18 Wedding Candelabra Centerpieces For An Elegant Decor Addition

You want to be the best-dressed bride at your wedding, but don’t forget about dressing up the tables at your reception. Beautiful centerpieces at the after-party can leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

 We’ve seen everything from homemade centerpieces using recycled wine bottles to expensive designer floral arrangements dressing up wedding tables. Here are some of our favorite candelabra centerpiece designs that add some class and style to every possible wedding theme.

 We hope you find something from this list that fits your wedding decor to a tee!

5-Arm Gold Plated and Glass Candelabra 

18" 5-Arm Gold Plated Taper Candle Holder

The cups fit various thickness candle, for thinner ones, use candle putty or other stuffing material to secure.

This 5-arm gold-plated and glass candelabra stands 18 inches high and features dangling “crystals” to add some extra interest and shine. The elegant candelabra holds taper candles, so keep the height in mind when planning your table around this classic style. 

Natural Driftwood Candelabra

Natural Driftwood Candelabra

Selected pieces of driftwood are repurposed to create this dramatic Driftwood Candelabra. 

Repurposed driftwood becomes a lovely 19-inch candelabra that holds five small pillar candles. If your wedding features lots of natural materials or is set in a typically rustic venue, this centerpiece would be perfect for you!

41″ 8 Arm Gold Cluster Candelabra Glass Shades

41" | 8 Arms Gold Cluster Candle Holder

Picturesque to perfection and statuesque in construction, this Cylinder Cluster Candle Holder combines contemporary appeal with minimalist design.

This 8 arm gold cluster candelabra measures 41″ tall. The gold tone and varying heights add drama to any wedding table decor. 

3 Arm Acrylic Crystal Bead Candelabra

Gold Crystal Beaded Candle Holders

The bowl holder of the candle holder is large enough and it has some very decent weight to it. 

For some extra sparkle on your special day, a classic three-arm candelabra with rounded candleholders ringed in crystals and beads fits the bill. The unique shape and sparkle of this centerpiece will definitely grab your guests’ attention.  

Handmade Heavy Duty Cast Iron Candelabra

Handcrafted Vintage Candelabra

Material: heavy-duty cast iron; painted in antique black brown color, absolutely a gorgeous item, very solid and durable, can be last for many many years.

This handmade heavy-duty cast-iron candelabra stands 16.7 inches tall and looks like it’s made for lighting up the dark (and scary) hallways of a gothic mansion. A centerpiece like this is ideal for a wedding that features lots of lace, ruffles, and rich textures. 

3-Arm Crystal Candelabra

3-Arm Crystal Candelabra

Elegant crystal sparkling candelabra makes a perfect centerpiece in home or for wedding etc events.

This crystal three-armed candelabra with drop crystals stands 17 inches tall and holds three pillar candles above classic scrolls and curves.

Crystals hang from the arms to add more sparkle and detail.  Once the wedding’s over, it’ll be perfectly in a fancy dining room or a shabby chic lounge area.

10 Arm Crystal Glass Candelabra

Use your choice of pillar or taper candles with gorgeous  10 Arm Crystal Glass Candelabra with Hurricane Glass Tubes.

The mirrored base reflects the crystal glass shades, or you can add wedding flowers to tie the overall look and feel of your wedding together. 

Take note though, with the glass hurricane shades, you can use real candles. However, if you choose acrylic shades, it’s only safe to use flameless LED candles. 

Round & Tall LED Candelabra

8 Arms Candelabra

Christmas decor. it's made by high-quality metal material .luxury and stylish.

The shiny metal and acrylic of this candelabra are a must-have for any bride wanting an industrial-chic look at her wedding. The unique shape and eight arms hold flameless candles 38″ in the air, and will leave your guests absolutely stunned.

Wrought Iron Low Arch Pillar Candelabra

Candelabra Wrought Iron Fireplace Insert

Room for 4 pillar candles (not included) on this black metal holder fireplace insert centerpiece wedding table decor.

If you want a low centerpiece, why not consider this wrought iron low arch candelabra that holds four pillar candles. The pre-2000 vintage wrought iron piece is elegant but won’t detract from the beauty of candlelight or your other decor. 

