15 Stunning Purple And Silver Wedding Centerpieces

Purple has long been a color associated with power, royalty, and riches, as has silver, a color based on the precious metal that shares its name. 

Both purple and silver are popular colors in the wedding world, and not without good reason! Purple oozes extravagance and romance, while silver brings a sense of elegance and the ethereal to any affair. Put them together and you’ve got a match made in matrimonial heaven!

Visions of a starry night sky or fireflies glowing at dusk come to mind with this fusion of color, and we think it’s simply gorgeous!

Intrigued? Well, we’ve explored this glamorous and prestigious color combination to find some fabulous purple and silver wedding centerpiece ideas for your wedding. Go get inspired…

Purple Dahlias in Silver Planter

Purple Oval Sola Flower Arrangement

The arrangement is composed of ivory, lavender and purple sola wood flowers. Sola flowers are eco-friendly and made from balsa wood.

We love how lush these faux dahlias are! They’re almost overflowing from their silver galvanized metal planter. You almost wouldn’t believe they’re made from wood!

The different shades, ranging from royal purple to ivory, give this wedding centerpiece an ombré effect that’s both modern and pretty!

Purple Flowers in Jeweled Silver Vase

Unique Beautiful Vase

Each vase design is hand-made and many hours spent meticulously thought out and applied which makes every vase truly unique and one of a kind and can be used for any occasion.

This silver vase, adorned with crystals, rhinestones, and purple flowers, is unique and glamorous – perfect for a royalty-inspired wedding!

We love how the larger crystals are almost opaque and reflect pretty pastel colors.

The texture on the silver vase is a subtle detail, but one that makes a significant impact by adding depth and dimension to the piece. The texture reminds us of lace – a very bridal detail!

Lavender Rose Kissing Ball with Pearl on Silver Pedestal

Lavander Kissing Ball With Bling Pearl Brooch

Elegant flower ball made of premium Real Touch soft roses with Bling Pearl brooch. These premium roses have a crisp fresh cut flower look that hold shape and color over time. 

Though the design of kissing balls looks very modern in its perfect circle, the use of kissing balls dates back centuries. 

This kissing ball, made using lavender-colored roses, features small pearl details tucked among the flowers. These attributes add a touch of sparkle and even more class to an already beautiful floral arrangement. 

The fact that this kissing ball is elevated on a silver pedestal is also great for guest conversation since they’ll still be able to see and talk to one another across the table!

Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holders with Purple Garland

Beautiful Garland Votive Candle Table Centerpiece

Delicate lavender and white flowers on a wispy willow garland make a beautiful accent for 6 mercury glass votive candle holders. 

Mercury glass candle holders are a welcome addition to any wedding decor. They’re so pretty, and they add even more shine to the light produced by the candle inside them.

Add in the fact that these silver tea light candle holders also spell out the word “love,” and you’ve got a winning item to use for a head or entry table! 

The purple berry garland makes a perfect accent to the silver candle holders too. This is an unconventional purple and silver wedding centerpiece, but it’s still a striking one!

Purple Vase with White Flowers and Silver Branches

Purple Centerpiece Flower Arrangment

Amazing centerpiece for any party, any occasion as table decorations. They look amazing on a purple runner as shown in the picture. 

Talk about enchanting! The purple vase brings a pop of color to the white flowers inside it, while the silver branches dripping with crystals add some sparkle and shine to this fabulous purple and silver wedding centerpiece! 

We think this beautiful arrangement would be perfect for a night-time wedding, and/or a wedding with a fairytale or enchanted forest theme. 

Lavender Flowers Kissing Ball in Jeweled Silver Vase

Flower Ball Centerpiece

Nade of premium soft silk roses. These premium roses have a crisp fresh cut flower look that hold color over time.

This lavender kissing ball sits atop a tall, jeweled vase.

The vase is covered in tiny, sparkling jewels which brings welcome shimmer and shine to the more streamlined design of the round kissing ball. 

The combination of the hardness of the sparkling jewels with the soft, petaled flowers makes an interesting contrast that is well balanced and elegant. 

Purple Flowers with Greenery in Raised Metal Planter

Faux Greenery Decoration Green Arrangement

Greenery bathroom arrangement in a metal container.

This purple and green organic floral arrangement sits in a galvanized metal planter that, like a claw-foot bathtub, has small legs.

It’s these legs that literally and figuratively elevate the organic-looking floral arrangement inside.

