The 14 Best Wedding Photographers in Massachusetts

Few states can capture the elegance, beauty, and vibrant culture of the northeast quite as well as Massachusetts.

If you’re getting hitched in this breathtaking state, there’s no doubt that your wedding will be one for the history books.

After months – even years – of wedding planning, you’ll want to make every precious moment on your special day last forever.

While we can’t help you freeze time (bummer, I know), we can tell you that the best way to make your memories last a lifetime is to make sure that you’ve got a truly skilled photographer.

Even if you had the time to personally research and interview every single photographer in the state, wouldn’t you rather be spending that time snuggled up with your spouse-to-be?

Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders as we reveal the 14 best wedding photographers in Massachusetts.

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Kelly Dillon Photography

With charm, class, and talent for days, this fine art photographer turns even the simplest moments of joy into a masterpiece.

It’s rare to find someone who can balance the elegance of traditional photography with a bold, modern flair, but Kelly’s shown that she can do just that, and so much more.

We could go on and on, but Kelly Dillon’s incredible portfolio seems to speak for itself.

While serving couples in Cape Cod and the surrounding area, Kelly strives to provide every client with a photo gallery that truly captures the spirit of their love story.

Randall Garnick Photography

If you’re interested in a unique, comprehensive wedding package, Randall Garnick is the photographer of your dreams.

From the initial consultation all the way to the delivery of your custom heirloom album, Randall is eager to walk alongside you in this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

While you can find any number of talented artists in The Bay State, what sets Randall apart is his dedication to ensuring that your voice is heard throughout the entire process.

In every moment, you’ll know that it’s your vision and love story that will be on display for all to see.

Meredith Jane Photography

For brides planning the luxe wedding that Disney princesses could only dream of, Meredith Jane is definitely your gal.

With experience shooting beach weddings, destination elopements, and massive estate ceremonies, this skilled photographer is ready for anything that comes her way.

Pairing simplicity with photojournalistic detail, Meredith Jane’s style places the focus on subtle moments of joy and intimacy between loved ones.

That means that every smile, glance, and kiss will be yours to look back on and cherish forever.

Spagnolo Photography

Situated in the heart of Boston, you’ll find husband-and-wife duo Spagnolo Photography.

This talented team of lovebirds will stop at nothing to make sure that your wedding photography experience is an absolute blast!

Whether you’re interested in candid photographs or classic portraiture, Aaron and Nanore have the flexibility to help you create an image unique to your love story.

With well over a decade of experience in the industry, these two are happy to lend their wisdom to take your big day to the next level.

Nicole Baas Photography

Another Boston-based photographer to add to the list is Nicole Baas Photography.

This coveted professional photographer specializes in capturing candid moments and ensuring that every couple has the opportunity to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

When she’s not helping couples to get the giggles out during engagement sessions, Nicole can be found creating and capturing intimate moments at weddings all over the world.

Booking with Nicole means that you can experience all of the comfort and joy that she shares with her couples, and so much more.

Carly Michelle Photography

With a portfolio straight out of a high-fashion bridal magazine, Carly Michelle Photography is the answer to your most luxurious wedding wishes.

Carly’s timeless style and undeniable skill are all you need to turn your most special moments into a beautiful work of art.

Whether you’re planning a larger-than-life celebration or an intimate event with a few of your favorite people, Carly is well-equipped to capture your special day.

With Carly Michelle Photography at the helm, you can relax knowing that your treasured memories are in great hands.

Matthew Cavanaugh Photography

Based in Western Massachusetts, Matthew Cavanaugh has provided top-notch photography services for a wide variety of events.

Having shot at weddings, press meetings, and even a presidential inauguration, Matthew brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to each opportunity that arises.

Your wedding day will be no exception, so sit back and relax as Matthew works tirelessly to make your portrait sessions feel like an absolute breeze.

You’ll end the day incredibly thankful for a photographer that knows how to bring out the best in every single shot.

Zev Fisher Photography

Zev Fisher is one of the most ambitious photographers in Massachusetts, constantly searching for new ways to improve his craft and provide couples with the best experience possible.

With an eye for composition and a keen attention to detail, Zev has what it takes to capture your big day.

Zev tends to focus on capturing those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that seem to fly by all too quickly.

Naturally, your wedding album will be full of cozy, intimate shots that you’ll want on full display in your home.

Lisa Rigby Photography

With a perfect blend of bold modernity and timeless elegance, Lisa Rigby turns each wedding into a fairytale event.

Armed only with her camera and a flair for doing the impossible, Lisa is ready and willing to help you bring your wedding vision to life.

Lisa serves Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, and the surrounding area, capturing wonderfully happy moments wherever she goes.

With over 13 years in the wedding photography industry, she’s more than happy to utilize her expertise to provide you with an album worthy of your love story.

Alex Paul Photography

With Alex Paul Photography, you can expect a custom experience perfectly suited to meet your unique needs.

If you want every photo to feel like it was shot in the glamour of a red carpet-premiere, Alex is the best in the business.

Why settle for “good” wedding photos when you can get an album of breathtaking images from your special day?

Stick with Alex, and you’ll have more than a few timeless memories to look back on when all is said and done.

Adriano Batti Photography

Based in Medford, Massachusetts, Adriano Batti is an incredibly talented artist whose passion is evident throughout his vast portfolio.

Having shot weddings, varied portraits, and even real estate images, Adriano brings plenty of experience to the table when helping you to capture the happiest day of your life.

Adriano makes it a point to schedule in-depth consultations with his couples before the big day, actively communicating and striving to understand your unique vision.

This allows him to prepare aptly for the event, moving seamlessly throughout the venue while giving you ample room to enjoy every precious moment.

Amanda Macchia Photography

I’m sure that sometime over the years, you’ve heard the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

One look at Amanda Macchia’s portfolio and you could write an entire book detailing the passion and depth conveyed in her stunning images.

With artistic boldness and classic style, photo sessions with Amanda end up feeling more like a high fashion magazine shoot.

Embrace your inner model and take a few vogue shots with the one you love; after all, an over-the-top romance like yours deserves a wedding gallery just as dynamic.

Brad Bahner Photography

Brad Bahner is the go-to photographer for couples who see the true beauty in life’s simplest moments.

With an adventurous spirit and a heart for capturing the special moments that others often miss, Brad is ready to provide you with the stress-free experience that you deserve.

Your wedding photos should be a perfect image of the love shared between the two of you, highlighting those subtle glances and longing gazes from across the room.

Brad Bahner’s undeniable eye for detail makes him well-equipped to provide you with a wedding album that truly honors your union.

Gina Brocker Photography

For love-struck Bostonians searching for the photographer of their dreams, Gina Brocker is definitely worth looking into.

This upbeat artist is devoted to using her camera to help couples capture the most precious memories they will ever make.

As a former documentary photographer, Gina Brocker is skilled in the art of storytelling without losing sight of her primary focus.

With all eyes on you, Gina will be crafting a gorgeous collection of photos that you’ll be eager to share with all of your loved ones.

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