on its ability to provide a flexible, personalized experience for every couple they serve. No matter your event’s size, style, or season, Rivets & Roses has a photographer that will partner with you to capture the heart of your love story.

Studio Laguna Photography

If you want a wedding album that can be passed down from generation to generation, we highly recommend Studio Laguna Photography. This team is ready to capture your most precious moments while allowing you to enjoy every second of your celebration.

While you can find a variety of skilled photographers in the Twin Cities, Studio Laguna stands out for their refreshing approach to photography. With this seasoned crew, your wedding photos will be the perfect record of a perfect day,

Angela Divine Photography

As a brand and wedding photographer, Angela Divine has spent years perfecting her craft to honor her client’s vision. Whether leading a brand session or shooting a full wedding day, Angela brings the same skill, creativity, and passion to every event.

Your wedding day photos will come out perfectly with this highly-trained professional by your side. Even after all the time she’s spent in the business, Angela remains devoted to capturing authentic moments and emotional memories for her couples.

Celisia Stanton Photography

While any photographer can capture an image, Celisia Stanton prefers to transform hers into priceless heirlooms. By focusing on the raw emotion in every photograph, this phenomenal artist can tell a beautiful story with every wedding album.

Why experience your wedding day for only a single moment when you can look back on the incredible event forever? With Celisia Stanton Photography, you’ll have a detailed record of the happiest day of your life.

Summer Street Photography

For breathtaking wedding photos that you can’t wait to hang in your home, Summer Street Photography is one of the best. With a classic look that never goes out of style, this husband-and-wife team is the perfect choice for your romantic event.

At Summer Street, they aim to preserve love stories forever by providing top-tier photography services for their couples. Whether you’re shooting family photos or bridal portraits, this dynamic duo will go above and beyond to bring joy to your special day.

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