25 Perfect Vintage Wedding Invitations

Are you a sucker for movie musicals like Grease or Dirty Dancing?

Maybe you’ve heard records on a turntable by Nat, Sammy, Frank, Tony, or Dean, and you love listening to vinyl as you look through your granny’s black and white wedding album.

Good for you. You’ve got a vintage streak, baby!

They say “everything old is new again” for a reason, and we know that includes wedding invitations. So, we threw on our love detective hat (okay, an 80s Sherlock Holmes costume) and uncovered 25 of the best vintage wedding invitations just for you. Enjoy!

70s Retro Wedding Invitation

Copper Invitation Template with Printable Belly Band

Retro wedding invitation templates for DIY-ing your own pocket style set!

We know it’s kinda weird to kick off our vintage invitation selections with this 21st-century digital download, but it goes to show you how easy you can DIY a vintage look with an affordable template.

These retro pocket invites are a gorgeous burnt orange like a California movie poster from the 70s! So if you’re a boho beach couple, this is a timeless look that still manages to be uniquely you.

Something Blue Vintage Letterpress Invitation

Letterpress Invitations Something Blue

Perfect for a minimal and sophisticated shades of blue color palette, each invitation is beautifully hand pressed onto fluffy 100% cotton paper! You choose the matte ink color for your each of your cards no need for all the items to be printed with the same color. 

Before continuing any further, we wondered about the difference between vintage and antique.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “antique” is something arty or decorative from the past, which is apparently at least a hundred years ago. Splendid.

As for “vintage,” that’s a specific time when an item is produced (like a 1970s movie or a 1950s drive-in). It also refers to the best qualities of a particular era. Cool!

So how vintage do hand-pressed Liberty Blue matte ink invites sound? How about when they’re printed on luxurious paper that’s 100% cotton?

If you say extremely vintage, we agree.

We also appreciate that there’s one ink color used (you do have other color choices), and the design layout is joyfully elegant.

Letterpress Invite with Vintage Monogram

Letterpress Wedding Invitation Set With Vintage Monogram

This monogram letterpress wedding invitation speaks to delightfully classic couples who want to set the stage for their big day.

Here’s another Letterpress invitation example that is stunning in its simplicity.

“Letterpress” means that invites are handmade, in this case, with an antique press machine using Lettra card stock, and a very vintage-looking monogram as an impressive accent.

Elegant Invites on Heidelberg Printing Press

Arnone Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our elegant letterpress wedding invitations are printed on our vintage Heidelberg printing press. Each classic wedding invitation design is impressed into tree free 100% cotton cover stock leaving an classic embossed texture. Perfect for your formal wedding.

Yet another extra-special invitation for your consideration, printed on an antique press using 100% cotton cardstock.

We can’t get enough of the font samples shown here, everything from chic, handwritten-looking calligraphy styles to big-block fonts like something out of a 19th-century newspaper.

These formal wedding invites have an embossed texture, with the fonts raised delicately off of the card stock. The overall effect of this invitation is gorgeous refinement.

Vintage Wedding Invitation with Rustic Elegance

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitation Set

Rustic Vintage Elegant wedding invitation with lace and twine! This beautiful 5x7 design is printed on smooth ivory cover stock then matted to a kraft backer and features a wide ivory lace wrap secured with twine.

The Wild West might be long-lost to history, but these unforgettable wedding invitations are like a combination of outlaw romance, rustic elegance, and modern fun!

You’ll appreciate the care taken with these handmade invitations. The black ink print on ivory card stock brings this look home, and we adore the lacy belly wrap secured with twine. 

Digital Template for a DIY Mid-Century Invitation

Retro Wedding Invitation Template Set

Retro Wedding Invitation Template Set, Editable Modern Wedding Invite Suite Template, Groovy Modern, Orange Terracotta

We love these mid-century invitation downloads, including RSVP cards and matching envelopes.

It’s so vintage yet somehow modern—we think Midge Maisel would adore this template!

Vintage Wedding Invitations for a Hip Boho Couple

Boho Retro Wedding Invitation Set

This retro wedding invitation set is suitable for retro, 70s, 60s, vintage, mid-century wedding, hippie wedding, eclectic wedding, gypsy wedding, rustic wedding, barn wedding, boho wedding, desert wedding, backyard, garden, outdoor wedding, and many more.

This invitation’s font style and layout are pure 70s, but yet again, you get an easy digital download that’s a pleasure to edit for your 21st-century wedding theme.

While the black on white example is a beauty, we think it would be a kick to go hip by changing the font to burnt orange and the cardstock to sage green! You’ve got an invite to have fun with us here.

