Top 10 Brian McKnight Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

With a career in entertainment, songwriting, and recording that spans more than three decades, singer Brian McKnight’s powerful vocals and stunning love songs are timeless classics and an excellent addition to any wedding playlist.

McKnight is also in a category of his own when it comes to wedding songs⁠—he wrote and released a love song specifically for his soul mate, with their real-life wedding footage becoming a gorgeous video for it.

Here are the 10 best Brian McKnight wedding songs for you and your soul mate!

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After a romantic proposal announcement shared on Instagram with the comment that he’d waited “42 years” to find her, McKnight debuted “Nobody” with heartfelt lyrics dedicated to his wife, Dr. Leilani Mendoza.

With a soulful melody and piano accompaniment, this is definitely a wedding song you can borrow and make your own!

When to play: First dance -There’s nothing more romantic than being held in each other’s arms and slow-dancing while this music plays.

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The lyrics to this song are simple but powerfully romantic: “beautiful eyes, beautiful face/beautiful sky on a beautiful day,” and those are just the first two lines!

It’s a wedding song that speaks the language of love and works anywhere⁠—check out this spectacular video of a couple’s wedding in Spain with “Everything” as the musical backdrop.

When to play: Bride’s entrance, recessional, or first dance -This lovely song works for any point in your wedding day playlist, and make a note to include it in your wedding video too!

“Still in Love”

We love the lyrics to this song and how McKnight proclaims he’s “Still in Love” even if the world goes topsy-turvy and it’s “20 below in July.”

Not only is the original recording with lyrics a standout, but we also found real-life examples of “Still in Love” used as an instrumental piece during a wedding ceremony, like this beautiful version with a violinist accompanying the bride and her father as they enter.

When to play: Bride’s entrance or combined parent dance at the reception – Instrumentally, “Still in Love” sounds exquisite for a bride’s entry, and it’s also a guaranteed tear-jerker during the parents’ dance.

“Never Felt This Way”

For a song that’s three decades young, this hauntingly beautiful piano melody under McKnight’s passionate vocals is as perfect on your wedding playlist now as it was back in the day.

Because he’s such a strong vocalist and sings higher than many men, the key of “Never Felt This Way” is also a comfortable song for a female (if you’re hiring a wedding singer of either gender for your ceremony). Check out how beautiful this female wedding singer sounds!

When to play: Bride’s entrance or the Signing of the Registry -Whether it’s sung live or you play McKnight’s original full recording during your wedding ceremony, it will be an unforgettable moment.

“Back at One”

We thought it was too obvious to put “Back at One” at the top of our list of best Brian McKnight songs, but the truth is, it’s one of his highest chart-toppers and one of the greatest love songs of the 20th century.

“Back at One” is so good that it was covered by another singer shortly after McKnight made it a hit. In October 1999, Nashville artist Mark Wills released his version of “Back at One,” and it was a top two hit on the country charts.

When to play: First dance -The grand piano intro in McKnight’s hit version makes a perfect musical moment for your wedding DJ to announce your first newlywed dance, and if your wedding is more rustic or country, the Mark Wills version makes a great first dance wedding song too.

“Love of My Life”

This song comes from McKnight’s 2001 album Superhero, and his glorious falsetto here is as impressive as his lyrics!

While it didn’t climb as high on the charts as McKnight’s more famous love songs, “Love of My Life” has a catchy, toe-tapping beat that makes it a standout, and because it’s not as well-known, you can truly make this wedding theme your own.

When to play: First or last dance – It’s a sweet and sexy song that’s fun to dance to with your SO!


We love this uptempo tune from McKnight, with simple and positive lyrics about taking the time and only settling for the best: “’cause I’ve been waiting all my life for you…each passing second it just keeps getting better.”

When to play: Grand entrance at your reception -This upbeat song builds and gets stronger as it goes. It’s a perfect way to enter your reception hand-in-hand and get everyone cheering!

“What I’ve Been Waiting For”

Here’s another McKnight love song with a strong hook and snappy percussion. We especially love the intro, and if it starts playing before the bride appears at the foot of the aisle, everyone will be anticipating the moment they see her.

When to play: Bride’s entrance – The song’s beat is easy to follow as you walk down the aisle, and if the aisle is longer, outdoors, or on a beach, you can keep it playing because it’s that beautiful and uplifting!

“The Only One for Me”

McKnight’s biggest strengths as a songwriter are his heartfelt lyrics and his genuine appreciation of how it feels when you’re lucky enough to find the one.

This song is catchy, and we’re pretty sure your groom will love it as much as you do!

When to play: First dance – It’s also an excellent song for the groom to dedicate to the bride before they dance.

“I Want U”

The lyrics to “I Want U” are scorching hot, and McKnight isn’t joking when he says, “Baby, you were made to be mine.”

It’s also got a unique and sensual sound and a sophisticated piano melody.

When to play: Last dance – You’re moments away from kicking into honeymoon gear, so give your reception a sendoff of a lifetime by dancing together to this sexy tune!

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