10 Best Blink-182 Wedding Songs for a Marriage That Will Last Forever

With all of the wedding details that need to be sorted out, one thing you don’t want to stress over is the playlist. After all, you don’t have time to waste deciding how many boy bands and ballads you want in the rotation during your reception.

If generic slow dance songs aren’t really your thing, you’ll probably want to keep guests moving with as many upbeat tunes as possible. Iconic alt-rock band Blink-182 has plenty of hits to bring all your guests to the dance floor on your special day.

Whether you’re looking for their chart-topping singles or the deep cuts that only a die-hard fan would know, we’ve got you covered. Save yourself some time and review our selection of the best Blink 182 wedding songs to play on your big day.

blink 182 wedding songs

All the Small Things

Arguably Blink 182’s most famous song, All the Small Things has a way of getting even the most introverted wallflowers out on the dancefloor. Once you’ve had the perfect first dance with the love of your life, invite your guests to the dance floor to rock out and celebrate with you.

Whether you were an early 2000s scene kid or the quarterback of the football team, there was a solid decade where it was nearly impossible to get away from this song. It’s that infectious quality that makes All the Small Things a real crowd-pleaser and the perfect kick-off for your reception.

As a bonus, the song lyrics actually detail the charming love story of its main characters. As their lead singer muses about the values of keeping things interesting in a relationship, (“surprises let me know she cares”) you’ll be partying with your loved ones well into the night.

The Rock Show

As the dancefloor begins to fill, you will want to keep the hits coming and allow your guests to really let loose. This classic Blink-182 jam has the perfect song structure to keep the party going and give your reception the concert vibe you’ve been hoping for.

With its relentless beat and unforgettable melody, The Rock Show is perfect for Blink-182 fans who want their reception to feel like a grand celebration. Don’t be surprised if a mosh pit forms around the couple during this hit, allowing everyone to experience their own rock show on the spot.

I Miss You

I Miss You is another unmistakable track from Blink-182, although the overall tone brings something unique to the table. With its slower tempo and lamenting lyrics, this song is more appropriate when you want to slow things down and allow guests to mingle.

While this song may not fit the cookie-cutter mold of wedding songs, the sense of nostalgia it brings will more than make up for its somber tone. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax for a moment as they enjoy the beauty of your romantic event.


Another hit from Blink-182’s self-titled album Down is a perfect continuation of the more mellow period in your reception. Guests can sway to the gentle rhythm of this song on the dancefloor or chat on the sidelines with an old friend.

Although it’s somewhat lesser known than the tracks listed above, true fans will remember this song all too well. As you catch up with distant family members and treasured guests, you won’t be able to ignore this classic playing in the background.


This is a great track to break out when things have slowed down and you want to liven the event up. This medium-tempo song will give you a smooth transition into a fun, dance-worthy hit.

While Always is definitely a more romantic song, the chorus is so infectious that everyone will be out of their seats before the end of it, singles, couples, and kids alike.

There’s no doubt that Always will take you back to the height of Blink-182’s popularity, bringing a wave of nostalgia with it.

I’m Lost Without You

One of Blink-182’s few ballads, I’m Lost Without You will keep all the lovebirds out on the dancefloor. This track is ideal for slow dances, but can also act as background music for light conversation.

As guests mingle during your reception, this track will keep the mood light and relaxed for everyone. After months of wedding planning and plenty of stress, you will be thankful for a moment to catch your breath.


You don’t have to be named Josie to enjoy this classic track by Blink-182 (but bonus points if you are!). Josie is another upbeat track that keeps things light-hearted and fun, the perfect way to invite a few more friends to let their hair down for the night.

What better way to celebrate your love story than with this song in which the singer declares his love for the girl of his dreams? In Josie, Blink-182 somehow captures all the best traits of a great partner (always brings snacks, and laughs at your bad jokes) without inching into cheesy territory.

A New Hope

This one is for couples who are just as obsessed with Blink-182 as they are with Star Wars. Yes, Blink-182 actually released a track inspired by the iconic story about a galaxy far, far away.

Even without the Star Wars references, this song is incredibly fun and catchy, which will get your guests nodding along if nothing else. While this may not be much of a dance track, it’s a great opportunity to listen for easter eggs and take a break before getting back into the swing of things.

More than anything, this song allows you to show a bit more of your character and let loose after a long, stressful day. A New Hope will set the tone for a marriage full of excitement, adventure, and plenty of laughs.

Up All Night

One of Blink-182’s newer songs, Up All Night, captures some of the best elements of the band while bringing something fresh and unique to the table. This early aughts hit is full of drum-heavy interludes, layered guitar, and unmistakable California vocals.

If the title doesn’t give you an idea of this song’s overall vibe, you’ll quickly find out that Up All Night was made to close out your spectacular event. As you prepare to make your exit, guests will wish that they could spend all night celebrating this incredible moment with you.

First Date

No wedding playlist is complete without including this iconic song from Blink-182’s self-titled album. First Date is relentlessly upbeat and positive, making it the perfect song to utilize for your send-off.

While send-offs can often end up being turned into teary-eyed departures, First Date will make sure that your guests are all smiles as you head off to your honeymoon. Looking back on the photos of your grand exit, you’ll wish you could go back and relive this joyful moment over and over again.

So turn it up and ride off into the sunset with the one you love, making the happiest day of your life last forever. As you reflect on all the awkwardness and uncertainty that you may have experienced on your first date, you’ll be grateful that you took that initial step in your incredible love story.

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