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If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Cleveland, Ohio, you are lucky because there are so many incredible options.

From slick, modern aesthetics to photojournalism at its most real to fine art photography that belongs in a museum, the range of photographic styles on offer is staggering.

With so many talented creatives, it can be hard to choose the perfect person to tell your love story. That’s why we created this list to help you find the best wedding photographer for your needs.

Read on to discover 18 amazing wedding photographers in Cleveland!

Emily Ruth Photography

Emily is an Ohio wedding and elopement photographer who creates visual memories that you can feel, not just see.

She believes that building a connection between the photographer and the couple is the most important part of the photographic experience.

In keeping with this goal, she puts effort into getting to know what brings you joy, the relationships between your friends and family, and all the things that make your love stand out.

Her wedding packages range from $2,500 to $3,500.

Find Emily Ruth Photography at Emily Ruth Photography or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Ace Images Photography LLC

Ang is the lead photographer at Ace Images Photography LLC, a boutique wedding and lifestyle photography studio that provides services throughout the Cleveland area.

Her mission is to document love in its purest, most authentic form through timeless images that are light and emotionally honest.

It is her mission to create wedding photos that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Whether you are planning a huge wedding with everyone and their cousin, or a small ceremony with your closest loved ones, Ang will be there to capture the next step in your love story.

Find Ace Images Photography LLC at Ace Images Photography LLC or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Marisa Lyon Photography

Marisa is the perfect wedding photographer for the carefree and adventurous at heart. If you love big and live in the moment, then you will love working with Marisa.

She’s the kind of photographer who seeks out heartfelt moments when you are laughing wildly or shedding happy tears.

Her images are full of movement and you can see how much fun each married couple had during their photographic experience.

Former clients feel grateful to Marisa for her support on the big day and for her creative shots that fully capture the emotional quality of the moment.

Her engagement and intimate ceremony packages start at $2,800 and wedding packages start at $4,000.

Swidrak & Co.

Based in Cleveland, but providing services in the most beautiful places across the country, David is the lead photographer at Swidrak & Co.

His focus is on adventure weddings and elopements as well as luxury nuptials documented through a modern lens. It is rare to find a photographer who specializes in both adventure and luxury weddings, but David is so talented he really can do both.

All of his images are refined with a hint of drama and raw emotions. However, his candid images capture unscripted moments so honestly that they will take your breath away.

Wedding packages start from $4,950.

Lamb Photography

Allie is the creative behind Lamb Photography, which is consistently rated one of the best choices for wedding photography in Cleveland.

Her mission is to freeze moments in time that bring you joy when you look at them later. To this end, she captures the full spectrum of emotions on your wedding day.

From getting your makeup done to the look on your husband’s face when you walk down the aisle, these are the special moments Allie lives for.

Her photography and editing style is everyday elegant – the kind of beauty that feels natural and belongs to you.

Wedding packages start from $3,750.

Kayla Ivey Studios

Based out of Akron, Kayla is a wedding and couples photographer who provides services throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Her goal is to preserve authentic moments of love and turn them into art. Her wedding images are true-to-color and emphasize the connections between people.

Former clients praise Kayla for her planning and preparedness. Not only will she come up with one backup plan; she’ll come up with two or three to guarantee your day remains stress-free.

Allison Hopkins Photography

Known throughout the Cleveland area for her warm, authentic style, Allison is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding and lifestyle imagery.

For couples who love color and hate the idea of receiving overexposed or washed-out images, Allison will deliver photos you love.

Her style is so vivid that all the flowers, sunsets, red lipsticks, and vibrant blues jump right off the page of your wedding album.

She is an especially great choice for outdoor weddings in the spring, summer, or fall when pops of color really matter.

Wedding packages begin at $3,800 and include her 10+ years of experience, a complimentary engagement photo session, high-resolution images, and a next-day sneak peek of the highlights. Her turnaround time for getting photos back to you is also impressive!

Beck Photo Co

Kristen is the woman behind the camera at Beck Photo Co.

She takes a documentarian approach to her wedding photography, telling your love story as it unfolds on your big day. Her style straddles the line between photojournalistic and something a little gentler.

She believes that every couple’s story is unique and that your wedding day is an expression of who you are as a couple. It is her mission to document things both big and small that make you stand out as a couple.

Love Star Wars? She’ll incorporate it. Huge book nerd? She can make it work.

Her wedding packages start from $3,500, but you are really investing in an experience.

3 Little Birds Photography, LLC

Candess is the woman behind the lens at 3 Little Birds Photography, which provides wedding photography services in Cleveland and beyond.

If you are looking for a photography and editing style that’s a little bit edgier than what’s usually on offer, you might fall in love with Candess’ portfolio.