Driftwood Holder for Pillar Candles

Driftwood Candelabra Centerpiece

Handcrafted with driftwood picked from the Greek shores of the Aegean sea, a sea arm of the Mediterranean.

A natural driftwood candelabra holds three pillar candles to become a showstopper at a country or rustic venue.

Vintage Brass Patina Candelabra

Brass Candelabra

This heavy brass candelabra shows two lion figures etched in brass with three candle holders.

Two lions meet in this unique three-candle holder made from vintage brass patina. Absolutely gorgeous and a real conversation starter!

7 Arms of Elegant Gold

Vintage Gold Candelabra Pair

An outstanding pair of heavy vintage 7 arm gold candelabras, both in excellent vintage condition.

This pair of gold-toned 7 arm candelabras are 14.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide to add an undeniable elegance to a traditional wedding table. 

Branch Candelabra

Branch Candleholder or Floral Accessory

Gorgeous Brass-colored Decor Accessory - use for votive holder and/or floral arrangements. 

A unique branch-shaped candelabra holds four candles and looks like old brass with patina without the costly price tag of an antique piece.

5 Arm Metal Candelabra

5-Candle Metal Candelabra

Metal candelabra Designed for 5 lights,10.6inch Tall Candle Holder

Almost looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it? This 5 arm candelabra has a matte chocolate finish to it. While the stunning swirls can hold five pillar candles in this 10.24-inch high iron candelabra. 

Copper Pipe Industrial Candelabra

Copper Pipe Industrial Candelabra

Candle Holder Steampunk Wedding Centerpiece.

If you’re going for a steampunk or industrial-styled wedding, then you’ll definitely want these unique candelabras on your tables. Repurposed copper pipes make up this rectangular four-candle centerpiece.

Beauty and the Beast Themed Candelabra

Beauty and the Beast Themed Candelabra

The set is based on the original story of Beauty and the Beast.

This candelabra set provides the finishing touch to your fairy tale wedding.

Themed for the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast,” the package includes a domed rose and an optional clock. As part of the set, there is also a teapot and as well as a sign that reads  “Be Our Guest”. 

Cracked Glass Bowl Candelabra

You can place three taper candles in this vintage gold-toned candelabra that features a cracked glass bowl. It’s also perfect for an arrangement of flowers, party favors, or just as it is.

Tree Limb Branch Bark Twig Candelabra

Tree Limb Branch Bark Twig Candelabra

Solid Polished Aluminum with aged twig areas.

Give your wedding table a unique touch with this solid aluminum design that looks like a branch or limb of a tree. The handmade piece has an antique finish and candleholders look like they’re sprouting right from the top. 

Stick to Your Wedding Theme

If your wedding is a modern affair with lots of shiny glass and metal, any centerpiece with those elements will work. If your wedding is traditional, look for classic shapes and materials for centerpieces. 

 Wooden candelabras look great with traditional or rustic decor but will clash with modern decorations. If your wedding theme is eclectic with a mix of styles, of course, you can go wild and choose whatever you want!

Consider the Height, Span, and Placement

Wedding candelabras on a long table with food can be large and tall without issues. However, think about the people at a round table trying to talk to each other before deciding on a centerpiece. 

 Wide and tall centerpieces can get in the way and stop people from seeing anyone sitting across from them. You don’t want to limit conversation that way. 

 Think about whether anyone needs to see over the centerpiece, and keep the tall options for non-seating tables. 

Use Color

Metal shades, whether modern shiny surfaces or vintage, are a safe bet for wedding centerpieces. However, don’t be afraid of white, wood tones, or candleholders in your wedding colors. 

 If your colors are white and peach, for instance, candelabra centerpieces in both colors placed on reception tables can create a beautiful look. You can also add flowers, ribbons, or crystal gems around the base of metal candle holders for an extra splash of color.

Mix and Match

If you need more than one candelabra, it can be hard to find exact matches, especially if your favorite is a vintage piece. Fortunately, you don’t have to have the same centerpiece on every table. 

Choose candleholders that have enough similarities that they look good together. Candelabras with similar shapes, sizes, styles, or colors will complement each other and look like a set. 

 If your favorite is a vintage brass Victorian style, for instance, pick another Victorian holder in a similar shade. If you need several, it’s not a problem if they’re all different, as long as they have similar elements.

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