10 Best Woodland Wedding Venues for the Whimsical Couple

Your wedding day should be a magical experience. And while your love is more than enough to evoke feelings of whimsy and wonder, there are some wedding venues that can add to the splendor.

Enter woodland wedding venues. You know those charming little resorts, mansions, and treehouses set against the backdrop of the woods that will have you thinking you’ve stepped foot inside a fairytale? Yeah, those! 

Here are the 10 best woodland wedding venues that will be perfect for your big day! 

Cedar Lakes Estate – Port Jervis, NY

Originally built in 1929, Cedar Lakes Estate was once a popular summer camp in New York. Now, it’s a dazzling wedding and events venue that offers indoor elegance and outdoor beauty. 

Of course, you’re here for the outdoor venues —particularly, the venues that kiss the edges of the forest! Spanning 550 acres, this property offers stunning natural elements such as towering trees, lakes, and rolling hills! 

For your ceremony, you can head to Huckleberry Ridge, an expansive field littered with wildflowers, which overlooks the nearby mountain range. You can exchange your vows at the altar, which is marked by a gorgeous floral archway. 

If that doesn’t suit your needs, you can consider The Outdoor Amphitheater, which is set against a lake and enclosed by touring pine trees. 

When it’s time for your reception, venture inside the elegant barn. Spanning 5,400 square feet, it boasts crystal chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Rentals include use of the ceremony and reception spaces, site coordination, a bridal suite, dining tables and chairs, glass and silverware, wireless internet, and valet parking.

Note: this venue is strictly for Spring/Summer weddings, as it’s closed from November – April. 

Price Range: $76,000 and up.

Capacity: Up to 315 guests. 

Find Cedar Lakes Estate at Cedar Lakes Estate or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary – Whitsett, NC

Located in Whitsett, North Carolina, The Timberlake Earth Sanctuary is a 165-acre sanctuary, whose purpose is to bridge the gap between humanity and the natural, beautiful, irreplaceable world around us. 

When they’re not saving the world, they host weddings and offer three gorgeous, distinct locations for all of your activities: 

The Woodlands offers a tranquil ceremony site that includes an outdoor cathedral, flanked by pine trees, wooden benches, and acres of natural splendor. 

The Orchard is a sprawling green space that features lush lawns, towering trees, and gorgeous native foliage and plants. 

Meanwhile, Gaia’s Garden is a vibrant space, adorned with roses, grape vines, and even a fish pond! It also features stone-lined paths and a charming entrance. 

The best part is that wedding rentals include a 48-hour time block where only you and your wedding party have access to the grounds. Plus, you can also opt to rent out a Treehouse Wedding Suite, which can serve as the perfect spot for all of your pre-wedding grooming!

Price Range: Contact the venue for a quote. 

Capacity:  Up to 150 guests. 

Find Timberlake Earth Sanctuary at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Waterfall Lodge – Ben Lomond, CA

The Waterfall Lodge is a secluded resort that offers unique proximity to California’s majestic 1000-year-old redwoods, while also providing world-class accommodations. 

Your wedding can take place in any number of available spaces on the 80-acre property:

The century-old lodge, which was built from the Santa Cruz Mountains’ downed trees, is a gorgeous indoor/outdoor ceremony or reception space. 

If you’d rather experience a fully outdoor venue, then the Redwood Cathedral might suit your needs. You can say “I do” on a clear plot of forest ground, surrounded by towering redwoods and your closest friends and family. 

Lastly, The Mother Tree at High Meadow Camp is centered on a 1,000-year redwood, believed to represent stability and strength. This makes it an especially popular space for couples to exchange vows. 

Depending on the wedding package you choose, rentals can include either one or two-day bookings of the entire facility, which will make your wedding a truly special event. 

Price Range: $11,700 and up.

Capacity: Up to 150 guests. 

Find Waterfall Lodge at Waterfall Lodge or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Mirbeau Inn and Spa – Plymouth, MA 

The Mirbeau Inn and Spa is a serene resort hotel, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Gorgeous views and French architecture combine to create several splendid spaces for weddings.  

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor wedding, you can venture off into the garden area, where lush lawns, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous views of surrounding greenery abound. 

You can also take advantage of the resort’s onsite chapel if you’d enjoy a more traditional setting for a vow exchange. 

The property also offers several scenic spots to serve as the backdrop for all of your wedding photos, including gardens and a stream, complete with a charming green bridge settled above. 

If you book this venue, your wedding package will include onsite accommodations and wireless internet. 

Price Range: $1,000 – $3,500 for site rental; add-ons extra. 

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find Mirbeau Inn and Spa at Mirbeau Inn and Spa or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Lord Thompson Manor – Thompson, CT

Lord Thompson Manor is an elegant boutique hotel, located in Thompson Connecticut. But don’t let the formal name fool you — this gorgeous estate is set against a wooded backdrop, which adds a charming element to the property. 

