22 Lovely Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Sunflowers are a popular choice of wedding flowers, and it’s easy to see why. True to their name, their petals resemble the rays around the sun, and their cheery golden yellow color is a perfect reflection of the emotions on a joyful day, like a wedding! 

In addition to this, sunflowers also commonly bloom during one of the most popular wedding seasons – late summer to early fall. This makes them an often affordable option for use in weddings during that time. 

Maybe sunflowers are your favorite flower, or perhaps their petals are your favorite shade of yellow. Whatever your reason for looking them up, we hope our list of sunflower wedding centerpieces ideas will inspire your wedding planning. After all, it’s the decor that sets the tone for the party!

Realistic Artificial Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Artificial Sunflowers Bundle Wedding Bouquet

Artificial sunflower bouquet is a perfect way to greet your guests with love and warmth. A wonderful addition to your dining table centerpieces arrangements

How real do these artificial sunflowers look? It’s as if they’ve been freshly picked and placed in water.

Stems like these are perfect for the bride who adores real flowers, but can’t use them for whatever reason – where it’s budget constraints or allergies – because they look like the real thing!

Sunflower and Fern Wedding Centerpiece in Wood Box

Wood Box Sunflower Arrangement

Silk sunflower centerpiece, with mix greenery designed in wood box.

Personally, we love ferns. They’re similar to feathers in their detail and lushness, but they come in gorgeous shades of green. It’s those green shades that set off the yellow of the sunflower petals so beautifully.

This sunflower and fern centerpiece is a sunny and cheerful combination for a joy-filled day! 

Sunflowers in Sunflower Metal Planter Centerpiece

Sunflower Arrangement in Galvanized Metal Planter

This large, bright and cheerful arrangement is a pretty ray of sunshine to display all year long. It looks like a fresh picked farmhouse garden boquet. 

The white of the baby’s breath flowers in this wedding centerpiece of sunflowers is a dainty and delightful accent to the big, bold, bright sunflowers. 

Our favorite thing about this vintage wedding centerpiece inspiration has to be the label on the metal planter. It’s so cute, and its color and wording also bring a sense of continuity. 

Sunflower and Daisy Arrangement

Artificial Sunflowers Bouquet

The unique sunflower bouquet includes 5pcs artificial sunflowers, some white and purple daisies, eucalyptus stems and some decorative leaves. The height of the bouquet is about 15.7 inches.

How sweet is this sunflower and daisy floral bouquet? We love how pure and joyful it looks! 

Our favorite thing about it is the way the daisies coordinate so perfectly with the sunflowers. Because it’s pre-arranged, all that’s left for you to do is place it on the table!

Sunflower and White Roses Wedding Centerpiece

Artificial Yellow Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

Every bouquet is decorated with bright colored artificial sunflowers, and garnished with fabric green leaves, looks natural and vivid.

This centerpiece of greenery, sunflowers, and a selection of white flowers is a classic and beautiful addition to any wedding decor.

The white flowers make a perfect backdrop to the bright yellow sunflowers, and create visual interest through shape and texture.  

Multicolor Flower Wedding Centerpiece with Sunflowers

Sunflower Centerpiece-table Decor

This tabletop center piece embodies the autumn season with artificial sunflowers, marigolds, Gerber Daisy, cotton ball, rattan ball, purple heather, and greenery filler.

This colorful vintage-inspired wedding centerpiece has a beautiful natural look. The orange flowers and sunflowers add warmth, while the purple flowers and greenery add cooler shades to them.

The white flowers work well, bridging the gap between the warm and cool tones.

Sunflowers and Daisies Arrangement in Metal Vase

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Vase of Sunflowers

This is an adorable vase arrangement that measures 11 inches high and the flower arrangement is 8 inches in diameter.

With the sunflowers resting on masses of daisies in galvanized metal vases, these sunflower arrangements are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

They could even be used as wedding ceremony entrance decor! Our favorite thing about this centerpiece?

It has to be the adorable twine wrapped around the vase twice and tied into a neat bow! It’s a sweet little detail your guests will appreciate.

Sunflower and Burlap Floral Arrangement around Candle

Sunflower Center Piece Table Decor

Wreath is 13 inches from side to side, wreath middle opening is 4 inches. Made with 5 1/2 inch burlap and total of 30 feet of burlap!

For the brides who love candles and all things rustic when it comes to wedding decor, we’d recommend this sunflower and burlap floral arrangement, with the pillar candle in the center.

It’s perfect for a nighttime wedding reception centerpiece, with the flame of the candle causing the yellow sunflower petals to almost glowing!

Sunflower Garland Wedding Centerpiece

Artificial Sunflowers for Decoration

This faux sunflower is made of silk flowers and plastic vine. Silk sunflowers will brighten up every corner of your house, party, wedding.

This garland, complete with sunflowers and rounded leaves, is absolutely gorgeous and would look perfect as a centerpiece on a long, rectangular table.

To complete the look, we suggest adding tea light candles or strings of fairy lights for a little extra flair!

Resin LOVE Sign with Sunflowers

Resin Sunflower Love Dark Center Sign

Great accent piece for your wedding decor.

For more of a sunflower accent than a sunflower centerpiece, look no further than this stunning resin sign with little sunflowers inside.

Its message is even perfect for a wedding, as it reads “LOVE.” Place it on the cake table to incorporate the sunflowers into more of your decor. 

Sunflowers in Cobalt Blue Vase

These artificial sunflowers, in a tall cobalt blue vase, remind us of a Van Gogh painting. The combination of deep blue and golden yellow makes these colorful sunflower wedding centerpieces.

