The 16 Best Wedding Photographers in Maryland

So you’re getting married in Maryland? Congratulations! This beautiful state is rife with rich history and charm, more stunning venues than you could ever count, and a friendly atmosphere best suited for a wedding.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you pick the perfect photographer to capture your big day and all that comes with it. To help you out, here are the 16 best wedding photographers in Maryland.

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Arpasi Photography

Anna Arpasi has photographed over 400 weddings in the last decade. Her philosophy when it comes to wedding photography is people over details. Capturing moments of tenderness, passion, or humor between couples or family members is what’s most important to her.

She does it beautifully. Her photos are filled with soft light, warm colors, and brimming with emotion. Looking at her captures, they seem as if you could step into them and experience each moment for yourself.

It’s this focus that makes her an award-winning photographer featured in publications like Every Bride and Charm City Wed.

If this sounds like your ideal wedding photographer, put Anna of Arpasi Photography on your shortlist.


Jay Rodriguez has a knack for storytelling and taking beautiful pictures, the two things you need to be an excellent wedding photographer. Striking, vibrant images of passionate couples fill Jay Rodriguez’s gallery. You won’t find any washed-out, stiff, overly posed captures on his blog.

Jay does both wedding photography and videography. He uses his love of storytelling to tell each couple’s story from start to finish. For a photographer that will tell your tale beautifully, consider Jay Rodriguez.

Love & Adventure Photography

The talented team at Love & Adventure Photography has been photographing weddings in the DMV area for over 15 years. Headed up by Kathleen Ricker, they specialize in adventure elopements, destination weddings, and African safari elopements. They will photograph your wedding just about anywhere in the world.

For lead photographer Kathleen it is important that she share a connection with her couples. This connection makes it easier to understand your vision and then capture it. Kathleen uses a mix of documentary and portrait photography styles to capture the day as it unfolds and tell your story in vivid and emotionally rich images.

A true adventurer, Kathleen has traveled and photographed weddings worldwide. With this experience, she can help you get to the most breathtaking locations during the golden hour to take the best photos.

If you’re looking for an adventure elopement photographer that can get you the best photos, look no further than the team at Love & Adventure Photography.

Trans4mation Photography

Light, airy, filled with warm light, and soft natural color is how one might describe the images in Trans4mation Photography’s portfolio. This award-winning studio is headed up by full-time wedding photographer Joey.

Joey has been taking pictures since he was in high school. He loves the emotion and excitement of the wedding and his part in the process, which is to capture and tell the story.

Like many photojournalists, Joey looks to capture moments organically, snapping candids as the day proceeds. It is these natural, unplanned moments that create an album worth looking back on again and again.

Kate Ann

Photojournalist Kate Ann specializes in weddings and elopements. Looking for something meaningful to do with her love of photography, she started capturing weddings ten years ago and never looked back.

As an experienced wedding photographer, her goal is to find out what matters to you and make sure to snap those moments. She looks to photograph artful candids and a few naturally posed portraits.

This approach allows her to capture the day in an authentic and organic fashion and build a wedding album that tells the story of your special day from start to finish.

Brad Barnwell Photography

Not only does Brad Barnwell want to take your picture, but he also wants to see your face light up with joy at an album of stunningly beautiful wedding photography. Brad has been photographing weddings for ten years and loved every minute.

His goal, his passion, is to make your vision a reality. With a relaxed and natural approach, Brad seeks to connect with his couples as true friends. This is one of the best ways to get images that are real and organic. These vibrant images preserve a moment forever in time.

For a wedding album that will tell the story of your love in an authentic and meaningful way, consider Brad Barnwell.

Megapixels Media Photography

Nervous, excited, perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed? Husband and wife team Megan and Garrett Pitts can relate. They still remember their wedding in 2014 and all the jitters they had. That’s why they want to use their expertise to at least take one thing off your plate.

With ten years of experience in wedding photography, Megan and Garrett have a lot to offer and have built an absolutely stunning portfolio.

Their photojournalistic approach results in candid magazine-quality images that capture their couples’ hearts and spirits while telling their stories. Your wedding day goes by in a blur. Megan and Garrett will help preserve it for a lifetime.

Justin Kunimoto

Soft color, warm light, and genuine emotions flow from Justin Kunimoto’s work. In high school, Justin was the kid with the camera; in 2013, he turned that passion into a career.