Disco Party Invitation Download

70s Retro Wedding Invite

Perfect for a 70s theme bachelorette party with a peach, orange, and gold color scheme. Just edit, download and print. It's super easy and fast. 

This invite makes us imagine 70s disco dancing, bubblegum popping, and drinking milkshakes at that drive-in restaurant where they serve you on roller skates!

It’s another fun and easy digital download, and it is suggested that you play with the color scheme until you’re satisfied that it meets your wedding “vibe.” This fantastic invitation is such a hoot!

Vintage “Getting Hitched” Invitation

Retro Disco Neon Wedding Invitation Suite

The invitation template is easy to edit and customize to fit your personal style.

Are you a boho couple with an offbeat 70s sense of humor? Do you want the phrase “getting hitched” to feature prominently on your wedding invitations? One last question… if you answered yes to both of those questions, can we please come to your wedding?

We can’t say enough good things about a digital download like this. They even show you a quick video on how easy it is to edit this template with your chosen color scheme and print your vintage-70s invite in the comfort of home.

Antique Style Victorian Invitation Suite

Monogram Wedding Invitation Template

All texts are editable, including their size, color, and spacing. Most graphics can be resized and repositioned. Some graphics may be locked in position for a smoother editing experience. 

Let’s switch gears and turn to another fabulous time, the over-the-top, extravagant Victorian era!

This digital download looks terribly expensive (that’s a good thing) at a ridiculously affordable price (good things should come in twos).

Our only word of caution: this template must get edited on a laptop or desktop computer.

Vintage Calligraphy Invitation to Make Your Own

Elegant Calligraphy Monogram Invitation Suite

This listing is for a gorgeous Wedding Invitation Suite - includes Invitation, RSVP and Information Card.

We picture this elegant invitation suite downloaded and printed in a vintage-sepia tone with your engagement photo on the insert!

That’s the beauty of modern wedding invites, especially digital templates—you get the nod to the past in the layout, with a gorgeous monogram of your initials. But, of course, you can also add whatever details you wish to your stunning wedding invitation.

Formal Vintage Wedding Invitations

Traditional Formal Wedding Invitations Simple and Elegant

This classic and traditional wedding invitation will perfect for your sophisticated wedding. Your invitation suite is ready to be customized and printed on modern extra thick card stock for a wedding invite your guests will remember.

If you’re digitally unsavvy, a downloadable template might make you feel a bit nervous.

When it comes to these formal wedding invitations, you work with the print house to customize them, and your invitations get printed on the best card stock.

In other words, you have someone in your corner, taking care of the little details to ensure your wedding invitations are spectacular.

That kind of quality sounds vintage in the best way.

Go Way Back with Baroque Wedding Invitation Template

Baroque Wedding Invitation Template

This Baroque Wedding Invitation Set is an INSTANT DOWNLOADABLE and FULLY EDITABLE TEMPLATE. Perfect for a vintage wedding with a blue and white color scheme. 

The Baroque period in Western art and culture happened during the 17th century (so, way back). Baroque style is grand, sensual, and dramatic, and you can see all of that reflected on this digital invitation download.

This selection is a template for history lovers who appreciate a bit of drama in the details. Your invites are easy to personalize, and the layout of this set still manages to be warm and modern.

19th Century Victorian Style Invitation Download

Didot Victorian Style Vintage Wedding Invitation Suite

Share your big news with family and friends with this professional-looking Wedding Invitation suite. 

This selection was created as a digital download with fonts resembling genuine Victoria-era typography. It includes templates for a complete invitation suite, and it’s so unique and historic-looking!

Earth Tone Wedding Invitation Suite

Earth Tone Vellum Wedding Invitation Suite

This beautiful, neutral, earth tone floral wedding invitation will excite your guests about your upcoming wedding! This invitation features an earthy palette of tans, rich greens and golds with neutral flowers and greenery. 

Newsflash: we have discovered “vintage modern,” and this printed invitation suite is a perfect example of it!

We adore the understated elegance of the floral accents on the invitation card. The layout is an impressive mix of vintage and modern fonts with earthy neutrals and gold accents that everyone can appreciate.

Check out our following selection that goes with this gorgeous invitation.

Earth Tone Wedding Wrap with Wax Seal

Earth Tone Vellum Wrap and Wax Seal

This listing is to be purchased as an add on to our Kadence Wedding Invitation Suite. 

It’s your wedding day. Do you want to take it up a notch?

We’re glad you said yes!

This stunning wedding wrap encloses the earth-tone wedding invitation suite, and its elegant, modern look is accented beautifully with a vintage wax seal.

