12 Best Sade Wedding Songs: Beautiful, Soulful Melodies

On your wedding day, your experience should be a perfect reflection of the love story you two have built. From the decor and floral arrangements to the catering and song list, you deserve a celebration that is altogether wonderful.

With her unmistakable vocals and smooth, sultry performances, Sade’s music can help to elevate your event. After all, in a sea of popular artists, she has been recognized as one of the greatest performers of all time.

Having a well-curated song list can be the difference between a wedding day that’s bland and boring, and one that is truly unforgettable. If you want to show off your individuality, let’s take a look at some of the best Sade wedding songs for your big day!

sade wedding songs
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Let’s kick things off with an upbeat song that will help bring your wedding vision to life! From the shameless dancers to the shyest wallflowers, everyone will be moving and grooving to this 1984 hit.

Featured on Sade’s album Smooth Operator, this lively track can be found alongside some of her most popular songs. For couples who want a crowd-pleaser that will keep their guests engaged, this is the perfect choice.

We recommend playing this perfect song when you want to see your guests’ best (and worst!) dance moves during the reception. Just remember to warn your photographer beforehand, as you’ll want to make sure these moments are preserved forever.

By Your Side

If you and your partner are all about romance, this touching song can only highlight your special day. By Your Side celebrates all the love stories that get better and better as time goes on.

One of the keys to a healthy relationship is being able to stand together through life’s challenges. If you two have loved each other through all the highs and lows, this song is the perfect way to celebrate your journey.

Due to its gentle, intimate nature, By Your Side should be played as a sweet first dance song to honor this special moment. Still, it can be played at any point in the reception when you want to share a slow dance with your partner.

It’s Only Love That Gets You Through

Keeping things smooth and romantic, this charming song will make the perfect addition to your wedding playlist. From start to finish, this tune captures all of the best elements of Sade’s unique voice and incredible talent.

If you haven’t got any first dance song ideas, we highly recommend giving this track a listen. When it comes to starting your wedding reception off right, It’s Only Love That Gets You Through is a great choice.

As one of Sade’s signature songs, this hit will be a favorite among your family and friends on the big day. Following your romantic ceremony, this song will help prepare you for the biggest celebration of your life.

Is It a Crime?

For couples who want only the most romantic songs, Is It a Crime would be a perfect fit for your special day. As you narrow down your wedding music ideas, you’ll definitely want to consider adding this one to the list!

With Sade’s sultry tone and heartfelt lyrics, this tune will have you two in the mood for romance in no time. Thanks to her impressive artistry, this song can be featured at any moment during your wedding day.

Is It a Crime can be used as a first dance song, reminding you two about the beauty and fun of forbidden romance. As you dance the night away, the only thing on your minds will be enjoying this evening together as husband and wife.


On your wedding day, you deserve a dynamic playlist that captures all the best parts of your love story. With Sade’s hit song Immigrant, you can add a little character and charm to your ultimate wedding song list.

As a master of creating meaning with music, Sade crafts a powerful story with this 2000 track. Whether your guests are out on the dance floor or catching up with old friends, this song will keep them moving and grooving.

Immigrant’s upbeat rhythm and catchiness make it a perfect song to feature during your wedding reception. In an event overflowing with joy, romance, and fun, this tune will quickly become one of your favorite songs.

Love Is Stronger Than Pride

As any healthy, loving couple will tell you, your love for each other should always outweigh your pride. Built on these powerful words of wisdom, this Sade song rings true for both newlyweds and longtime lovers all over the world.

If you and your partner have been together for years now, you’ve probably had your share of disagreements. Rather than focusing on the negatives, this tune reminds you to put the health of your relationship first.

We recommend adding this popular song as an easy listening option on your wedding playlist. As your guests relax or catch up during cocktail hour, this tune will serve as the perfect ambient background music.

I Never Thought I’d See the Day

Another lovely slow dance song, I Never Thought I’d See the Day is a must-have for your wedding playlist. If you’re looking to slow things down with a gentle tune, this song will help to create the perfect mood for your reception.

I Never Thought I’d See the Day is all about powerful emotions and moving experiences. As you two prepare for a lifetime of love together, you’ll appreciate a song that captures all the emotions you’re feeling.

We recommend playing this intimate song when there’s a bit of a lull in the wedding reception. This will give your guests a moment to relax before you ramp things back up as the night goes on.

When Am I Going To Make a Living?

More upbeat than her other tracks, When Am I Going to Make a Living brings something fresh and unique to Sade’s discography. Once this song starts playing, you and your guests can head back out on the dance floor to show off your best moves.

Whether you two are longtime listeners or casual Sade fans, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this song right away. After all, this energetic tune will have heads bobbing and toes tapping from start to finish.

When Am I Going to Make a Living is an excellent song for a quick, lighthearted dance with your soul mate. As you enjoy this moment with them, you’ll look forward to a lifetime of making beautiful memories together.

Never as Good as the First Time

If you’ve got the pleasure of saying “I do” to your first love, you’ll feel like this song was made for you! On your special day, you two can celebrate all the firsts that led you to this beautiful moment.

With a steady, upbeat rhythm, Never as Good as the First Time will give you two another opportunity to get out on the dance floor together. Surrounded by all of your friends and family, you’ll be ready to dance the night away as this tune plays.

Although it may be tempting to use this as a first dance song, this track can be played throughout your reception. Whenever you choose to feature it, this popular single is sure to help take your wedding day to the next level.

Soldier of Love

Another classic song by the talented Sade, Soldier of Love is a wonderful choice for your celebration of love. More sassy than sultry, this song will add a touch of attitude to your wedding day playlist.

While Soldier of Love’s tone is different from most of her popular hits, that doesn’t stop Sade from showing off her iconic vocals on this track. Get ready to have some fun, because your guests won’t be able to resist singing and dancing along to this tune.

It’s well-known that Sade’s repertoire includes some of the best slow jams, which makes this track refreshingly original. If you’re looking for something catchy and unique to add to your playlist, you’ll definitely want to consider Soldier of Love.

Hang On to Your Love

If you two are on the hunt for more upbeat dance song ideas, we cannot recommend this hit single enough! Hang Onto Your Love is a fun, romantic track that will bring everyone out onto the dance floor.

From your nieces and nephews all the way to your grandparents, this song has a rhythm that everyone can keep up with. Whether your guests are toe-tapping or breaking out all their best moves, this tune is impossible to resist.

In order to keep spirits high during your reception, we recommend playing this song amid other energetic tracks. With Hang Onto Your Love, you can rest knowing that you’ve got the best wedding music playlist around.

Smooth Operator

As Sade’s most popular song, Smooth Operator has been wildly successful since its release in 1984. Although nearly 40 years have passed, this beloved hit still draws in crowds all over the world.

Smooth Operator is a slowed-down tune, providing the perfect opportunity for you to share a slow dance with your spouse. As you sway to this fun, flirty song, you’ll be filled with excitement for the future that lies ahead.

We also recommend playing this song during the garter retrieval, as a cheeky way to lighten the mood. After sharing this intimate moment together, you can continue to dance the night away with your favorite people.

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