Spring Engagement Photos

Flowers, new growth, baby bunnies? There’s a reason spring engagement photos have been a go-to for many a bride and groom. As they say, love is in the air, and it’s certainly in the photos!

So if you’ve chosen spring as your engagement photo season, buckle up. We’re about to get into how to get the best spring engagement photos your swooning little heart could want. 

spring engagement photos
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

The Best and Worst about Spring Engagement Photos

First, let’s talk about the best things about having your engagement photos taken in the spring.

It’s the prime time for those of us who are prone to getting too hot or cold, so if you don’t want to end up like the Katy Perry song, spring is the season for you! No need to deal with the bitterness of winter and the unrelenting heat of summer.

On that note, it also provides the most flexibility when it comes to clothes! Dress with a light jacket? Sure. Romper without a coverup? It’s not that cold; you can rock it. And have I mentioned color? Spring is chock-full of it because everything is coming back to life!

Finally, if you have a wedding in a contrasting season, spring is perfect because you’ll have a variety of photos between your wedding and your engagement session.

Mmkay, so on to the worst bits about spring.

Competitiveness ranks highest on my list. People love spring photos, it’s a favorite season of many! So if you’re committed to it, I suggest getting in early with your photographer.

The next, and more obvious thing, is entirely erratic weather.

Let’s face it, spring has a mind of its own, and there’s a good chance that her plans don’t align with yours. If you’re planning a spring engagement photoshoot, prepare to be flexible and don’t be afraid of a bit of rain. It might even be your chance to live out that one Notebook scene.

What to Wear for Spring Engagement Photos

Before we get into the details here, I think it’s important to mention that you should wear what you like. It’s easy to get caught up in the trends of the season.

Maybe you’ve been scrolling Instagram or Pinterest too much, and you’re having an existential crisis. You just don’t even know what you like anymore??? Stop. Breathe. Remember what you feel best in, and let that guide your decision.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about layers!

Spring is amazing for layers, mainly because you don’t have to worry about pesky outfit changes if you don’t want to. Just layer up those clothes, and as the session gets underway and you start feeling a little saucy, shed some of those top layers for a whole new look.

Don’t forget to coordinate colors and vibes. I’m not talking matchy-matchy unless you’re into that. I simply mean be aware of the colors you’re both choosing to wear and see if they look good next to one another.

You should also be mindful of the vibe of the styles you’re wearing. You can both be casual, and you can both be dressed up, but it’ll look awkward if one of you is red-carpet glam and the other is more surf-shack-inspired.

Perfect Time of Day for Spring Engagement Photos

Remember that if you’re shooting for that famous golden hour, sunset times change throughout the season. So be aware of when the sun is setting on the day of your session and plan around that.

You could also consider an early morning shoot, as that morning light is just as yummy, and there will be far fewer people around.

Mostly, though, I would highly recommend consulting your photographer. A good photographer will have knowledge of all these things and will make sure you’re getting the light you want.

How to Take the Best Spring Engagement Photos

Get a Photographer You Trust

And that brings me to my first point. If you’re looking at this article, that means you care about how your photos turn out. And (please trust me on this) you must hire a photographer you love and trust if you’re going to get pictures that meet your expectation.

Yes, that might mean you need to pay more. That’s life.

Shake it Out and Have Fun

Spring engagement photos shake it out and have fun
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

These photos are for you and your favorite person. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think of them. YOU are prioritizing an engagement session so that you can (hopefully) fondly remember this time.

Loosen up and enjoy it. Bonus: when you’re relaxed and having fun, it’ll improve the pictures.

Pick a Location That Means Something to You

One way to automatically get you out of your head and excited for your engagement shoot is to pick a place that has meaning for you.

First date? First kiss? Favorite park? Any of those things will get you feeling all the feels for your partner, so you’ll be ready to go once the camera comes out.

Do Something

Spring engagement photos
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

A perfect way to shed some of your pre-engagement session anxiety is to do something.

Do you and your partner have a favorite spring activity? Maybe you’re into golf, camping, or biking? 

Not wanting pictures that are so specific to an activity? Then simply ask your photographer to give you prompts. Hopefully, your photographer has plenty of tricks up their sleeves to get you moving, laughing, and having a good time.

Think About When Flowers Bloom in Your Area

Ah, the coveted cherry blossoms. They are the reigning queens of the spring engagement session.

If you’re hoping to score a photo with these gorgeous blooms, again, talk to your photographer. They should know the window when you’ll have the best chance to catch them.

