14 Vintage Wedding Rings For A Classic & Timeless Look

Are you shopping for wedding rings? First off, congratulations! This is a huge step, and we hope you’re feeling super excited. 

Secondly, with thousands of different styles, stones, cuts, and price points to choose from, we know that finding a wedding ring you like can be a challenge—especially if what you’ve sampled at the jewelry stores at the mall just doesn’t feel quite right. 

Maybe you prefer a more classic style that’s timeless, or perhaps you like the idea of the love story behind a ring that’s been around for a while. 

Whatever your motives, a vintage wedding ring may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

We’ve compiled a list of gorgeous vintage wedding rings to help you figure out what you like and what you don’t before you start dropping those hints to your hubby-to-be! 

Vintage Platinum 5-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 

We love this five-stone platinum engagement ring from the 1950s. The round center diamond is framed by four single-cut diamonds, which makes it stand out. The entire ring has a classic feel, perfect for the vintage bride. 

Vintage Diamond Ring 

This Vintage Diamond Ring circa 1940s is what engagement dreams are made of. The two-tone ring features a yellow gold setting with a white gold top. The .03-carat diamond takes center stage, while the decorative milgrain design creates a timeless piece of jewelry you’ll fall in love with over and over again. 

Vintage 14k White Gold Wedding Ring Set

Brides who appreciated the fun and funkiness of the 1960s will fall head over heels in love with this beautiful engagement and wedding ring combo. The curved band on this wedding ring set makes for a unique design, while the sparkling diamond accents and circular setting give it a mid-century elegance that is both nostalgic and timeless. 

Classic Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring   

If you’re looking for a vintage wedding ring with beauty and sparkle that’ll never go out of style, then this classic gold and diamond ring is for you. We love the round solitaire diamond and its unique, heart-shaped setting. The three smaller round diamonds that flank it on either side add to the overall traditional look. 

Sapphire Baguette Vintage Art Deco Ring

We’re a little obsessed with this gorgeous Sapphire Baguette Vintage Art Deco Ring, reminiscent of the ring made famous by Princess Diana in the 80s. It features a large blue sapphire beautifully surrounded by a halo of diamonds. For added sparkle (as who doesn’t love that?), there are three diamonds on either side set into the band. It’s perfect for the bride-to-be with an impeccable sense of style. 

14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Set

Calling all bold brides with a love for all things out of the ordinary! This 14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Set is the ring for you! With its lovely curved white gold band and tilted emerald cut diamond, this vintage wedding ring is truly unique. 

Floral Zircon Ring 

Nature-loving brides with a playful side will look stunning with this colorless Zircon floral ring on their finger. The gold band has large oblong openings on either side of the flower-shaped setting for a fresh and funky take on the traditional diamond ring. 

Yellow Gold Tourmaline Solitaire Ring

For a slightly more contemporary vintage ring, we love this yellow-gold engagement ring with an exquisite pear-shaped tourmaline in a 3-prong setting. The stone is a gorgeous light turquoise color, which is perfect for brides who prefer something a little different to the traditional diamond wedding ring. It also has a unique band that accentuates the curves of the stone. 

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

This stylish Art Deco engagement ring takes us right back to the days of the fun-loving, free-spirited flappers. There’s so much to love about this ring… like the round, solitaire diamond encased in the typical Art Deco geometric setting, and the clean, intricate lines and patterned details in the band that give it the glamorous edge the era was known for. This vintage wedding ring is dramatic without being garish and would look great on any sophisticated bride who loves fun and romance. 

Braided Cubic Zirconia Ring

If you have your own unique style and love showing it off, then this braided cubic zirconia ring may be exactly what you’re looking for! The braided yellow-gold on this ring not only looks beautiful but is also the perfect symbol of the true meaning of marriage – the entwining of two lives or families. We also love the multiple stones and how they are laid out as though they were woven into the braid. 

Simplistic Double Decker Wedding Ring

This simple wedding ring features two soldered-together gold bands, each with a solitary diamond. This gives the ring a unique shape and beautiful dimension. We can’t get enough of the way the diamonds are stacked on top of one another, as well as the brushed detail set down the sides of each band. 

Minimalist Diamond Cluster Ring

Vintage doesn’t have to mean gaudy or detailed. Brides that like a more minimalist style will definitely appreciate this diamond cluster ring, with its plain gold band and small, delicately arranged diamonds. The six diamonds surrounding the center diamond create a delicate flower shape, which gives it a feminine look. Quite simply, it’s a beautiful, no-fuss ring. 

Patterned Stacking Band 

If gemstones aren’t your thing, or if you’re simply on the hunt for a wedding band to accompany your engagement ring, a ring like this elegant patterned stacking band from the 70s will be perfect for you. We like how the beveled edge gives this white and yellow-gold ring some dimension, while the carved floral details that surround the ring give it a more delicate look.

Pearl Solitaire Ring

Pearls are not only stunning gemstones; they are said to symbolize loyalty, generosity, and purity. They’re also popular pieces of jewelry at weddings around the world. The filigree detail on the wide gold band gives this pearl ring a romantic touch that we adore. 

How to Choose the Right Vintage Wedding Ring

Vintage wedding rings are beautiful works of art that symbolize your unending commitment to your partner. But how do you choose the right one? 

Determine Stone Preference 

The perfect wedding ring has to be something you love. Ideally, it should reflect your style and have elements that you enjoy. After all, you’re going to wear it every day for the rest of your life! 

When choosing a vintage wedding ring, figure out what kind of stone fits best with your style preferences. You don’t have to relegate yourself to only diamonds if that’s not what you like. Vintage wedding rings are made with a variety of stones, including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. 

Know Your Ring Style

Stone preference is important, but so is the overall style of your ring. Vintage ring styles can vary depending on the period they were designed in, for example, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, or Georgian.

These different styles can include delicate floral or geometric designs in the band or setting, as well as specific metals or colors. Knowing what style of ring you want ahead of time will help you narrow down your choices. 

Make Sure to Pick the Correct Ring Size 

Before you pick out a vintage wedding ring, it’s best to know your correct ring size. If you’re not sure, you can easily find out at home by taking a piece of string, wrapping it around your ring finger, and marking where the two pieces overlap. Then, measure the length of the string in millimeters and compare it to a ring size chart. 

Another way to measure your ring size is with a size chart. Simply print it off, and place one of your rings (that fit) on the corresponding circle. 

Of course, most rings can be resized up or down two sizes without too much trouble. But if the ring needs to be resized more than that, there’s a chance it’ll be damaged or weakened in the process.

Pick a Budget… and Stick to It

Engagement rings, depending on what you’re wanting, can be on the more expensive side. Before you fall in love with a vintage wedding ring that’s out of your budget, we recommend deciding on how much you’re able to spend… and stick to that amount.

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