We think this piece has a rustic look and would look wonderful in a barn-like setting.

Purple Floral Bouquet in Mirrored Silver Vase

Jennysflowershop Silk Rose Hydrange Floral Arrangement

Cute floral arrangement in purple/lavender theme. It can be used as a centerpiece for any events.

This centerpiece is perhaps the most sophisticated listing we found. We think the vases are gorgeous!

Deep purple, lavender, and just-barely lilac-colored blossoms are set in different-sized mirrored silver vases. 

Simply place a few tea light candles around the bases, and the vases will reflect them perfectly. 

Purple Roses on Pedestal with Crystals

Purple Centerpiece Arrangement

Rose Arrangement with premium real touch silk roses.You can pick rose color!

This purple half kissing ball, sitting atop a silver stand, just screams “luxury!”

The dark purple roses are so lush, and the depth of the color adds sophistication and mystery to the floral arrangement.

The stand not only displays a scalloped, lacy design on the edges, it also features crystal beads and prisms that, if you add candles, will create tiny rainbows as well as add sparkles to them.

Purple and White Flowers with Silver Accents

Though this arrangement is technically a wedding bouquet for a bride to carry, we thought it would be perfect for a wedding table centerpiece as well! 

The mix of ivory, lavender, and purple roses adds dimension to the overall arrangement, while the silver glitter accessories add a sense of glam and fun! 

Our favorite thing about this purple and silver wedding centerpiece is the use of silver metallic and glitter. The branches and tiny flowers look like they have simply been dipped in silver. 

Purple Table Sign with Silver Glitter Number

Purple and Silver Glitter Table Numbers

The cards are triple layered, backing is purple shimmer, middle layer is silver glitter and the top layer is number cut-out purple shimmer card.

Perhaps your favorite flower colors are yellow, pink, and white, but you’d still like to include silver and purple in your table centerpieces.

A perfect way to include purple and silver in your wedding centerpiece is to use a silver or purple vase for any flowers, silver or purple glass candle holders – or a purple and silver table number like this one!

This silver and purple table number can be placed on the tables using the stand that’s built into them, or you can keep the stand against the table number and place them into a photo frame for an even more glamorous look.

Purple Flowers and Silver Lantern Wedding Centerpiece

Country Wedding Lantern Purple Centerpiece

This country, modern farmhouse gold distressed lantern arrangement with bright, bold faux purple roses, hydrangea, lavender, baby's breath, and greenery arrangement would be that beautiful addition to your current decor or do you need that centerpiece for that special occasion such as a wedding.

We love this purple flower and silver lantern centerpiece because of the way the flowers almost seem to grow upward and overwhelm the lantern itself.

If you placed a candle – real or fake – inside the lantern, the flowers would seem to be glowing from within. It would be a warm and almost magical effect on an already beautiful centerpiece.

Purple String Lights in Mason Jar

Purple String Lights Wedding Decor

LED strings lights for lighting up you wedding reception centerpieces.

Another option for those who aren’t big fans of flowers. These mason jars with purple wire lights inside are charming and magical looking! 

You can also add these light-filled mason jars to your decor. For example, you could add a few of these alongside a small or even a large floral arrangement. Imagine the beautiful shade of lilac that white flowers would become with these lights shining on them!

Rustic Purple and White Flowers in Metal Planter

Purple and White Centerpiece

This centerpiece would look so good on your table or counter looking cheery.

These purple and white flowers are accented by delicate white baby’s breath sprays, while the hanging ivy adds a sense of romance to this purple and silver centerpiece. 

The best thing about this piece though is the French displayed on the galvanized metal planter. They read “flowers” and “garden,” respectively. We think the touch of French charm elevates an otherwise rustic centerpiece.

Purple Mason Jar with Silver Hand Painted Design

Jar Set of 4 Hand Painted in Purple and Silver Vase

A beautiful light purple / mauve color is painted around the entire jar and a delicate henna pattern is painted over the purple in silver. Several layers of high gloss top coat were added to increase durability. 

These purple mason jars are decorated with hand-painted silver designs, which give them a much more intricate and interesting look than they would have otherwise. 

We love the white flowers displayed in these jars! With such a vivid shade of purple and an intricate silver design, the white flowers balance those elements beautifully. Plus, white is the ultimate bridal color!

You could also place three or four of these hand-painted mason jars on a table with lit candles inside them, for a simpler but still stunning wedding centerpiece.

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