She combines a photojournalistic approach with subtle posing and dark, moody editing that brings out skin tones and rich greens.

She’s a great choice for lovers of the non-traditional who wear their hearts on their sleeves and want a photographer who can capture their individuality.

8-hour wedding packages start from $2,950.

Richelle Lynne Photography

Richelle’s goal is to do more than capture special memories. She strives to create a photographic experience so amazing it becomes its own memory for you and your spouse.

She pays special attention to the in-between moments that could escape unnoticed and unremembered if not for her camera. Her style is bright and colorful with a focus on real feelings.

If you hate posing and are looking for a photographer who will put you completely at ease, Richelle is the right choice to tell your love story.

Wedding packages start from $1,900, including 6-hours of photography coverage, edited high-resolution images, an online gallery, and timeline planning.

Alevtina Photography

Alena and Don are the husband and wife team at Alevtina Photography, specializing in wedding, engagement, and family portrait photography.

Their style is crisp and clear with a focus on details and contrast in every image. They are the perfect choice for couples seeking affordable photography services at their weddings.

Former clients appreciate how well they recreated photos from Pinterest mood boards and their ability to come up with creative shots.

On average they provide 800-1000 images for each wedding package.

Tiffany Joy Photography

Tiffany is a multi-talented wedding, portrait, and interior photographer who is highly sought-after in Cleveland.

Her style is modern and she does beautiful work in urban settings, such as the courthouse, a renovated fire station, an industrial loft, or a brick-walled bar. Low light? No problem! However, her photos in natural settings are also stunning.

She has photographed over 300 weddings and has 15 years of experience to draw on, guaranteeing an incredible experience for you and your love.

Most couples book her between 12 and 18 months in advance, but there is a small chance she might have a last-minute booking available.

Jess Cart Photography

If you don’t value trends and seek authenticity above all else, you will love working with Jess. Posing is not her focus at all and instead, she will capture images that are joyous,  that are in the moment, and are full of movement.

Former clients appreciate how Jess puts time and effort into taking photos that truly reflect you as a couple. You will never reenact poses you saw on Instagram or smile stiffly at the camera.

She offers three packages with prices starting at $3,000, all of which include at least 6 hours of coverage, an online gallery, and a complimentary engagement session.

Carbonell Photography

If you are seeking an affordable and talented photographer in Cleveland, look no further than Chelsea.

Her micro wedding package starts at $1,200, which includes 4 hours of coverage. While her full wedding packages start from $2,500 and include 6 to 9 hours of photo coverage as well as 2 photographers.

You can expect to receive 400-600 edited images with 9 hours of shooting.

Chelsea employs a winningly light and earthy style that features lots of natural light. She’s a great choice for garden weddings or nuptials in outdoor settings.

Former clients like how she makes even the most uncomfortable people feel at ease during engagement photos.

Marina Claire Photography

Marina is a Cleveland-based wedding photographer who travels across the country and throughout Europe to document couples in love.

She describes her style as “candid yet chic for the nostalgic at heart” and you can clearly see the beauty of the timeless vibes in her portfolio.

Her images combine the delicate elegance of fine art photography with the raw emotions of photojournalism.

She does a great job of capturing unscripted moments and customizes her offerings based on the needs of each couple.

Balsam & Blush Photography

Kelly is the professional wedding photographer at Balsam & Blush, a boutique photography service that caters to luxury weddings in Cleveland and across Ohio.

Kelly’s style is light and rosy with a focus on softy romantic and sentimental moments. She offers a combination of crafted, posed photos, candid captures, tiny details, and big moments.

Wedding packages with Kelly start from $4,800. However, you can book a package with Balsam & Blush’s senior lead associate photographer starting from $3,800 or with the lead associate photographer starting from $3,000.

Amy Galon Photography

Amy is an award-winning photographer who specializes in weddings, family, newborn, and engagement sessions in Northeast Ohio.

Her priority is capturing your personality and relationship dynamic in a way that is natural with a taste of luxury and a bit of editorial edge.

While she is all about the smiles and the laughter, she also knows the value of a shot filled with drama.

Former clients love her customizable packages and flexibility from start to finish.

Full packages start from $4,595.

Twenty Two Photography Co

Ronnie and Sam are the husband and wife team who make the magic happen at twenty Two Photography Co, servicing Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh.

Their style ranges from bright and airy to warm and vibrant depending on the setting and the couple’s needs. However, they always bring a modern, clean aesthetic to their work.

If you are unsure if you want candid or posed photos, Ronnie and Sam are a great choice because they provide a combination of both plus all the in-between moments.

Their top priority is for you to enjoy your wedding day and you will never feel like you are on display for the cameras.

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