Best Wedding Photographers in Kentucky

From the Bluegrass State, we wish you heartfelt congratulations on your engagement! Now, set the bubbly on the table, and let’s get down to picking the best wedding photographer in Kentucky to tell your love story.

Although choosing a photographer is incredibly important, it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision.

It is important to consider questions such as, “what do I want out of my wedding pictures?” and “what quality is most important in my photographer?”

From vintage bourbon distilleries to the majestic Appalachian mountains, Kentucky is filled with beautiful places to say “I do” and grace your wedding album with unforgettable memories.

We’ve created a list of the 20 best wedding photographers in Kentucky to make your wedding dreams a reality.

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White Fox Wedding Co

Nicole and Justin created White Fox Wedding Photography after they planned their own wedding and couldn’t find anyone who offered affordable, high-quality photography services to fit their tastes.

They offer 3 photo packages with prices starting at $1,175. Nicole and Justin personally work with over 100 couples per year and provide photography services in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.

From bohemian and woodland weddings to ceremonies in traditional chapels, they can create magic at any type of ceremony.

Heather Florance Photography

For couples with adventurous souls who live life to the fullest, Heather is a wonderful choice for your wedding experience.

Her style is vivid, filled with color and raw emotions. However, she still manages to add a touch of drama here and there.

Heather lives in Louisville, but she acts as a destination wedding photographer for couples who live outside Kentucky.

One of the things that make Heather stand out from others is her process. She is great at working with couples who feel a little uncomfortable in front of the lens.

She guides people gently so that they feel confident and relaxed while posing for pictures that would usually be outside of their comfort zone.

Zimmerman Photography

Based out of Louisville, Rick and Roberta are the husband and wife team behind Zimmerman Photography.

Although their wedding and elopement portfolios are extensive, they also provide photography services at corporate events and private parties.

Their style is dramatic with high contrast and moody lighting. With over 35 years of professional photography experience, this duo will capture your unchoreographed, special moments in style.

Sarah Katherine Davis Photography

Sarah is an incredible professional photographer out of Louisville.

Her goal is to honestly capture moments of genuine love and create an experience that is inclusive of all people, regardless of creed, body size, race, ability, or who you love.

Her style is documentarian realism meets fine arts cool, which is different than a lot of photographers in the Louisville area and amazingly exciting to look at.

On the big day, she often says she alternates between “a fly on the wall” and a member of the wedding party in order to get the best shots.

She prioritizes getting to know each couple so that by the wedding day everyone feels completely at ease.

Meagan Jordan Photography

Meagan is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, who creates amazing work out of Louisville.

She has a creative approach to photography and works hard to capture images that reflect the unique personalities of each couple.

Her 10+ years of experience have made her not just a wedding expert, but a wedding natural. Former clients love her ability to capture the emotional quality of the wedding by pinpointing real moments that matter.

Although she lives in Louisville, she provides services throughout the state and beyond.

Anna K Photography

Anna is based out of Louisville, but she is a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer who takes amazing wedding photos across the US and abroad.

Her goal is not simply to capture pictures but to create an experience that allows you to make timeless memories that Anna can then immortalize.

Former clients appreciate her quick turnaround time in getting photos back to them and her ability to make even the most anxious couple feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Green Apple Photography

Christora is the woman behind the lens at Green Apple Photography. She works out of Louisville but is ready and willing to travel for weddings and engagements.

If you value being present and in the moment on your wedding day, but also want absolutely stunning photos, then Christora is a great choice for you.

She believes in honoring the stories that make your love its own beautiful creation and starts each photographic relationship by getting to know her clients.

Christora is an award-winning photographer for a reason and you will love working with her.

Resilient Hearts Photography

Sav is the woman who makes the magic happen at Resilient Hearts Photography. She primarily provides services in Kentucky and Indiana, but she is willing to travel further upon request.

Her images are bright and filled with natural light. We especially love her work during the fall because she makes the changing Kentucky colors absolutely pop.

If you are hosting a fairytale wedding with huge bouquets, flowing dresses, and a bit of a luxury-princess vibe, you will love working with Sav.

Kendra Farris Photography

Servicing Red River Gorge, Lexington, and Louisville, Kendra believes you deserve to get beautiful photos on your wedding day and also have enough space to fully revel in the moment.

Whether you are a non-tradition bride with an incredible collection of tattoos, a lover of all things vintage, or most comfortable in a white slip, you will enjoy working with Kendra.

She listens to her clients, both their actions and their words, to tell their love stories in the most authentic way possible.

Laura Christine Photography

Laura is a Kentucky-based creative who provides wedding photography services in the state but is willing to travel for the right couple.

