The 10 Best Prince Wedding Songs for Your Big Occasion!

If you’re looking for some classics to pop on a wedding playlist or a special request from the DJ, you needn’t look further than the music legend, Prince.

His back catalog is beyond compare, and full of hits that’ll suit any moment on your big day. ‘Raspberry Beret’ as the last dance song of the night? ‘The Beautiful Ones’ for your 1st dance? Maybe an instrumental version of ‘Nothing Compares 2U’ as you walk down the aisle?

There are so many beautiful Prince wedding songs, and we are so excited to share them with you in this blog post!

The work of Prince is so richly diverse, and famously wild as well, making it perfect for wedding celebrations. Don’t believe us? The guys at One Fab Day believe ‘1999’ was played at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

What better seal of approval do you need than a royal wedding song choice?!

The 10 Best Prince Wedding Songs

Prince was notoriously shy, and usually chose to let his music do the talking, so that’s precisely what we’re going to do! Here are our top Prince wedding songs that, we believe, should feature on your wedding playlist.

Little Red Corvette

This song cannot fail to get loved ones young and old onto their feet, or at least singing along!

‘Little Red Corvette’ is a classic dance club tune that’s dripping in 80s nostalgia, and ideal if you’re a couple who loves a bit of retro. Wedding DJs always have this happy song in their picklist of hits, ready to break it out when they feel the time is right!

We’d say, pop ‘Little Red Corvette’ on at around 10 pm. It may not force guests onto the floor, but it’ll certainly keep their toes tapping.

Let’s Go Crazy

If ‘Little Red Corvette’ didn’t drive loved ones onto the floor, this dance tune certainly should. ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is so full of rocking, R’n’B-infused rhythm, we refuse to believe anyone will still be sitting down by the end of it!

We love the energy of this song and feel it is an ideal end-of-the-night tune. Or maybe, if you’re a little on the wild side, play it as you’re exiting the ceremony together?

Just imagine dancing, hand in hand, to those 80s synthesizers and classic guitar solos! It would create such a unique wedding day moment.

Nothing Compares 2U

Those in the know will be aware that ‘Nothing Compares 2U’ was a famous hit for Sinead O’Connor, but the song itself was actually written by Prince. Their interpretations of the smash hit are completely different, however, the overall vibe is still fairly melancholic.

Whether you choose O’Connor’s version or Prince’s slightly faster take, ‘Nothing Compares 2U’ would be ideal towards the end of the night if you want some slow dances.

Or, as we said in the intro, maybe as an aisle-walking number. Especially if you have someone who can perform it acoustically.

Raspberry Beret

Nothing says Prince quite like ‘Raspberry Beret’. An immediately accessible track that guests of all ages will definitely appreciate, even if they woke up that morning not even knowing who Prince was.

Its romantic overtones, hints of sexuality, and happy vibes make it the perfect wedding dance song.

We could totally imagine you and your bridesmaids putting together some elaborate dance routines to this song! It lends itself so well to a bit of choreography, even if it’s just between you and your partner during the first dance.

Purple Rain

This song has a dramatic, music video-style first dance routine written all over it!

‘Purple Rain’ is an iconic pop song that has played a considerable part in the musical lives of so many, even if they weren’t around for its initial release. A power ballad that can unite a room.

We believe, depending on how it is interpreted, this unique song could be used at any point during your celebrations.

As an instrumental piece, ‘Purple Rain’ would create a beautiful experience during a ceremony. But equally, its sweeping rhythm would be incredibly effective at bringing older loved ones onto the dance floor.


Some might say we’ve peaked too soon with this number, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more amazing Prince wedding songs to come!

But we couldn’t wait any longer to include ‘Kiss’, a song that may be 36 years old, but sounds just as fresh today as it ever did. A feel-good tune that any fans of Tom Jones will know very well!

The distinctive beat and melodic guitar playing lend themselves to a primetime slot in your dance floor playlist.


“So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine”, what a classic line, and a floor-filler of a Prince song that’ll gift your private reception that big energy you’ve been dreaming of.

‘1999’ is thought to have been on the reception playlist of the royal couple, and if it was, we’re not surprised Meghan Markle wanted it included. It is epic.

The unique funky energy of this song is a sure-fire dance floor hit, while the lyrics make it ideal for a night when you should be celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

When Doves Cry

The pounding backbeat of ‘When Doves Cry’ would certainly get us heading towards the DJ area, and we wouldn’t be alone! Energy-wise, the song could work equally well during cocktail hour or toward the end of the night, depending on your theme.

Unsure if its overtly 80s style will work within your modern theme? The version created for Romeo + Juliet by Quindon Tarver could be ideal for you. Its 90s beats, gospel-style vocals, and fast pace make it a wonderfully fresh take on a classic Prince song.

I Wanna Be Your Lover

If all these 80s electronic beats aren’t quite to your taste, ‘I wanna be your lover’ could be the sexy antidote.

A 70s funk song sung exclusively in falsetto, this tune may be a little racy for the older members of your wedding party, but its hook-heavy rhythm and toe-tapping instrumentals should win them over!

We would love this iconic song to be played at any point during the festivities, but it feels like cocktail hour could be the ideal moment for the needle to hit the groove on this track.

Manic Monday

Tell mom that the start of your week has been a little busy, and she’ll probably be humming ‘Manic Monday’ before you’ve even finished your sentence.

The song was a huge hit in the eighties for The Bangles, and their rendition of this Prince-penned song is certainly still more popular than the original.

Stick Prince’s rendition on during drinks, or in-between events, and you’ll certainly initiate some chat between your guests about which version is best!

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