The 17 Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta, Georgia

Get ready to say “I do” in one of the most vibrant cities in the United States! In Atlanta, Georgia, your wedding day is sure to be highlighted by dazzling scenery, incredible food, and beautiful memories shared with your loved ones.

Life’s most precious moments are often gone in the blink of an eye, but a day this perfect should be remembered forever. The only way to preserve your wedding day for generations to come is by hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Your dream wedding photographer is not only talented but takes the time to understand your story and vision for the big day. If you want truly captivating wedding photos, you’ve got to partner with one of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Sydney Renee Photography

Known as a free spirit and hopeless romantic, Sydney Renee is ready to help take your special day to the next level. If you’ve planned the event of a lifetime, Sydney may be the perfect vendor to make your wedding day last forever.

Although Sydney is based in Thomasville, GA, she loves traveling throughout the U.S. to capture unique, colorful love stories. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a huge event, Sydney will craft a wedding album that truly honors your romance.

Find Sydney Renee Photography at Sydney Renee Photography or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Lunalee Photography

If you’re looking for a husband-and-wife duo that knows a thing or two about love, look no further than Lunalee Photography. With Christlyn and Erik, you can trust that your needs and expectations are their highest priority.

This Atlanta couple travels worldwide to honor couples in their dynamic celebrations of love. If you two want your wedding photos to feel like an adventure, these lovebirds are a perfect fit to capture your special day.

Morgan Hayes Photography

With praise from couples and industry professionals alike, Morgan Hayes is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Atlanta. Whether you’re a couple of locals or planning a destination wedding in ATL, Morgan is more than happy to bring your vision to life.

What started as a hobby for Morgan quickly grew into her greatest passion: connecting with couples and families to bring out their very best. Even in the simplest moments of your wedding day, Morgan will help you to see the beauty and joy in every second.

Jaimie Dee Photography

Another one of Atlanta’s dynamic duos, Jaimie Dee Photography is led by husband and wife team, Kyle and Jaimie. With these two by your side, you can trust that all the intimacy and romance of your wedding day will be preserved forever.

Kyle and Jaimie pride themselves on capturing real, candid moments during weddings, moving seamlessly throughout the event so that you can enjoy your big day. While you’re cutting a rug on the dance floor, they will be working tirelessly to celebrate your happiest memories.

Sarah Lessley

For a wedding photographer with a big heart and an even bigger imagination, you can’t go wrong with Sarah Lessley. This passionate artist is obsessed with creating wedding galleries that tell an authentic story.

Sarah believes in celebrating the little things, which means she will attend to every precious moment on your wedding day. From the detail shots to the last dance, she’ll be there to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Matthew Coleman Photography

Serving Atlanta and Athens, Matthew Coleman Photography will deliver some of the most stunning photos you have ever seen. For the last 6 years, Matthew has been striving to help lovestruck Atlanta couples tell their unique stories.

If you’re exchanging vows in North Georgia, Matthew Coleman is highly experienced and familiar with the area. If you need a seasoned wedding photographer to show you the most scenic photo spots in Georgia, Matthew is your guy.

Sarah Folsom Photography

With Sarah Folsom Photography, your wedding photos will be classic, romantic, and endlessly gorgeous. If you’re searching for a vendor who can capture raw emotions and special moments, Sarah Folsom is an absolute dream.

Sarah got into photography due to her heart for people and passion for storytelling. It’s this same passion and skill that she will bring to your wedding day, giving it her all to see your vision brought to life.

Danielle Brown Photography

In a city overflowing with raw talent and skill, Danielle Brown stands out for her ability to capture the heart and soul of your love story. For over 15 years, Danielle has been capturing some of the most beautiful events Atlanta has to offer.

If you’re interested in wedding videography as well, Danielle includes film packages in her extensive list of wedding services. Whatever you need on the big day, Danielle makes it her priority to honor your preferences and perspective above all else.

Jordan Grimes Photography

Jordan Grimes Photography delivers wedding photos with color, character, and undeniable charm. Partnering with Jordan means that your wedding gallery will be carefully crafted from images that look and feel like you.

Jordan believes that every photograph should act as a moment frozen in time, perfectly capturing the emotion and beauty of your special day. Whether she’s shooting engagement sessions, wedding days, or anniversary photos, Jordan will treat your most important moments with the honor they deserve.

Joey Wallace Photography

With a combination of classic elegance and candid intimacy, Joey Wallace Photography will bring something unique to your big day. With this talented team, you can tell your story in a way that celebrates your timeless romance.

For couples who love artistic wedding photography with emotion, Joey Wallace is one of the very best. When it comes to wedding and portrait photography, this creative professional is a breath of fresh air for Atlanta couples.

Celine Leina Photography

Although Celine Leina is based in Atlanta, she’s been all over the world capturing destination weddings, elopements, and spectacular celebrations of love. More than taking pretty pictures, this wedding photographer is committed to creating a work of art.

Whether you’re looking for a digital or film photographer, Celine is skilled in both methods. If you want a passionate professional who can capture all the coziness of your love story, we cannot recommend Celine enough!

George Street Photo & Video

George Street Photo & Video is an esteemed collective of wedding professionals for you to choose from on your big day. With vetted photographers all over the country, you should have no problem finding the perfect artist for your wedding day.

Since George Street’s wedding and portrait photographers are handpicked based on their qualifications, you can trust that you will be getting top-notch service. With one less thing to worry about, you can spend the day creating timeless memories with your loved ones.

Kendi Austinson Photography

With Kendi Austinson Photography, your wedding photography experience will be full of emotional moments and beautiful memories. Kendi provides timeless images for couples who want a wedding album that never goes out of style.

Whether you need someone to take your engagement photos or wedding portraits, Kendi loves capturing special moments for her clients. For couples who want a more personal touch, Kendi Austinson is the perfect photographer for you.

Mike Moon Studio

Mike Moon Studio is an incredible team of professionals who will stop at nothing to make your big day feel special. Whatever challenges you may face on your wedding day, you can trust that these photographers have got your back.

Although the studio is named after its previous owner, this beloved photography business is currently run by happy couple Joel and Nikki. With these two running the show, you can expect a wedding photography experience that makes your big day look like a work of art.

Hunter Hennes Photography

If you’ve been on the hunt for a fine art wedding photographer who can capture your wedding day in style, Hunter Hennes is your gal. Your special event will be full of joy, romance, and endless beauty, and Hunter will be there to preserve it all.

Hunter Hennes specializes in documenting candid moments in a way that feels natural and organic. Whether you’re camera-shy or ready for your close-up, this upbeat photographer will help you to look and feel your best.

Laura Stone Photo

Your Atlanta wedding will feel like a dream come true when captured by the phenomenal Laura Stone Photography. Laura is the perfect wedding photographer for couples who want a fully-personalized experience.

With a professional degree in photography, Laura has the credentials to back up her stellar portfolio of images. Even with all of her training and expertise, Laura is committed to honoring your vision on the big day.

Shannon Ford Photography

When it comes to capturing beautiful photos, this Atlanta-based wedding photographer will go above and beyond. With an artistic flair and a commitment to intentionality, Shannon will make you two feel like the most important people on earth.

For photos that show genuine emotion and joy, you will have peace of mind that Shannon will exceed your expectations. Whether she’s shooting portrait sessions or a romantic engagement, Shannon will capture the heart and soul of your love story.

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