32 Unique Pocket Watch Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Ask anybody who has gotten married or planned a wedding, and they’ll probably say the number one stressor was time. Things have to happen so quickly, that even the strictest (and well-intentioned) timelines have a tendency to go off the rails. 

When you’ve got a wedding party who has been there all morning, it’s easy to lose track of time. For the groom who gets ready more quickly, than, say the bridesmaids, take advantage of the downtime you have with your groomsmen before the party starts. 

Gift them each a unique and one-of-a-kind pocket watch, and you’ll be sure to never miss a moment with your best man, best friends, and groomsmen.

Check out our carefully curated list of 32 unique pocket watches below, and you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. 

Gold Engraved Mechanical Watch

Engraved Gold Mechanical Pocket Watch

Commemorate your special moment in time with our personalized gold mechanical pocket watch.

Your groomsmen might steal the limelight away from the bride with these gleaming gold engraved mechanical beauties!

These mechanical watches only need winding to keep time, and you can trust that the groomsmen will take every opportunity to take these bad boys out and show them off. 

Make each one unique by personalizing them with monograms or text on both the front and back.

Double Hunter Skeleton Pocket Watch

Vintage Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch

Another of our most popular pieces, this mechanical time piece is a beauty.

This stunner of a pocket watch is suitable for every groomsman.

The skeleton face displays a gorgeous white dial that is embossed with Roman numerals. 

The good thing about stainless steel watches like these is that they are splashproof! 

Antiquated Brass Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Brass Open Face Pocket Watch With Vest Chain and Leather Case to keep it secured.

This handmade brass open-face pocket watch comes with a beautiful leather case to keep it safe and secure.

We love that this watch is battery-operated, meaning you can forget to wind it and still keep track of time. 

These watches can be personalized with a quote, name, or date on the back. 

Photo Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch Engraved with Photo

Our classic-style personalized pocket watch is the perfect gift for any man in your life.

For an extra sentimental touch, this pocket watch includes a photo.

When the groomsman pushes the button to open the watch face, why not put a meaningful photo inside of the two of you to commemorate the great relationship you two have?

Bronze Poker Fanatic Pocket Watch

Bronze Poker Fanatic Pocket Watch

Dapper Chaps presents one vintage-inspired Men's bronze plated Gambler's pocket watch with Casino-inspired Dice and Lucky Penny decoration.

Is the groomsman you’re looking to buy for a fan of poker or gambling? Check out this casino-inspired pocket watch that comes with a chain to attach securely to his coat. 

The outside of the watch features a Royal Flush. With him by your side on your wedding day, you’re definitely both winners. 

Steampunk Phoenix Pendant Watch

Steampunk Phoenix Pendant Watch

This pocket watch designer tries to give you a new feeling, creative nostalgia pocket watch full of unique feeling.

The striking design of this steampunk phoenix pocket watch would make any groomsman proud to show this off. It comes with a lovely gift box and microfiber cleaning cloth for easy gifting and maintenance!

If they’re not a fan of the gold, it comes in a classy black metal as well. And we all know, black goes with everything!

Bronze and Wood Pocket Watch

Bronze and Wood Pocket Watch

This creatively designed timepiece is a great way to show that special person you care and will be remembered for a lifetime.

A handsome combination of wood and metal makes this pocket watch a truly unique gift. A Half Hunter design with mechanical hand-wind, it’s perfect for someone with a classic, old soul. 

Mechanical Train Pocket Watch

Mechanical Train Pocket Watch

48mm antiqued brass mechanical pocket watch. On 30 inches of antiqued brass chain or on a mens fob chain that hooks onto your belt.

For the train enthusiast in your life, this mechanical pocket watch in antiqued brass would be a thrilling gift to receive. The Victorian look is both classic and classy!

Hollow Golden Skeleton Hand Pocket Watch

Luxury Gold Mechanical Pocket Watch

100% Brand New and High Quality. Transparent Skeleton.

On the more ornate side, we love the peekaboo cutouts for the roman numerals on this hollow golden skeleton hand pocket watch. The antique pattern is gorgeous to look at and any groomsman would love to wear this gold beauty proudly. 

Pewter Bear Pocket Watch

Bear Pocket Watch

The front face of this item is handcast from pewter by us in our Worcestershire studios.

Got an outdoorsy nature enthusiast in your party of groomsmen? This pocket watch is hand cast from pewter, bearing (see what we did there?) some serious heft. 

