10 Brett Eldredge Wedding Songs Perfect for Your Big Day!

If you’re anything like us, you love a bit of Country. Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Chris Lane – these modern Country stars are forever on repeat at Wedding Pioneer.

But there’s one country singer we adore more than most right now, Brett Eldredge. Brett has some wonderful wedding songs that we know you’re going to love.

Read on to find out the best Brett Eldredge wedding songs for every moment of your special day.

Brett Eldredge Wedding Songs

About Brett Eldredge

Originally from Paris, Illinois, Brett Eldredge started out as a songwriter, crafting lyrics for other well-known Country artists such as Gary Allen and Trace Adkins.

But his talents for singing as well as songwriting could not be ignored, and in 2010 Brett was signed to Atlantic Records as a singer in his own right.

Brett Eldredge has released 7 critically acclaimed studio albums so far in his career and won multiple music awards.

Country music fans today love his modern take on the genre, often comparing him to the famous crooners of the 50s, such as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. This is mainly due to his soulful baritone voice, and his striking good looks!

The 10 Best Brett Eldredge Country Wedding Songs

The sweet and tender lyrical perfection that Brett Eldredge brings to his songs makes them ideal for a wedding day! Whether it’s a first dance, the last dance of the night, or the soundtrack to you walking down the aisle.

Brett Eldredge First Dance Songs

Mean to Me

This Brett Eldredge song has the first dance written all over it! The way the music sweeps and soars, guiding the bride as her billowing gown glides across the floor.

It’s an effortless tune to dance to, even if you’re not an experienced dancer.

The lyrics are super romantic as well. “If I could be the fire in your firefly/The cool in the rain/The spark in your eye/The answer to your prayer/And the faith that sets you free/Then I’d be what you mean to me.

Brett himself said the song is about telling someone how much they mean to you. “If I could mean half as much as these things, half as much as you mean to me, then that would be amazing“. The perfect sentiment for a first dance song.

Wanna Be That Song

The fact that Brett wrote this special song specifically for people falling in love, makes us appreciate it even more!

Like any good first dance song, ‘Wanna Be That Song’ builds slowly, then swirls, and hits you with some thrilling crescendos that’ll certainly create a magical moment on the dance floor.

This may not be a country song in a classic style, but we think it’ll appeal to a Country couple looking for a modern take on a romantic oldie!

Home Sweet Love

This charming love song is just so soulful, and the gentle rhythm makes it ideal for slowly taking your first dancing steps together. The pared-back nature of the music will certainly ensure that all the focus is on you and your partner.

We also love the lyrics of ‘Home Sweet Love’, as they are so touching and tender. They’re all about searching for someone who you can call home, and that now you’ve found them, it’s time to live in the moment. “You’ve been lookin’ for home sweet love and I’ve been lookin’ for you

Walking Down the Aisle Song

The Long Way (Airwaves Sessions Version)

Such a special moment demands an exceptional song. Something powerful, yet pretty to play as you glide down the aisle.

We believe ‘The Long Way’ could be that song! An authentic and soulful ballad that wonderfully describes the relationship our Country crooner dreams of finding.

We picked the Airwaves Sessions version of this track as it’s performed acoustically, which lends itself perfectly to a serene wedding ceremony setting.

Country Slow Dance Songs

The One You Need

Pop this tender love song on towards the end of your wedding reception, and we guarantee that all married couples and young lovers will gravitate towards the dance floor. It is the perfect choice for a slow dance song and has some really beautiful lyrics.

I’ve spent most my life/Thinkin’ love was out of reach/So maybe just this once/You could be the one I need” Fitting words to play out towards the end of the evening, or during a relaxed cocktail hour.

Holy Water

Somethin’ about your love just sets me free“, is such a heartfelt, deep sentiment sung by Brett in this song. He is a country music artist with a gift for sharing his innermost feelings, in a way we can all empathize with.

With its sprinkling of gospel singing and piano playing, this country love song would work wonderfully during cocktail hour, or for slow dances.

Where the Heart Is

‘Where the Heart is’ is one of our favorite country wedding reception songs because its beautiful, soulful vibe would work at any point during festivities, be it during post-ceremony drinks, or for slow dances towards the end of the night.

The simple nature of the lyrics will also make it hugely accessible for all your loved ones. While the slow build of the music will help to create one of those snapshot wedding moments, as it reaches its musical crescendo!

Upbeat Country Wedding Reception Songs

Love Someone

The beat of this song makes it feel like a classic country song, something you have to tap your toes to. While the uncomplicated, romantic lyrics and modern country music production keep it feeling wholly contemporary.

We love this as a dance floor filler, or as a celebratory song to play during cocktail hour. A tune that’ll set an upbeat, cheerful tone for the rest of the day.

Drunk on Your Love

We can totally imagine this Country pop song playing at the very height of your reception celebrations, when everyone is on the dance floor, drink in hand and joyfully singing along to every record being played!

‘Drunk On Your Love’ is the perfect choice for couples who want to give their wedding day a fun, upbeat vibe, but with just a touch of sweet romance, “Wish I could bottle you up and drink you in all day long/Every day singing this song”.

Somethin’ I’m Good At

Your guests will be begging for a rewind from your DJ if he spins this tune at your reception! It’s such a lively and simple pop song, full of charming lyrics your loved ones won’t be able to resist singing along to!

“I can’t change the world, no I can’t change a flat/If you give me your heart, girl, well, you may never get it back“. This track is perfect for the dance floor, or perhaps for your ceremony exit.

The upbeat feel to the song would create such an infectiously positive mood during your beautiful day!

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