If cherry blossoms aren’t in your area or just aren’t your thing, talk with your photographer and figure out when your favorite florals start to bloom and plan around that.

Spring Bouquets to Bring the Outside In

You may be planning a cozy spring session inside. If that’s the case, you can still liven things up with the blooms of your choice.

Keep it simple with pretty tulips to give a slight hint of spring. Or go all out, hire a florist, and create a gorgeous floral backdrop. Either way, it’ll give you that pop of color and nature that you’re looking for. 

Take a Trip to the Beach

Have you ever dreamed of those beautiful, intimate beach photos where it’s just you and your partner surrounded by endless sand and breaking waves?

Yes? Well, then I’m sure you’re aware that those photos are nearly impossible to get when people flock to the beach during summer.

But take your spring engagement photos to the beach, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Skip the Stress and Head to a Botanical Garden

If you’re desperate for gorgeous spring photos bursting forth with the signature flowers that your heart desires, stop stressing and just head to the closest botanical garden.

You may have to pay an entry fee, but you’re basically guaranteed beautiful garden photos that will make unmanicured nature a little bit jelly.

Find a Field of Flowers

It’s a classic for a reason. Is there a local flower farmer in your area? If so, I’m sure they’d be happy to rent their flower field out to you.

Putting a few bucks into the hands of a local farmer means you’ll be able to step into a literal fairytale. You and your photographer will be in heaven, and I’m not sure there’s anything that says spring more than a field of flowers. 

Incorporate Meaningful Things

Incorporating meaningful things with you and your partner is a fantastic way to capture you two authentically. But it also helps you connect to the moment and one another and break out of those photoshoot stresses!

Is there a book you two bonded over? Perhaps you both obsess over coffee? Do you have a pup that’s part of your family? Including things that make you two feel more like you will be an automatic win. 

Take a Hike

Take a Hike
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

It’s a beautiful time, things are coming alive. The whole world is going from brown to green! So, if you’re the outdoorsy type, consider going on a walk in the woods or even an all-out hike.

It’ll get you moving, which will help you to look more relaxed in your photos, and you’ll be able to take advantage of nature’s springtime beauty without having to pay a dime. 

Don’t Miss Out on Some Urban Color

Even in the city, you are bound to find plenty that screams spring.

Take advantage of colorful buildings and street art! It may not be a conventional spring vibe, but something tells me you aren’t the conventional couple. 

Be Aware of Sparse Surroundings

If your engagement session is in an area that’s still a bit sparse on the spring blooms, communicate with your photographer.

Let them know you want all color, flowers, fun, and no bare winter vibes. They’ll be able to pick the right spots for you and frame the shot, so you’re getting what you want. 

Be Open to Your Photographer’s Ideas

If you’ve hired a photographer you trust, then be open to their ideas. This likely isn’t their first spring engagement rodeo. In fact, I’m going to wager a guess that they do this far more often than you.

Communicate the general vibe you want from this shoot (i.e., fun, relaxed, casual, formal, etc. ) and let them do their magic. You hired this fabulous unicorn of a photographer for a reason. 

Don’t Be Too Precious 

Don't Be Too Precious
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

Spring comes with surprises. Rain, mud, and maybe even sleet, hail, and a bit of snow, depending on where you live. If you’re stressing about your clothing, it could suck the fun out of the shoot, and it’ll show in the pictures. Roll with it.

The mud on your shoes, snow in your hair, dirt on your dress – it all paints a portrait of the beautiful day you had together. 

Remember: You’re Getting MARRIED!

This feels obvious, but as someone who worked in the wedding industry and planned their own wedding, I know how easy it is to really lose sight of this.

So here’s your unsolicited reminder that you’re getting to marry your best friend. All the little details that feel huge in your mind are not the point, and a few years down the road, you likely won’t be thinking about those details at all. 

Do you want to know the main things you’ll remember from your spring engagement session? How he looked at you or the way she felt in your arms. Your non-stop, snort-inducing laughter. How incredibly and heart-breakingly in love you felt.

And when you look back on these pictures years from now, you’ll be taken right back to those emotions. 

Yes, all of the details can add up to creating a magical moment, but they aren’t the magic at the moment. You and your partner, choosing each other. That’s the magic. And don’t you forget it.

So, how do you take the best spring engagement photos of all time? Well, do some of the stuff I outlined above. Get a dope photographer. Be with your partner. Be in the moment.

Don’t arrange all of the pretty spring flowers and forget to smell them!

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