She specializes in wedding, lifestyle, portrait, and engagement sessions that capture sweet, soft moments. However, her goal is also to ensure you have a great time throughout the entire photography experience.

Former clients love working with Laura because she is organized, and detail-oriented, and works especially well with children at special events.

Leslie Rodriguez Photography

Although she lives in Louisville, Leslie travels all over the country to photograph luxury weddings with a modern gaze.

In her 10 years of photographing weddings, Leslie has developed an eye for the unexpected alongside her own personal brand of photography that is thoughtful with a bit of edginess.

While no two images are alike, they weave stories through candid moments and exquisite documentation.

Her work captures the feel, environment, and people that make a wedding so much more than just a party at a fancy reception venue.

Beth Michiemo Photography

Beth’s goal is to honor the raw beauty of emotional moments, while also presenting clients with photos that are romantic, modern, and polished.

Her work really hits the sweet spot between these two missions, which makes her a highly sought-after wedding photographer.

Although she currently resides in Kentucky, she has roots in Texas and travels often in her quest to document love stories.

Former clients love her creativity and eye for natural beauty in big and small moments.

Ariana Jordan Photography

Ariana is a wedding and portrait photographer who seeks out the whimsical and brings magic through her shooting and editing process.

Her photography approach is laidback with a focus on making her clients feel as comfortable as possible. This way she gets unposed shots that feel natural and joyfully exuberant.

With over 10 years of experience, she provides her photography skills in central Kentucky, while her husband can offer videography services on request.

Maddie Baker Photography

Maddie is a Kentucky-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who has lived in Lexington her whole life. However, she also travels to get the best pictures.

Her style is colorful and bright, filled with warm tones that are perfect during the falls and winters in Kentucky. While her work lands on the more modern end of the spectrum, it is filled with joy and a good dose of playfulness.

She focuses on the connection between people, and, through her work, you can see relationships and reactions to this incredible time in your life.

Jessica Mahorn Photography

For seekers of adventure and the wild at heart, Jess is the perfect person to photograph your intimate wedding experience.

She is a lifestyle photographer who knows the value of natural light and authentic moments.

Her style is for people who believe simplicity is the key to success and that a little can go a long way.

She gets to know each couple and will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get great pictures and have a new friend.

Former clients love the energy she brings every day and they really appreciate her complete dedication.

Keely Nichole Photography

Keely is a published wedding photographer who works out of Kentucky but travels around the country to document gorgeous weddings.

Her style is effortless with a focus on the beauty that comes from within and shines out. She employs a unique editing style that is ultra-soft and makes the gentlest light blues pop.

From the all-hands-on-deck moments to the casual moments that could almost fade away unnoticed, Keely captures everything that makes your wedding day special. These are the kind of pictures that you look at in years to come and instantly feel transported back in time.

Alexa Loy Photography

Craving a touch of elegance? Based out of Bowling Green, Alexa brings a degree of sophistication to her work that really raises her portfolio to the next level.

Although she specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography, she also offers couples and portrait sessions.

Her images have an almost dreamlike quality about them that’s somewhere between joyful and fairytale.

Alexa’s goal is to showcase the beauty of the real you through candid shots and gentle posing.

People who are uncomfortable in front of the camera love working with Alexa because she gives clear directions and tells you exactly what to do, whilst at the same time letting your own personalities shine out.

Liz Terry Photography

Liz is a published photographer who captures precious moments at wedding venues and ceremony sites across central Kentucky.

While weddings are her main focus she also provides additional services, such as senior and portrait shoots.

Her images are full of color and she does a great job capturing the tenderness and joy that exists between soon-to-be-married couples.

Her priority is that you feel relaxed and enjoy your wedding day. Therefore, it is her promise that she will get all the pictures you want (and those you didn’t know you needed) without worrying about a thing.

Porchia Nicole Photography

Porchia believes that wedding photography is more than just a service. It is a high-value investment in your future through the immortalization of important memories that build your love story.

She also believes it is an experience in itself, and she tries to be more than just your photographer.

She specializes in wedding and elopement photography that is romantic, intimate, and all about the small looks and touches.

Former clients feel completely comfortable while working with Porchia and appreciate that she provides a sneak peek of your photos in only 48 hours. Truly fast!

Meagen C Photography

Although Meagen is Kentucky-based, she travels all over the country photographing couples in love. Her images are cool, joyful, and playful in a way that makes you smile.

We love how she captures the individual personalities of couples, both together and apart. Many of her pictures make you say “oh, that’s a good one” because her subjects are so in the moment that it feels completely unscripted.

But, don’t get me wrong, her posed shots are absolutely incredible and give off fine art vibes.

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