16 Pawsome Wedding Cake Toppers With Dogs!

Weddings may be one of the most conventional traditions that people participate in, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow all the rules!

Nowadays, people are customizing their weddings on a whole new level, determined to tailor every aspect of this traditional life event for a truly unique and personal affair.

Take the cake, for example, a typical wedding custom right? But it’s really a tradition that’s begging to be customized! And we don’t mean subtle personal touches, no, we mean including your fur-baby on top of the cake!

Yep! Pet cake toppers have kind of become a thing, and as far as cute wedding ideas go, it really takes the cake! 

So if you have a dog you love as a furry family member, take a look at some sweet and fun wedding cake toppers that include your pooch…

Classic Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper With Dog

If you you decide to decorate ycake with a designer and high-quality topper, contact us with your requests - we are ready to create something special just for you.

It may be a classic silhouette of the bride and groom but the excitable dog of this cake topper adds a wonderful touch of humor. 

Art Deco Leaves Silhouette Dog Cake Topper

Kissing Bride and Groom with Cat and Dog

Best Wishes!Best wedding Engagement party decorations gifts for cat and dog lovers.

This fairy tale cake topper, complete with a dog on either side of the married couple, is sure to have an enchanting effect on any wedding cake.

The circle gives an Art Deco feel, while the leaves climbing up the side exude romance.

Cursive Cake Topper with Paw Print

Dog Lover Cake Topper

This is your cake topper! Have just one? Let us know and you can buy the singular cake topper version.

When you’re married, you become a family – and that family includes your dog(s).

We think the cursive lettering on this wedding cake topper is whimsical and fun, while the paw print is a really cute addition.

Realistic Clay Cake Topper with Dog

Personalized Cake Toppers for Wedding

We 100% handmade your cake toppers with the finest polymer clay, ensure top- level likeness, nature and brighter color that can last forever. 

If you’re sold on including your dog, why not make them as realistic as possible and have a figurine of them made from a photo?

Figurine couple cake toppers are as custom as it gets, well, because they look just like you! Showcase your dog’s beauty through detail, too!

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

Rustic Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper

Our products are made from high quality, cast acrylic, & quality sourced wood, they make the perfect keepsake/memento that will last for years to come.

If you and your significant other are the outdoorsy types, then this topper could be perfect for you. 

You can choose to add a dog silhouette, a silhouette of a child, or both.

Our favorite detail on this option is the little heart with the couple’s initials on the tree trunk. 

Paper Dog Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding cake topper with Two Dog

Materials: Acrylic, Wood, Glitter, Paint.

Customized to the likeness of your dog, these paper cake toppers are just adorable!

They’d be perfect for a simpler wedding cake, or effective situated under the banner cake topper sold separately. 

Couples Cake Topper with Dog

Dog Wedding Cake Topper With Dog

This silhouette is completely unique. Completely handmade.

Maybe you’ve decided to take your significant other’s last name, or they’re taking yours. Inform your guests of your new title by including it on the cake…next to your dog. 

 We love that this item really displays the idea of the dog as part of the family unit. 

You, Me, And The Dog Cake Topper

You Me & Our Dog Cat Custom Cake Topper

Laser cut from locally sourced Birch wood or MDF, each cake topper will be shipped with an FDA approved wax seal on the picks that you can insert into the cake.

It doesn’t get more personal than including your dog’s name on the cake now, does it?

A unique and adorable idea, this birch cake topper really celebrates the love for your furry family member!

Wood Cake Topper with Tree and Dog

Wedding Cake Topper Couple With Dog

Wedding cake topper with dog is made from sturdiest birch plywood that is food safe.

This custom wood cake topper is a laser cut-out of a tree leaning over an embracing couple, with who is right by their side? An excitable canine of course!

This option would be perfect for a woodland or rustic wedding and would look great framed afterward. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cake Topper with Dog

Custom Dog Cake Topper

You can customize the dog and date in your dog wedding cake topper just choose number of dog from dog list with 63 dog's breed.

This adorable “Mr. and Mrs.” cake topper gives your dog a special job to do…

The little dog silhouette stands between the bride and groom, holding a heart with your wedding date on it, how pawsome is that!

Mountain Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

Mountain Wedding Cake Topper

If you you decide to decorate ycake with a designer and high-quality topper, contact us with your requests - we are ready to create something special just for you.

If you’re a native of a mountainous area, or you simply love the mountains, a topper like this one may be perfect for you!

We love the outline of the mountains behind the couple, and the pine trees that frame them and their precious dog.

Dogs Holding Heart Cake Topper

Golden Retrievers Wedding Cake Topper With Dog

Golden retrievers wedding cake topper with dog,custom labrador retriever heart cake topper,golden retriever dog wedding heart topper made of high quality birch plywood or acrylic.

Forget putting you and your fiancé on top of the cake entirely, and make it all about the dogs!

Two dogs hold up a large heart with the couple’s name and wedding date inside it; perfect for including your pups in your big day!

Modern Silhouette Cake Topper with Dogs

Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

You may choose from the dog silhouette options 1 through 48 for the dogs.

A beautiful choice for the modern couple; this uncomplicated silhouette cake topper can include a silhouette of your dog to be positioned wherever you’d like.

Bride and Groom Walking Dogs Cake Topper

Dog Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom

This silhouette is completely unique. Completely handmade. 

This cake topper could be perfect for a couple who met via their dogs – especially if they met while walking their dogs!

Though the bride and groom are separated in this item, we love how it looks like the dogs are kissing for them.

Pirate Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

Pirate Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

Topper is lightweight so it will not sink into your cake, yet sturdy, the perfect combination.

Shiver me timbers, this piece is not for the faint of heart!

Feature your love of pirates and your dog with one cake topper. We especially love that there are 48 different dogs and poses to choose from! 

Celestial Moon and Dog Cake Topper

Golden Retriever Cake Topper

You can customize the date and dog breed in your Moon wedding cake topper.

Is your significant other everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Maybe you think they hung the moon!

This moon and dog cake topper is a romantic and whimsical choice, sure to look beautiful on any wedding cake.

Note you can customize the dog breed.

Tips for Choosing a Cake Topper with a Dog:

Should you have a dog cake topper on your wedding cake?

The short answer is yes! There are so many reasons to feature your favorite fluffy friend atop your wedding cake…

Firstly, they’re your family member, so why not include them?

Next, you and your significant other may each individually have a dog. Consider that your marriage is also a union of your dog babies; one big happy blended furry family.

Plus, dog cake toppers are also a unique way to memorialize your dog in its prime; it’s a special way to remember them forever.

Where can you purchase a wedding cake topper with a dog?

The very existence of the internet means you can purchase custom cake toppers practically anywhere.

However, our favorite platform is Etsy. This site features a plethora of small businesses that advertise and sell custom dog cake toppers. 

What do you do with your dog cake topper after the wedding?

One of the best things about wedding cake toppers is that most of the time, you can save them.

There are so many things you can do with your cake topper after your wedding! You can simply treasure it as a beautiful memory of a wonderful day, or you can even display it as a piece of art in your home. 

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