As a wedding photographer, Justin’s first step is to build a trust-based rapport with his couples. When you’re relaxed, your photos are happier and more natural, and emotion flows easily.

You need that connection with your photographer to create an album that serves as a priceless family heirloom. Justin Kunimoto is happy to help you build that.

Photography by Brea

Brea is an exceptionally talented photographer. Her gallery is brimming with beautiful and stunning photography. Vivid colors and emotion-filled moments are found in each image, but it’s about more than just taking a pretty picture.

Capturing the human connection is what wedding photography is all about. From the happy couple’s first look to the parents beaming with pride, a professional that is able to capture these intimate moments is the ideal wedding photographer.

With ten years in the business, Brea has learned the value of those connections. It is her goal to connect with her couples so that you’re at ease with her, allowing those special moments to be shot.

For a beautiful album that tells the story of your special day, definitely consider Photography by Brea.

Weddings by Lee

Wedding photography is storytelling. You could open the album of a well-shot wedding and know the story from start to finish. After months of planning, the wedding day itself goes by in a blur; you need something to look back on once it’s over. Lee of Weddings by Lee wants to help.

Lee’s portfolio is filled with beautifully captured storytelling imagery. Candid moments of excitement, happiness, and passion fill his page. His couple’s precious memories are forever preserved. Make sure to add Lee to your wedding photographer shortlist – by choosing him, you can’t go wrong.

Carly Fuller Photography

Fine arts photographer Carly Fuller has photographed over 500 weddings. Eager to tell your story Carly’s goal is to capture her couples’ love stories, preserving them in delicate classic imagery.

Emotional moments of love, passion, and tears of joy tell the tale of beautiful wedding after beautiful wedding. Carly’s captures are awash with soft colors and natural light. A collection of timeless imagery you can’t put down.

Victoria Selman Photography

Breathtaking images of stunningly in love couples in majestic vistas greet you when you visit Victoria Selman’s website. Her beautiful magazine-quality photos capture and hold your attention as you study picture after picture, unable to look away.

Victoria and her husband, Hunter, are the husband and wife team behind Victoria Selman Photography. While they are based out of Maryland, they work globally, shooting weddings of all kinds, from small backyard BBQs to mountain-top adventure elopements and everything in between.

This talented duo is always looking for its next big adventure. Check out their blog and see if your wedding is it.

L.A. Birdie Photography

Working primarily in the D.C. and Maryland area, Lindsay Anne Belliveau has been working as a wedding photographer since 2010. She uses her beautiful lifestyle photography to capture her couples in vivid detail.

For weddings, Lindsay will typically shoot a mix of candid snaps, along with some formal portraits. This allows her to create an album that tells the full story of your day. The shared secret looks, the moments of unexpected humor, and your family getting down on the dance floor. It’s those natural, candid pictures that truly tell your story.

Lindsay’s ability to capture those moments is exactly what you need. You’ll definitely want to put Lindsay Belliveau on your shortlist.

Kate Fine Art Photography

When you get married, you’re fully in the moment. Filled with nervous excitement and pure joy, the day’s festivities sweep you along until exhausted at the end of it all, you collapse and sleep. If your photographer is Kate, she is thinking six months from now, a year from now, ten years from now, to a moment when you need to remember what you felt on that special day.

Good photography has the power not only to freeze a moment in time but to bring back exactly what we felt and thought at that moment. Knowing how powerful good photography can be, Kate takes her work seriously.

She’s not just documenting your wedding to give you pretty pictures. Kate captures your story so you can relive it time and again and share it with future generations.

Hickok Photography

With extensive training in photography and theater, Wendy Hickok is ready for anything. Her beautiful photojournalistic captures tell the stories of her couples’ weddings from start to finish. Artfully posed images mix with joyful candids to create albums that are both elevated and complete.

Working with her wife, Wendy has photographed weddings worldwide and is happy to travel wherever her clients need. If you’re looking for a wedding album that is art, definitely consider Wendy Hickok.

Peculiar Images by RJ

The name may be peculiar, but the pictures aren’t. The photos are striking, larger-than-life, filled with rich jewel-toned color and bold composition.

One of the premier photography studios in the DMV area, the photographers at Peculiar Images by RJ photograph weddings of all kinds in the U.S. and Mexico.

RJ understands the importance of image and legacy, and that’s what he hopes to create as a wedding photographer – an album of beautiful, striking captures that will help you share your legacy for generations to come.

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