If you’re a vintage-modern couple, this wrap totally completes your wedding invitation look.

Gold Foil Wedding Invite Is Vintage Chic

Vintage and Chic Gold Foil Wedding Invitation Suite

Vintage and chic flowers surround the delicate Isla and Austin wedding invitation. Printed in gold foil, this invite becomes a truly stunning invitation suite. Mix and match the colors to create the perfect vibe for your outdoor celebration.

5×7 inch wedding invitations printed in charcoal ink with gold foil accents were popular in the 90s and early aughts.

This “vintage chic” invitation suite is customized for you and uses various printing methods, papers, and inks to create your dream wedding stationery.

Another detail to highlight here is the pretty envelopes with a watercolor-inspired liner!

Genevieve Wedding Invitation Suite with Spectacular Detail

Genevieve Wedding Invitation Suite with Spectacular Detail

These wedding invitations are perfect for an elegant wedding, luxury venue event, or a classic elopement ceremony. 

Here’s another customized invitation suite with blue-blooded sophistication and some beautiful upgrades to mention, such as the personalized belly band.

We’re particularly excited about the statement envelope liner available with these upgraded invites.

It’s the extra-special details that create amazing wedding invitations.

Victorian Rose Themed Wedding Invitation

Victorian Rose Wedding Invitation

If you would like a Thank You card, Poster board, or Chalkboard to match an Invitation, please let us know and we will create a custom listing for you to match that digital Invitation.

This selection looks like a printed and customized vintage wedding invitation, but it’s another digital download.

The delightful layout is like a fancy Victorian advert in a centuries-old magazine. Try to work with the best print shop and select cardstock to imitate its bygone-era design, and this sweet invitation will impress.

Floral Wedding Invite Is Vintage Traditional

Traditional Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

Your wedding is classic, formal and elegant and full of flowers. These printed wedding invitations will be the perfect compliment to your wedding day and are ready for your custom design.

We generally go ga-ga over sweeping calligraphy on a vintage-inspired invitation, but sometimes we want our fonts sweet, clear, and straightforward.

If you need a simple layout, this invite is customized and printed with a clean look that ticks that crucial box. The pretty florals are all the traditional accents you need. This wedding stationery is just plain lovely.

Your Names in the Skyline Wedding Invitation

Customizable City Skyline Letterpress Wedding Invitation

The perfect way to invite your friends & family to your big day. This suite can be customized with your names and wedding info (along with your own city skyline!), and letterpress printed in whatever ink color(s) you prefer. 

It’s always fun putting super-duper-cool invites near the end of our lists.

This invitation isn’t typical vintage (and your granny might love it or hate it!), but this letterpress printed stationery has vintage fonts and images like a Victorian-age comic book.

Do you want an unbelievable wedding invitation with your names in the sky over the city of your choice? Go for this!

Wedding Invitation on Vintage Glow Cardstock

Vintage Wedding Invitation Suite

The delicate frame and design details are highlighted by your choice between two vintage paper background colors in our Greta Wedding Invitations. 

Science fact: paper cut from trees contains lignin, and as it is exposed to air and light, the lignin turns yellowy. That’s why old newspapers and books have that warm golden glow.

The beauty of these handmade invites is the vintage-glow cardstock color. You have a rainbow of choices with the digital ink, but we think the wine color looks fantastic!

French Vintage Wedding Invitation 

Elegant and Romantic French Vintage Wedding Invitation

Choose from either the digital files to print yourself or printed invitations. We customize your files for you for both the digital and printed versions.

Here’s another choice of vintage golden cardstock and a swirling design inspired by the old French court.

While this traditional invitation suite is customized for you, there is also the convenience of having your invitations printed or receiving a digital file to print yourself, whatever suits your budget.

Cool Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Suite

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Suite

With a chalkboard background and simple -classic- design details, our Tarryn Wedding Invitations are as stylish as they are trendy. 

These simply stylish invites are handmade with a chalkboard playbill design. While this selection is described as modern and trendy, we think they have a cool vintage vibe too!

Vintage Black Lace Invitation

Black Lace Wedding Invitation vintage Lace

Printable wedding invitation template "Vintage Lace" with black lace. DIY editable wedding invite, perfect for elegant rustic weddings and other special events.

This instant download is the perfect compromise between unfussy invitation details and vintage black lace accents for a touch of drama.

Your template is for the invitation, but coordinating items are available. The template is also laid out for single printing if you have a print shop to do the job, or a “save paper” option that’s so convenient.

Another fun thing to note is some digital templates like this are also suitable for other occasions, so you can continue the theme when you’re planning for other events in your life!

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