12 Best Van Morrison Wedding Songs To Make Your Playlist Stand Out

If you’re looking to play any of Van Morrison’s songs at your wedding, you’ve got some fantastic options. The Irish singer, songwriter, and two-time Grammy winner has a slew of touching ballads that seem to have been written to be top contenders for a couple’s wedding playlist.

Plus, his lyrics invoke stunning imagery that elevates his music from simple love songs to something spiritual and absolutely timeless.

Still interested? Great! With over 30 studio albums and hundreds of writing credits, you might find it a bit difficult to choose which songs to consider for your big day. But lucky for you, we’ve listed our favorite Van Morrison wedding songs below!

van morrison wedding songs

“Brown-Eyed Girl”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“And whatever happened/To Tuesday and so slow?/Going down the old mine with a/Transistor radio/Standing in the sunlight laughing/Hiding ‘hind a rainbow’s wall/Slipping and sliding/All along the waterfall with you”

“Brown-Eyed Girl” is one of those classic 1960s songs that we’ve all heard somewhere at least once. Cheerful and upbeat, this catchy tune is a sweet ode to young love that goes perfectly with any wedding playlist. Plus, it’s guaranteed to help get all your guests on the dance floor – no matter what generation they’re from.

“Come Here My Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Come here my love/And I will lift my spirits high for you/I’d like to fly away and spend a day or two/Just contemplating the fields and leaves and talking about nothing/Just layin’ down in shades of effervescent, effervescent odors.”

A warm and gentle ballad, Van Morrison sings this with stirring passion from the first note as he calls for his love to “come here.”

“Have I Told You Lately”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“For the morning sun and all its glory/Greets the day with hope and comfort, too/You fill my life with laughter/And somehow, you make it better/Ease my troubles, that’s what you do.”

The simple notes of this song open like the sun coming up over the horizon or the gentle release of a deep relaxing breath. You may be more familiar with Rod Stewart’s cover, but Morrison –who first wrote and sung this song– sings it with a distinct gentleness unique to him.

With lyrics that speak to the heart of what it means to be in love, we have to recommend this great song for any wedding.


Lyrics you’ll love:

“You know the night’s magic seems to whisper, and hush/You know the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush/Can I just have one more Moondance with you, my love?/Can I just make some more romance with a-you, my love?”

Another song we’ve all heard somewhere before, Moondance is a classic, mid-tempo, 1960s jazz tune that can help you fill out your wedding playlist. We’ll leave it to your imagination to determine what a “Moondance” is, but the undeniably beautiful imagery in this cheerful little love song makes it one you’ll want to consider.

“Someone Like You”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“I’ve been searchin’ a long time/For someone exactly like you/I’ve been travelin’ all around the world/Waitin’ for you to come through/Someone like you/Make it all worthwhile.”

The lyrics of this song speak precisely to what it means to be in love and married to that perfect partner. Another gentle piano ballad, this song is a favorite at weddings and has been featured in more than one romantic movie. If you’re still deciding what song to use for your first dance, make sure to check this one out.

“You Make Me Feel so Free”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“How can I even talk about freedom when you know/Oh, it’s a sweet mystery, but baby, you, you/You make me feel so free.”

While most of the songs on this list are about the sweetness of new love or the deep abiding feelings that tie us together, this one focuses more on the mundane aspects of love. The lyrics of “You Make me Feel so Free” remind us that amidst the exhausting, day-to-day grind of life, love soothes, comforts and uplifts. It saves and frees us when we feel trapped.

This mid-tempo celebration of what it means to love day-in and day-out is exactly what your wedding playlist needs.

“Sweet Thing”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“And I shall drive my chariot/Down your streets and cry/’Hey, it’s me, I’m dynamite/And I don’t know why’/And you shall take me strongly/In your arms again/And I will not remember/That I even felt the pain.”

Inspired by future wife Janet, Sweet Thing is a hopeful, forward-looking song celebrating the idea of love itself.

This uptempo ballad is ideal for weddings. The lyrics contemplate the joys of love, and the cheerful, lighthearted melody is perfect for couples to dance to. Fun and family-friendly, we definitely recommend choosing this song for your wedding soundtrack.

“Beside You”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Little Jimmy’s gone/Way out of the backstreet/Out of the window/Through the fallin’ rain/Right on time.”

Written for Van Morrison’s adopted son, “Beside You” is a more spiritual love song. The lyrics reflect on childhood adventures and contemplate the experiences that so many of us share. Morrison makes the promise of every loving parent to always be there for his son.

Marriage isn’t just a union of two people but often their families and the commitment to building new bonds. This song speaks to that, making it a must-have for any wedding playlist.

“The Way Young Lovers Do”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“I kissed you on the lips once more/And we said goodbye just adoring the nighttime/Yeah, that’s the right time/To feel the way that young lovers do.”

This fun, the uptempo song recalls the sweetness of courtship and the high-flying feeling of young, innocent love. A 1960s jazz classic, it invokes the image of young lovers in the city traveling through the world blissfully absorbed in their love.

While the lyrics and tune are upbeat, Morrison’s vocals cut through the song, suggesting an undercurrent of disaster and invoking the much-desired dangers of young love.

“Crazy Love”

Lyrics you’ll Love:

“I can hear her heartbeat from a thousand miles/Yeah, the heavens open every time she smiles/And when I come to her, that’s where I belong/Yeah, and I run into her like a river’s song/She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love.”

“Crazy Love” is a gentle ballad reminiscent of classic Motown songs. Like many of Morrison’s songs, this one is a perfect slow dance track for couples to sway back and forth while gazing into one another’s eyes.

“Astral Weeks”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“And I stand with my arms behind me/And I’m pushin’ on the door/Could you find me?/Would you kiss-a my eyes? To lay me down/In silence easy/To be born again.”

A random sampling of Morrison’s discography delivers love song after love song. Music is often poetry, but in many popular love songs, take away the music, and the lyrics don’t stand on their own. “Astral Weeks” is not one of those songs.

There is a timelessness to the lyrics of “Astral Weeks” that make it yet another suggestion for your first dance, highlighting your beautiful relationship for everyone to see.

“Tupelo Honey”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“She’s as sweet as tupelo honey./She’s an angel of the first degree./She’s as sweet as tupelo honey/Just like honey, baby, from the bee.

“Tupelo Honey” is an exceptional type of honey. Produced by bees native to the swamps of Georgia and Florida, it is exceptionally sweet and energizing without the crash typically associated with sugar.

When Morrison croons, “she’s as sweet as tupelo honey” he’s elevating the object of his affection above all others. Doesn’t every woman want to be thought of like that, especially on her wedding day? The lyrics are set to a tender melody that makes this yet another candidate for that first dance as well as the final song on our list.

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