Our List of Queen Wedding Songs Perfect for Your Big Day!

Since the 1970s, Queen has been one of the most beloved rock bands in the world. With decades of touring and countless awards under their belt, it’s safe to say that this group won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

If you want to add some character and energy to your wedding playlist, Queen’s catalog is the answer to your hopes and dreams. With lead singer Freddie Mercury at the helm, there’s no doubt that your special day will be full of excitement.

Although Adam Lambert has taken over as frontman in recent years, this band still maintains the same spark with which they began. To bring that iconic energy to your romantic celebration, check out our list of the best Queen songs for your wedding!

queen wedding songs

Don’t Stop Me Now

With a catchy beat and an irresistible chorus, this hit single is the perfect way to kick off your wedding reception! This upbeat Queen song will bring guests of all ages out of their seats and onto the dance floor in no time.

As Freddie Mercury belts out those unmistakable lyrics, your wedding guests are in for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t Stop Me Now is ideal for couples who want to keep their loved ones dancing all through the night.

If you’ve already got a song in mind to open the reception, you will appreciate the fact that this tune can be used just about anywhere. Whether you’re trying to liven things up or close the party out, this massive hit song is the perfect choice.

Somebody to Love

If you two are looking for a first dance song that captures the romance of your story, Somebody to Love is a great option! On your wedding day, this well-known song will make you two feel like the luckiest people on earth.

Since this catchy tune has been wildly popular for decades, you trust that your wedding band will be ready to rock. When the introduction begins, don’t be surprised if your wedding guests start singing along immediately.

Somebody to Love would also work well as a last dance song to complete your wedding reception. As you’re enjoying a private dance with the love of your life, you can look forward to an incredible future together.

Killer Queen

For couples who want a dynamic wedding playlist, Killer Queen is an underrated gem from this band’s diverse catalog. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new listener, this single is guaranteed to get the party started.

While Queen offers plenty of classic rock songs, Killer Queen stands out for its light, whimsical sound. When it comes to finding great rock songs for weddings, you can’t go wrong with this incredibly catchy tune.

Your wedding day is sure to be full of memorable moments, and you deserve a wedding playlist that highlights your memories. For this reason, you’ll love the way Killer Queen brings your most exciting moments to life.

Another One Bites the Dust

While this may not be the most romantic wedding song, there’s no denying that Another One Bites the Dust is a timeless classic. No matter the age range of your guest list, you can bet that everyone will love this Queen hit.

Another One Bites the Dust is a great song to play after things have slowed down a bit. As your guests are chatting over charcuterie and champagne, this song will provide the perfect background for their lively conversations.

While this may not be a particularly romantic song, Another One Bites the Dust is still beloved among rock fans. If you two are looking for a unique wedding song to add to your selective playlist, we cannot recommend this one enough.

Radio Ga Ga

Similarly, Radio Ga Ga is another great song to play during downtime in the wedding reception. If your guests have been dancing and need a bit of a break, this tune will give them just the ambiance they need to relax.

Radio Ga Ga is a fairly simple song, making it easy listening during your romantic celebration of love. From your wedding party members to your distant cousins, everyone in attendance can appreciate this charming tune.

If you include this classic song, your wedding day will be just as upbeat and fun as your incredible love story. With so many great song choices from Queen, Radio Ga Ga is a must-have on your dream wedding playlist.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This classic tune can be used during several moments throughout your wedding day, making it one of Queen’s most versatile songs. As the perfect mixture between a beautiful ballad and an upbeat dance track, Crazy Little Thing Called Love is one of their very best.

With this classic wedding song, you can add a little fun and a whole lot of love to your best day ever. This catchy tune will have everyone up and moving as you two dance the night away with your favorite people.

While Queen may not have many heartfelt love songs, Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a certified hit. Whether used during the processional or in the reception, this song will bring plenty of character to your special day!

Fat Bottomed Girls

If you and your partner are fun-loving music fans who don’t take yourselves too seriously, this song is perfect for you. Light-hearted, wild, and endlessly enjoyable, Fat Bottomed Girls is one of Queen’s most popular songs.

While this catchy tune may not be one for the kids, your friends will love jamming out to this classic rock song. In a world full of romantic ballads, sometimes it’s fun to let loose and break out all the awkward dance moves.

If this soulful song isn’t dynamic enough, we have a few more hits that will keep the party going steadily. After all, it’s safe to say that Queen’s stellar portfolio is vast enough to highlight your overall vision for the big day.

I Want to Break Free

There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel when you finally find the love of your life. To celebrate this special moment, why not include Queen’s hit song I Want to Break Free on your wedding playlist?

If you’re not sure when to feature this classic tune, we recommend playing it when your wedding party enters the reception. The relatable lyrics and steady beat will give them just the energy needed to get things going.

I Want to Break Free would also fit perfectly as a final dance song to close out the reception. As your guests take the hint and begin to file out, you two can prepare for a private dance together.

We Are the Champions

With a longstanding musical career that spans decades, Queen has plenty of chart-topping songs for your wedding. One of their most popular singles, We Are the Champions, is a certified crowd-pleaser that will liven up the party.

Like many of Queen’s other tunes, We Are the Champions has a versatility that makes it useful in several different areas. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about trying to make room for this one on your playlist.

This song is a great choice to use when you two are exiting the ceremony, as it will only heighten those feelings of excitement and happiness. As you two prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, this song is the perfect way to express what you’re feeling.

Under Pressure

Not to be confused with Ice Ice Baby, this is another wildly recognizable song from Queen’s extensive catalog. For cocktail hour, receptions, and a variety of wedding events, Under Pressure is a safe tune that everyone can enjoy.

Full of Freddie Mercury’s familiar ad-libs, Under Pressure promises plenty of crowd participation. It’s easy to understand how this well-known group continues to sell out massive concert venues year after year.

Under Pressure is a great choice for your wedding song list, especially when used to slow the party down. After a few upbeat tracks, you may want to give your guests a moment to grab drinks and chat as this one plays.

We Will Rock You

For couples who love lively, upbeat wedding songs, We Will Rock You is a must-have on your list. From angsty teens to their middle-aged parents, your guests will love singing and dancing along to this hit single.

We Will Rock You can be played when you want to get everyone up and moving, encouraging guests to clap and stomp to the beat. Whenever you choose to feature this song, it’s sure to bring more energy to your song list!

Bohemian Rhapsody

If you two are making the ultimate wedding playlist, there’s no way that you can leave this iconic song out. Bohemian Rhapsody is easily Queen’s most famous song, and it’s only grown more popular over the years.

Even before being featured in the movie Wayne’s World, Bohemian Rhapsody had stolen the hearts of rock fans everywhere. Today, this decades-old hit is recognized as one of the greatest songs of all time.

It’s nearly impossible to not sing along to this tune, making it the perfect song to play when things have slowed down. Your guests will be back out on the dance floor in no time belting this one out at the top of their lungs.

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