If you’re hoping to bask in the splendor of the surrounding nature, then exchange vows on the home’s lawn ceremony site, which is enclosed by towering trees and lush foliage. 

One special thing about the manor is that weddings here are three-day events. The staff works hard to carve out time blocks for a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, the ceremony, and a formal dinner.

The next day, you can even host a farewell brunch to officially wind down the weekend!

Price Range: $30,000 and up.

Capacity:  Up to 250 guests. 

Find Lord Thompson Manor at Lord Thompson Manor or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Copper Creek Inn – Ashford, WA

Copper Creek Inn is located in Ashford, Washington, near Mount Rainier National Park. Spanning 6.5 acres, this historic lodge is surrounded by acres of forests and lush, vibrant greenery. 

Start your day by exchanging vows in the Forest Amphitheater, a charming elevated outdoor space, accented by wooden benches and rock steps. You can also host ceremonies and receptions at The Forest Retreat, an outdoor tent option. 

Regardless of the wedding package you choose, all rentals include two nights of lodging. Other amenities include the ceremony and reception spaces, onsite catering, and bountiful trails and streams to explore. 

Price Range: Contact the venue for a quote. 

Capacity: 40 – 100 guests. 

Find Copper Creek Inn at Copper Creek Inn or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Carolina Country Weddings – Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina

Carolina Country Weddings is a full-service wedding venue that offers several indoor and outdoor spaces for you to host all of your wedding activities. 

The Wedding in the Woods site is a particularly popular option. It features a cozy forest setting that comes with log benches, a dreamy archway, and plenty of natural ambiance to enthrall your friends and family. 

After you exchange vows, you have to head inside the lodge or onsite barn for your reception. Both offer plenty of space for dining, dancing, and mingling.

Rentals include ceremony and reception spaces, a dressing room, and onsite accommodations. 

Price Range:  $1,000 – $7,000, depending on your wedding package. 

Capacity: Up to 180 guests. 

Find Carolina Country Weddings at Carolina Country Weddings or check out Facebook or Instagram

Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse – Atlanta, GA

If you’re on the hunt for a charming venue situated in the woods, then the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse is a great option.

As far as wedding venues go, this spot is the jack of all trades. It’s a treehouse venue that has stood for 80 years and boasts an eclectic mix of tropical scenery. Oh, and throw in a few alpacas and llamas into the mix just for fun!

Your wedding ceremony will take place on the floor of the forest, where a gorgeous bamboo structure flanks the ceremony space. As you exchange your vows, your guests will split their attention between you and free-wandering alpacas and llamas!

When it’s time for the reception, venture into the Bamboo Barn, an architectural emulsion of French and New York styles.

Plus, there’s plenty of space for all of the fun post-wedding activities. Of course, the actual treehouse, which is set aglow at night, is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. 

Price Range:  $1,500 – $5750.

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse at Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Granite Rose – Hampstead, NH

Granite Rose is a full-service wedding venue located in Hampstead, New Hampshire.

This garden site is nestled against a dense, majestic forest that gives the whole place a major fairytale vibe. Here, you can choose from two charming outdoor spots to host your wedding ceremony and reception. 

A top choice is the garden site, which features lush greenery, a wooden pergola, rustic stone walls, a fountain, and a gazebo. The other space is the lawn, which includes a wrought-iron pergola, gorgeous foliage, and stone accents. 

If the weather doesn’t hold up, you can head inside to the ballroom venue, which boasts curved glass walls, high ceilings, and crystal chandeliers. It’s the perfect place to host an elegant, charming wedding reception.

If you book this venue, your wedding package may include the ceremony and reception sites, a cocktail patio, spaces for wedding photos, and an onsite dressing room. 

Price Range: $495 – $4995. 

Capacity: Up to 400 guests. 

Find Granite Rose at Granite Rose or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Loma Vista Gardens – Monterey Country, CA

Loma Vista Gardens is an all-inclusive wedding venue that can accommodate small, intimate elopements, or large grand affairs. This beloved venue is located in the heart of Big Sur, a sprawling stretch of untouched coastline that features gorgeous mountain and forest views. 

You can start your day by taking wedding photos at several gorgeous natural landmarks, including meandering paths through towering oak trees, rolling hills, and flourishing gardens.

When it’s time to exchange vows, you and your guests can head to one of five ceremony spaces, tucked neatly behind soaring trees and accented with natural stone features.

A favorite spot is The Upper Terrace, a charming outdoor space with multiple elevations, wood decor, and lush greenery.

Although wedding packages vary, services can include exclusive use of the venue, a reception area, a dressing room, bistro lighting, cocktail bars, security services, and a site attendant. 

One special extra feature that Loma Vista Gardens offers is a nuptial yurt. It sits right in the middle of the forest and offers great views for your and your wedding party as you all get ready for your big moment. 

Price Range: $2,800 – $22,400, depending on your wedding package. 

Capacity: Up to 210 guests. 

Find Loma Vista Gardens at Loma Vista Gardens or check out Facebook or Instagram.

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