9 Adele Wedding Songs: A Moving and Heartfelt Soundtrack

Adele, the global superstar with countless Grammy Awards, has captivated listeners with her powerful voice through many chart-topping hits such as “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep.” Her soul-stirring lyrics and emotive melodies have resonated with fans worldwide, making her songs a hugely popular choice for weddings. In this article, we delve into the most romantic Adele wedding songs that can add an unforgettable touch of tenderness and passion to your special day.

Adele’s album “25” introduced listeners to a more mature and introspective artist, as she explored themes of love and devotion. Known for her timeless ballads and captivating lyrics, Adele’s music is especially fitting for weddings, providing a soundtrack for newlyweds during their first dance and as they walk down the aisle. With songs like “Sweetest Devotion” and “When We Were Young,” Adele’s discography offers a range of heartfelt tunes that evoke the spirit of romance and make a lasting impression on your wedding playlist.

Whether you’re curating your own wedding playlist or searching for the perfect song for your first dance, you simply must consider Adele’s enchanting tracks. Her music not only captures the essence of romance but also expresses the emotions and vulnerability inherent in any beautiful love story. With Adele’s wedding songs as a backdrop, you and your partner can create a magical, unforgettable atmosphere on your big day.

Adele Wedding Songs
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Make You Feel My Love

Originally written by Bob Dylan, “Make You Feel My Love” is a timeless love song that has been beautifully covered by Adele, whose soulful voice brings a new depth and emotion to the lyrics. This enchanting melody is perfect for couples seeking a romantic first dance song at their wedding.

Adele’s rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” captivates with lyrics that convey a deep sense of devotion and unconditional love. Lines like “I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue / I’d go crawling down the avenue / No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do / To make you feel my love” evoke the power of love and the lengths one would go to for their partner.

In addition to the touching lyrics, a string quartet version of this song adds an elegant and classical touch, making it ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere during a wedding ceremony or reception. The soft and soothing strings beautifully complement Adele’s yearning vocals, enhancing the romantic sentiment of the song.

“Make You Feel My Love” has proven to be a popular choice for weddings, both as a first dance song and as an accompaniment to tender moments throughout the celebration. It is no wonder that this unforgettable ballad has captured the hearts of so many couples as they embark on their lifelong journey of love and commitment together.

One and Only

The Adele song “One and Only” captures the magical essence of wedding bliss. This from-the-heart love ballad exudes happiness, making it an excellent choice for father-daughter dances at traditional American weddings. The lyrics showcase an undeniable bond between two people, and the melody gently sets the stage for a memorable moment between the bride and her father: “You’ve been on my mind / I grow fonder every day / Lose myself in time / Just thinking of your face”.

Adele is known for her soulful, emotionally charged performances, and “One and Only” certainly does not disappoint. The twinkling piano introduction leads into a captivating melody that rises and falls, taking listeners on an enchanting journey of love. The soaring chorus further highlights the deep emotion surrounding weddings and the special relationships shared between couples, family, and friends.

As the song progresses, listeners are captivated by the sincerity and vulnerability in Adele’s voice: “I dare you to let me be your one and only / I promise I’m worthy to hold in your arms”.These lyrics particularly resonate with the father-daughter dance, as the bride’s father hands her over to her one and only partner in life.

With its enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics, “One and Only” by Adele stirs the emotions of everyone who hears it, making it an ideal soundtrack for that tender father-daughter dance at beautiful traditional American weddings.

Sweetest Devotion

Adele’s “Sweetest Devotion” emanates warmth and affection, making it a remarkable choice for a first dance song at a wedding. With its upbeat melody, the track captures the essence of true love and the genuine happiness it brings.

The lyrics of the song are ones you’ll treasure at this beautiful moment in your life: “The sweetest devotion / Hitting me like an explosion / All of my life, I’ve been frozen / The sweetest devotion I’ve known”.

Though initially inspired by motherhood, the sincerity and joy in Adele’s words can easily be applied to the love shared by a newlywed couple. The song’s powerful expressions of unwavering devotion resonate with the emotional journey that awaits on their special day.

Another Adele gem that might fit well in a wedding setting is “My Same,” featuring an effervescent melody and lyrics that celebrate individuality and unconditional love. Both “Sweetest Devotion” and “My Same” would make outstanding first dance selections for couples looking to set an atmosphere of love and unity on their wedding day.

Adele’s “Sweetest Devotion” has all the aspects of a perfect wedding song, from its sincere message to its uplifting tempo. Couples selecting this track for their first dance will surely create a memorable and romantic moment to cherish forever.


Adele’s beautiful ballad “Remedy” from her critically acclaimed new album, 25, is a testament to the power of pure love, making it a wonderful choice for a wedding song. The inspiration for this song stems from the incredible bond Adele shares with her son, showcasing the sincerity and depth of her love. The emotional lyrics paint a picture of unwavering support and devotion, offering a soulful and comforting warmth to any wedding ceremony.

You’ll cherish these beautiful lyrics: “But when the pain cuts you deep / When the night keeps you from sleeping / Just look and you will see / That I will be your remedy”.

