The Temptations Wedding Songs: 11 Timeless Choices

Formed in 1960, The Temptations were one of the most beloved vocal groups of their era. But don’t let their age fool you—these talented gentlemen have plenty of fans still around today!

The Temptations were known for penning emotional, soulful songs, many of them focused on love and relationships. With their sentimental songs, you can add plenty of charm and character to your wedding playlist.

With all of the time you’ve dedicated to wedding planning, you can’t afford to spend another minute stressing over the playlist. So put up your feet, grab a drink, and check out the best Temptations wedding songs for your big day.

the temptations wedding songs
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My Girl

When it comes to classic love songs, My Girl is one of the most recognizable tracks of all time. From high school sweethearts to longtime lovers, you just can’t help but think about your partner when this tune starts playing.

The Temptations’ My Girl is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, an iconic single that all of your guests will know and love. For that reason, you can feature the track at just about any time during your wedding day.

We strongly recommend featuring My Girl as your recessional song following the ceremony, getting you both in the spirit for an evening full of fun and romance. This tune could also be used as a first dance song, highlighting the immense joy that you two feel when you’re together.

Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World Is Today)

While this song may not be as romantic, it’s just as iconic as the previous single. Ball of Confusion captures the hectic energy that we often feel in life, creating a sharp, angsty hit that your guests will love.

This track may have been released back in 1970, but these days, it seems more timely than ever. There’s something about the blunt, rebellious nature of this song that just about everyone can relate to.

Due to its faster pace, Ball of Confusion should be played when you want to get your wedding guests moving and grooving. As everyone makes their way out to the dancefloor, you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet to this classic song.

You’re My Everything

Taking things back to a more romantic vibe, You’re My Everything is a great choice for your sentimental playlist. If you want to set the perfect mood for making heartfelt memories, you’ve got to add this one to the list.

After all, there’s no better track to help you celebrate finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve been waiting for this moment, and your wedding playlist should capture all the joy and excitement you’re feeling right now.

You’re My Everything can be played when you want to share a romantic dance with your soulmate. We also suggest playing this song as you make your grand exit, singing and dancing into a beautiful future together.

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone is another chart-topper on the list, having been featured in various forms of media over the years. For that reason, you can expect most of your wedding guests to recognize this track right away.

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone has a more gritty, sharp tone, so it’s best not to use this song during the day’s emotional or sentimental moments. Instead, you’ll want to use this song as steady, smooth background music while you enjoy the evening.

Catch up with loved ones or grab a drink as this song plays; you may even want to sit down and relax for a bit. Afterward, you’ll be fully rested up and ready to get back out on the dance floor.

Get Ready

Keeping the upbeat theme going, Get Ready is a classic soul song that you’re sure to love. If you two are ready to get out of your seats and back out on the dance floor, this track is a perfect choice.

Get Ready is positive, energetic, and plenty of fun, making it a much-needed addition to your wedding day playlist. If you’re on the hunt for a few more dance tracks, you’ll definitely want to give this one a listen.

We recommend using Get Ready as a recessional song, but its catchiness means that you can utilize it in many ways. As another option, you can play it as you enter the wedding reception, encouraging your guests to get ready for an evening full of love, laughter, and great times with each other.

Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

Slowing things down, Just My Imagination is a romantic tune that’s perfect for your special day. Capturing the innocent, sweet nature of a new relationship, this song will take you back to the beginning of your love story.

In this famous song, The Temptations fantasize about a girl that they just can’t get out of their heads. If you two have spent countless days dreaming about your future together, this song was written just for you.

Just My Imagination is a relatively slow song, which means that it can be played during a more relaxed period on your wedding day. Turn this song on when you need a break from dancing, or you just want to listen to a slow jam with your love.

I Can’t Get Next to You

Released in 1969, The Temptations’ I Can’t Get Next to You is still going strong over fifty years later. Guests young and old will rush out on the dance floor when this classic song starts playing.

While The Temptations’ discography is full of upbeat dance tracks, this song stands out for its passionate delivery and nostalgic feel. If you and your partner have a thing for golden oldies, this song is guaranteed to move you.

This song should be played among other upbeat tracks, keeping spirits high and energy moving during your wedding reception. After all, your heart has been racing all day, and there’s no use in slowing down now.

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

Featuring not one, but three iconic artists, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me is one of the greatest hits of soul music. With Diana Ross, The Supremes, and The Temptations, you can take your wedding playlist to the next level.

If you and your partner are a couple of old souls, you’ll love the old-school, vintage style of this popular song. From the heartfelt lyrics to the emotional delivery, this song will transport you back to simpler times.

We suggest playing I’m Gonna Make You Love Me when you want to share a fun, sweet dance with your brand-new spouse. As you hold each other close, this track will have the two of you falling in love all over again.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg is a fun, upbeat song that captures the best elements of The Temptations’ musical style. From the passionate lyrics to the relentless beat, this track is a must-have for your final wedding playlist.

This song may be about a relationship on the rocks, but that hasn’t stopped The Temptations fans from playing it at parties, weddings, and countless special events. There’s just something about this track that gets people out of their seats, a quality that you’ll definitely want to include on your reception song list.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg is best used when your guests are already out on the dance floor moving and grooving. This song will keep the good vibes going, bringing plenty of energy and emotion to your wedding reception.

I Wish it Would Rain

This track is a bit slower, but when it comes to The Temptations’ discography, this is one of their greatest hits. I Wish it Would Rain perfectly expresses the feelings of loss and longing, painting a clear picture of someone with a broken heart.

You’ve got plenty of love-dovey songs on your playlist, but this is one that all of your wedding guests can relate to. I Wish It Would Rain applies to everyone whose experienced the heartache and pain of losing someone you love.

Due to its somber nature, we suggest playing this track to honor loved ones who have recently passed on. While they may not be at your wedding in person, you can trust that they’re right there with you, celebrating in spirit.

Runaway Child, Running Wild

Runaway Child, Running Wild is a gritty, energetic track that has all the attitude you’d expect from this group. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new listener, you can bet that this tune will end up on your favorites list.

With heavy lyrics, steady rhythm, and their trademark vocals, The Temptations have outdone themselves with this popular track. These gentlemen have a way of staying true to themselves, a vibe that you’ll love on your wedding day.

We recommend playing this track during a lull in the wedding reception, allowing your guests to catch up, grab drinks, and enjoy the event. This song has a fast pace without being too distracting, making it perfect for your wedding playlist.

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