11 Criminally Underrated Ray LaMontagne Wedding Songs

Today, we’re celebrating a singer-songwriter and talented performer often compared to Otis Redding, Van Morrison, The Band, and Beck.

If you’re new to Ray LaMontagne and his music, he probably won’t mind! LaMontagne calls himself a “very private person,” living a quiet life with his family on over 100 acres in rural Massachusetts.

One LaMontagne song, in particular, has struck a chord with people in love since its release in 2008. “You Are the Best Thing” is an under-the-radar song choice, and if you love rustic soul and folk vibes, here are 11 Ray LaMontagne wedding songs that get rare airplay but are oh so romantic!

Ray LaMontagne Wedding Songs

“You Are the Best Thing”

The buzz around this song is still growing more than 14 years after it was released. It’s LaMontagne’s only song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (its highest chart position was #90), and it was last performed by a contestant on the 18th season of American Idol.

When to play: The original recording of “You Are the Best Thing” is sure to become everyone’s new favorite tune when you play it as your bridal processional or first dance. Just check out the comments on YouTube for some really heartfelt messages from LaMontagne’s fans celebrating this classic song.

“I Was Born to Love You”

This newer LaMontagne song features a duet with Sierra Ferrell, with romantic lyrics and beautiful ghostly quality to how well their soulful voices blend.

Ray LaMontagne’s website features a selection of his new music and some cool merch, including this limited edition self-portrait poster, but other details remain mysterious! Still, the man and his music really speak to hipsters and boho fans who appreciate his non-commercial approach to his craft.

When to play: We can picture this duet as a romantic, low-key first dance song at a rustic barn reception.

“Let It Be Me”

When you become a LaMontagne fan, it will feel like you’re a member of an exclusive club! Fans on social media rave about playing his music late on moonlit summer nights, calling it a haunting and exhilarating experience.

When to play: We particularly love the chorus of “Let It Be Me.” If you get your wedding ceremony DJ to isolate that part of the song, it’s a great bridal processional song for a beach wedding or an informal wedding ceremony.

“Truly, Madly, Deeply”

LaMontagne called his second full-length album Til the Sun Turns Black, and “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is a short instrumental track on that release.

When to play: Include the song on your wedding party processional music list. Because it’s short (under two minutes), it works well if you have a smaller wedding party, and it would also sound beautiful played live by a guitarist at your wedding ceremony.

“Be Here Now”

Check out this mesmerizing live performance of “Be Here Now” to truly get why people in the know love Ray LaMontagne and his music!

It’s a long, slow song (the recording is just under six and a half minutes), and if you pick the right spot on your wedding playlist, you can play this beautiful wedding tune in full and give yourself and your guests all the feels!

When to play: For a bit of romantic flair, play “Be Here Now” as your whole wedding party processional that leads into the bride’s entrance. It also works when you’re signing your wedding register as a lovely musical backdrop for that part of your wedding ceremony.

“Hold You In My Arms”

Once you get familiar with LaMontagne’s soul-folk style, his vocals become instantly recognizable, and while the man wants little fanfare for himself, we think LaMontagne’s music deserves more acclaim!

This song from LaMontagne’s first album, Trouble, was featured on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy back in the day. While the lyrics have a tinge of sadness, the chorus is super-romantic, and the rhythm of this bittersweet love song is uplifting.

When to play: The choruses of “Hold You In My Arms” are ideal for your ceremony recessional, and the track played entirely makes a great first dance song.

“She’s the One”

LaMontagne released album number five in 2014, with catchy tunes like “She’s the One” that feature his raspier vocals and an unapologetic, retro feel.

When to play: At just over three minutes in length, “She’s the One” is a toe-tapping bridal party entrance into your wedding reception!


This super-fun tune is the title track off LaMontagne’s fifth album, and it’s the best excuse you’ll find to kick back and groove from the first note to the last.

When to play: “Supernova” works great as the first fast dance at your wedding reception, mixing 80s OG party vibes and a timeless ode to everlasting love!

“It’s Always Been You”

It’s Always Been You is a romantic hit from LaMontagne’s self-produced studio album, Part of the Light. While the best-known song of the album is probably “Such a Simple Thing,” which was the lead single, we like “It’s Always Been You” because the lyrics and mood sound like they belong on a wedding playlist.

When to play: We picture this song as the first dance for a Goth wedding! It sounds atmospheric but is also romantic and unique.

“Without Words”

This dramatic tune appeared on the soundtrack of a tearjerker movie, The Fault in Our Stars, based on the young adult novel. The film starred two of our fave actors, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (he also played Tony in the recent redo of West Side Story).

When to play: If you’ve seen the movie and love it, you’ll probably be crying happy tears if you make this your first dance. It’s equally beautiful performed live as a wedding ceremony song— check out this great cover by a female artist and our article on wedding music for some inspo!

“We’ll Make It Through”

The heartbreaking harmonica at the beginning of “We’ll Make It Through” is ‘old country’ at its finest. The lyrics speak of a love story that conquers all, and the video is exceptional.

When to play: Dedicate this song to your parents and grandparents and share this dance at your wedding reception. It’s a fantastic way to honor your loved ones at your wedding and remember them too.

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