12 Best Thomas Rhett Wedding Songs To Tell Your Love Story

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of details to sort out. Music is key to giving off the right type of wedding vibe. For this reason, some couples spend hours and hours crafting the perfect wedding playlist for every part of their special day.

If you love country music, you’ve probably got a whole slew of country songs on your dream wedding playlist. Your romantic event won’t be complete without a few tunes by chart-topping country artist, Thomas Rhett. Keep reading to find the best Thomas Rhett wedding songs for every moment of your big day.

thomas rhett wedding songs

“Blessed” (2019)

Blessed is a perfect song for your first outing on the dance floor. Its acoustic guitar rhythms and meaningful lyrics also make it a great choice for a ceremony or processional. In this song, Rhett sings about being blessed to find that perfect partner.

We love the beautiful message that the lyrics convey and if you choose this song for your first dance, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

“Die A Happy Man” (2015)

Die A Happy Man is another great first dance wedding song. The smooth guitar and Thomas Rhett’s soothing voice make this song feel intimate and special.

In this song, Rhett sings about the sense of fulfillment when you’ve found the one. Even if he never sees great sights or achieves his dreams, he can still die a happy man knowing that he found the love of his life.

We love this romantic track for the sentiment that all you really need in life is love.

“To The Guys That Date My Girls” (2021)

This country hit is ideal for your father-daughter dance. Its comfortable tempo is steady and easy to dance to.

This song is all about a father talking to the guys that will date his daughters. They’re his whole world and should be treated with respect, love, and kindness. If the guy is lucky enough to be the one, he should treat his daughter like she is his whole world.

Keep the tissues nearby, as you may hear a sniffle or two once this song gets going. It is an obvious choice for a father-daughter dance that just about every guest can relate to.

“Us Someday” (2022)

Us Someday is perfect for a processional song. This gentle melody opens with violins and cello at the tempo of a waltz, setting a beautiful tone for your wedding day.

The lyrics talk about the promise of a long-lasting relationship and a wedding. Here, Thomas Rhett sings about “I do”, a first dance, and how a single, precious moment can feel like forever. Melodic, beautiful, and fairly upbeat, this track is about the future of a couple’s wonderful life together.

With its romantic vision and meaningful country lyrics, Us Someday is perfect for any part of your wedding.

“Die A Happy Man”- Terry Chen Cover (2015)

If you’re looking for an instrumental type of country song to walk down the aisle to, this cover of Die a Happy Man by Terry Chen is a great choice. The strong piano brings an elegant, classic, and soft feel to an already great song. It’s perfect for any country wedding.

There’s something about a piano that makes just about any song feel sophisticated and romantic.

“Get Me Some of That” (2013)

If you’re really looking to get the party started, this country wedding song is for you! This song is more about the physical side of love while still being tasteful. Its upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies are sure to get anyone dancing. The song even comes equipped with a guitar solo.

This is the perfect song to open up the dancefloor and get everyone pumped.

“Craving You” featuring Maren Morris (2017)

When you choose this country duet, you are choosing one of the most popular country songs that spent 15 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Maren Morris and Thomas Rhett are two of the most popular voices in country music. This song is sure to appeal to country fans.

The mixture of Maren Morris and Thomas Rhett creates an unforgettable harmony. This song is perfect for the last song of the night or anytime during your reception. It’s a very upbeat song with guitar riffs that any country lover can party to.

“When You Look Like That “(2017)

This upbeat, funky-sounding love ballad will be appreciated by any country couple. It even has an awesome guitar solo. The song is about a girl’s beauty and special nature and any bride with appreciate this song. Dedicate this song to your special bride and you’re sure to have her smiling.

This is a great song for any part of your reception, to get the party going or keep your guests out on the dance floor.

“Things You Do for Love” (2019)

This fast-paced country hit is great for the dance floor. It’s all about everything we do for love, from laughing at jokes that aren’t funny to doing anything to make each other happy. This song is all about relatable things we all have done for love. The mellow feel and upbeat melodies are great for a reception.

This song is also great for greeting guests as husband and wife after the ceremony.

“Look What God Gave Her” (2019)

This upbeat, mid-tempo guitar-centric country song is perfect to dance to during your reception. This song was one of the biggest country hits of the year in 2019. The song is about all the special qualities of a woman and how God perfectly made her and answered his prayers.

This poppy song and its catchy melodies are sure to have everyone on the dance floor singing along.

“Slow Down Summer” (2021)

This piano-based song is great for that slow dance break during your reception. This song is all about wanting the perfect summer to last with your one and only. It’s a great sentiment for your wedding day because you’ll never want it to end. The song brings a certain feeling of nostalgia, reminding you of summer love and making it the perfect choice for your summer wedding.

Wedding guests will love to dance to this song with their partners and re-live the moments of their own wedding.

“Unforgettable” (2017)

This upbeat, fast-tempo song is about one unforgettable night and an unforgettable girl. The greatest weddings are all about being unforgettable and creating memories to last a lifetime. This song is mild enough to be used during your ceremony, cocktail hour, or even a great exit song to leave an impression on your guests.

We also love it as a cocktail hour tune for its cheerful melody and positive feel.

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