“Remedy” is a versatile wedding song that can complement various moments throughout the special day. Its tender melody, combined with lyrics that evoke the sentiment of a powerful and lasting love, make it a fitting choice for a first dance as a newlywed couple. Moreover, “Remedy” can evoke emotion when played by a live wedding band, adding that inimitable sparkle to the newlyweds and their closest family members swaying in harmony together on the dance floor.

This enchanting song by Adele encapsulates the essence of love in its purest and deepest form. As couples step into marriage and embark on their new journey together, “Remedy” serves as a gorgeous reminder that love will always be their ultimate solace, even during life’s most challenging moments.


Adele’s rendition of “Lovesong” brings a sublime, soulful touch to the classic track, originally by The Cure. Her powerful vocals and the emotional depth she adds to the lyrics make it an inspirational choice for a wedding. Ideal as a last dance song, “Lovesong” invokes a feeling of eternal love and commitment between the couple.

Some romantic lines from the song that will surely resonate with both the couple and their guests are: “However far away, I will always love you / However long I stay, I will always love you / Whatever words I say, I will always love you”. These honest and unadorned words emphasize the unwavering bond between two people, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

Adele’s version of “Lovesong” has not only found a place in the hearts of her fans but has also revisited the essence of the original track by The Cure. It offers couples the perfect opportunity to express their love and devotion, making it a timeless addition to any wedding celebration.

I Found a Boy

Adele’s passionate song, “I Found a Boy,” tells the tale of finding true love and the happiness it brings, making it a wonderful choice for a wedding celebration. The lyrics, “I found a boy who I love more than I ever did you before,” capture the essence of beginning a new chapter in life with a soulmate.

Known for her powerful vocal performance, Adele’s delivery of this song creates an emotional atmosphere that is sure to touch the hearts of newlyweds and guests alike. It is easy to imagine the enchanting melody filling the room as the couple shares their first dance together, solidifying their bond and love for one another.

“I Found a Boy” resonates with those who have found their dream partner, turning daydreams about love and happiness into reality. This makes it an ideal choice for couples wanting to express their newfound joy and commitment to each other through their choice of wedding music.

Adele’s enchanting performance and touching lyrics create the perfect ambiance for unforgettable wedding memories.

When We Were Young

Adele’s “When We Were Young” is a heartwarming ode to rekindling a past love and serves as an ideal soundtrack for a wedding, especially for couples who have an enchanting history. The moving lyrics touch the soul: You still look like a movie / You still sound like a song / My god, this reminds me / Of when we were young”. These lines effortlessly capture the nostalgia and connection shared between two lovers who have reunited.

The soulful voice of the multi-award-winning singer, Adele, brings the emotions of this tender ballad to life, making it a captivating choice for both the bride and groom. “When We Were Young” offers a timeless, romantic essence, perfect for couples who met in their childhood or have a story of rekindled romance.

A perfect moment for this song at a wedding would be the first dance between the newlyweds, as they begin their journey hand in hand, reminiscing about their past and looking forward to their future together. The hypnotic melody and Adele’s powerful vocals will undoubtedly resonate with guests, leaving an unforgettable impression on this special day.


Skyfall, the powerful and stirring ballad by Adele, offers a passionate soundtrack for a wedding with a rock edge. Though initially inspired by the James Bond film of the same name, its bewitching melody and evocative lyrics will create a dramatic and memorable wedding moment.

As the swelling strings and explosive instrumentation build tension, Adele’s haunting voice delivers the poignant line “Let the sky fall / When it crumbles / We will stand tall / Face it all together”. These words evoke a sense of fierce loyalty and devotion, making them a perfect sentiment for a couple entering a lifetime commitment.

The deeply emotional impact of Skyfall is stirred by Adele’s soaring vocals, painting a picture of love that remains strong even when faced with challenges: “Where you go I go, what you see I see, I know I’d never be me, without the security of your loving arms”.

Crazy for You

Adele’s “Crazy for You” is a captivating love song that showcases the artist’s emotional depth and incredible vocal talent. You’ll adore lyrics such as: “Lately with this state I’m in / I can’t help myself but spin / I wish you’d come over / Send me spinning closer to you”.

Featuring a soothing piano accompaniment reminiscent of John Legend’s enchanting melodies, “Crazy for You” highlights the heartfelt yearning for the object of one’s affection. This song from Adele’s debut album, 19, offers a slightly playful vibe, making it a refreshing choice for couples who wish to add a touch of whimsy to their wedding day.

Not only does “Crazy for You” stand apart from more popular Adele love songs like “Someone Like You,” it also presents an opportunity for couples to evoke a serene and intimate atmosphere during the wedding celebration. Its soulful sound and tender lyrics make it a versatile choice that can suit various moments throughout the big day.

With “Crazy for You,” Adele has crafted a stunning love ballad that effortlessly conveys the euphoric experience of being head over heels in love. Its soothing melody and moving lyrics create a memorable soundtrack that will undoubtedly resonate with couples and guests alike.

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