The combination is interesting to the eye, due to blue and yellow being nearly opposite colors and the contrast that is created between them.

Sunflower and Hydrangea Arrangement Centerpiece

Mini Sunflower and Silk Arrangement

Balanced mix of floral and greenery. Makes a great centerpiece. Compliments country-inspired decor. Tucked in a glass vase.

For a welcoming look that won’t keep your guests from seeing or talking to one another across the table, these low sunflower and hydrangea centerpieces will be the perfect fit!

The red and golden yellows cast a warm glow on the table, while their low height will ensure that your guests can see each other while they’re sitting at the table.

Paper Sunflowers and Blue Mums

Paper Flower Bouquet

Large Navy blue paper mums and yellow paper sunflowers with black centers (in varying quantities to choose from).

How gorgeous are these paper sunflowers and blue mums? They arrive loose, so those brides with a keen eye for detail and a love for all things DIY can add their own personal touch to the decor.

Add Arrange them in bouquets in recycled cans or mason jars, add some fairy lights, and hey presto! Your very own one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Faux Orange Flowers and Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Faux Sunflower Arrangement-centerpiece

11x8 Faux rustic floral arrangement of bright sunflowers. Perfect for home decor and can serve as a beautiful table centerpiece as well!

Look closely, it’s hard to believe this arrangement is made up of faux sunflowers! Both the orange flowers and sunflowers stand out against the backdrop of the big olive green leaves in this arrangement.

The combination of colors makes this perfect for a fall wedding.

Silk Lilac and Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Silk Sunflower and Lilac Floral Arrangement

Beautiful silk sunflowers and lilacs placed in permanent acrylic water. Giving the most realistic look and feel.

This simple silk flower arrangement, which includes sunflowers and artificial lilac blossoms, displays a lovely contrast between the yellow-orange of the sunflowers and the purple of the lilacs.

The brown at the center of the sunflowers and the greenery also complement one another well.

Sunflower and Red Roses Long Rustic Centerpiece

Farmhouse Decor With Sunflowers and Roses

This arrangement comes with a galvanized metal tray with eucalyptus, red roses and sunflowers on the inside.

This rustic wedding centerpiece of sunflowers and red roses is ideal for an early fall wedding with a rustic theme, or in a venue like a farm or a barn.

It’s a perfect combination of two sunset tones that give a warm and welcoming vibe wherever it’ll be placed. 

Simple Silk Yellow Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Artificial Sunflowers Bouquet

 Each one with 14pcs binded stems with vivid sunflowers heads and some lifelike leaves is made of high quality silk and plastic, realistic fake flowers looks like fresh sunflower.

For the quintessential sunflower centerpiece, look no further than this beauty! Made up of only sunflowers, it’s bright, sunny, and ideal for an outdoor shindig! We love how the yellow contrasts with the tablecloth.

Sunflower in Water with Rocks Centerpiece

Silk Sunflower Centerpiece Floral Arrangement

Every arrangement is hand crafted using top quality products such as real touch or silk flowers.

Simple, stunning, and elegant, this reception centerpiece, with the single sunflower in water with pond stones, is sure to convey a feeling of relaxation and welcome throughout your wedding reception. 

It’s a bit of an unorthodox decoration, yes, but it’s also a cool wedding centerpiece that we’re sure no one else will have at their wedding! 

Sunflower and Red Roses around Taper Candle Centerpiece

Sunflower & Rose Candle Arrangement

This candle centered arrangement is made with Sunflowers, white and red roses, eucalyptus, and yellow/white accents. Would make a beautiful centerpiece.

This is a sweet little wedding centerpiece that combines joy and romance with sunflowers and red roses. 

The rounded shape of the eucalyptus leaves adds a sense of sweetness to this charming sunflower and rose centerpiece with wildflower details. 

White Hydrangea, Sunflower, and Citrus Centerpiece

Modern Farmhouse Centerpiece

This Sunflower Centerpiece floral arrangement comes with sunflowers, Lavender, Hydrangeas in a half gallon Jar filled with Lemon, Limes, Green apples and pears. 

The sunflowers pair beautifully with the hydrangea blossoms in this arrangement, which is accented by the citrus fruits inside the vase.

Overall, this is a completely cohesive and also elegant colorful summer wedding centerpiece of sunflowers and white hydrangea! We’re sure your guests will love it – and you will too!

Hand Painted Sunflowers on Wine Bottle with Lights

Sunflower Lighted Wine Bottle

These beautiful hand painted Lighted Wine Bottles will brighten your life with cheerful sunflowers! The LARGE bottle is 1.5 liter size the and SMALL bottles are .750 liter size. 

The hand-painted sunflowers on these wine bottles are beautifully done and add a pretty pop of yellow.

If you’re not huge into flowers, real or artificial, or the traditional wedding centerpiece, but want to add a bit of color to your wedding decor, consider an option like these hand-painted sunflower wine bottles! 

Colorful Wedding Centerpiece with Sunflowers

Bulk Dried Eucalyptus & Wildflowers Bouquet

Unlike artificial flowers, these dried flowers are 100% natural. They are harvested using a non-toxic process, and no harmful chemicals are used to protect your flowers.

We’re sure a centerpiece like this will brighten even the darkest weather but don’t fear – they say rain on a wedding day is good luck!

We love the bright, rich shades of the flowers used in this colorful wedding centerpiece – it’s almost like a rainbow on the table!

Rainbows are a universal sign of luck and good fortune, and that’s definitely some symbolism you’ll want to include on your wedding day. 

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