Double Half Hunter Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

Double Half Hunter Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

This creatively designed timepiece is a great way to show that special person you care and will be remembered for a lifetime.

We know the Double Half Hunter look isn’t for everybody, but honestly, this stainless steel pocket watch is like having a party in the front and the back- what’s not to like?

We could spend hours just opening and closing the sides and watching the mechanisms tick on and on.

Octagon Watch with Charm

Octagon Watch with Charm

This version has a handsome blending of bronze, gold, & black.

This pocket watch truly is an original because of its eight-sided body, black dial, and dual-sided glass windows. We adore the tiny initial charm attached to this octagonal watch.

If you have a group of groomsmen, this is a great way to gift each of them their own special timepiece, while keeping it all cohesive.

Vintage Wolf Pocket Watch

Vintage Bronze Wild Wolf Retro Bronze Pocket Watch

Case Diameter: About 4.7cm. Case Thickness: About 1.5 cm. Total Length of Chain: About 80cm.

Any fans of The Hangover movie franchise? Show the groomsman in your crew that you’re proud to call him a member of your wolfpack with this vintage pocket watch. 

Captain America Inspired Pocket Watch

Captain America Silver Plated Pocket Watch

This piece was inspired by Marvel's Captain America comics and has the famous Superhero Captain America logo on the front case of the pocket watch.

Got a Marvel fanatic in your wedding party? They’ll appreciate this bold Captain America-inspired pocket watch. 

The best thing also, if you’re a fan of superheroes, is that there is a wide range of themed pocket watches out here for all of you.

Iron Man, Batman, Superman, collect them all for the superheroes standing by your side on your wedding day. 

Monogrammed Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

This article will help you decide whether or not a Pocket Watch would be the right gift for your groomsmen.

Keep it simple with a monogrammed initial and name engraved on the outside of this gift watch. Battery-powered and made from stainless steel, it’ll serve as a timeless reminder of your friendship!

50-Year Calendar Antique Watch

Personalized Pocket Watch with 50 Year Calendar

The Pocket Watch is battery operated, better can be easily replaced by twisting the back of the Watch off.

Who knew you could keep time for 50 years with just a pocket watch? With this 50-year calendar pocket watch, now you can.

This perpetual calendar on the back of this watch would make a great gift for the best man, or even a Dad or father-in-law.

Peaky Blinders Pocket Watch

Peaky Blinders Pocket Watch

Materials: Mechanical pocket watch, Steampunk style, Metal Alloy Case, Engraved Metal Plaque, Rosewood box, Peaky Blinders

A rosewood box encases this mechanical pocket watch and truly pays homage to the hit TV show Peaky Blinders. If you’ve got a themed wedding, this would just be the extra cherry on top. 

The engraved plaque inside the box is a wonderful way to share a meaningful sentiment to the groomsmen receiving this keepsake. 

Vintage Dragon Pendant Watch

For the groomsman that loves fiction and fantasy, gift him this beautiful vintage dragon pocket watch. 

Fisherman Pocket Watch

Fisherman Design Pocket Watch

The front face of this item is handcast from pewter by us in our Worcestershire studios.

An elegant pewter pocket watch engraved with a fisherman is a perfect gift idea for any fishing enthusiast in your life. The seller also provides a free engraving service so be sure to include their name or a sentimental message. 

Queen Anne’s Lace Pocket Watch

Queen Annes Lace Pocket Watch

This wonderful pocket watch is made of REAL pressed flowers.

We had to include this gorgeous watch with dried flowers because, quite frankly, some grooms have women standing on their side. 

This Queen Anne’s Lace pocket watch with real pressed flowers set in eco resin against a dark green background is so tasteful. A great choice to include if you’re on the hunt for a pocket watch for your “grooms woman”. 

Postmodern Mechanical Watch

Black Postmodern Mechanical Pocket Watch

41mm mechanical pocket watch. On 28 inches of chain but I can make this any other length by request.. just let me know at checkout.

A mid-century beauty, this mechanical pocket watch hangs on 28 inches of chain. You can see the gear movement through the front and back windows of the watch.

Available in brass, gunmetal, or silver, you can be sure to match each groomsman to a watch they’ll love. 

Bronze Octopus Pocket Watch

Octopus Bronze Pocket Watch

A very nice gift that goes just as well for women as for men, an octopus themed pocket watch.

This octopus pocket watch would be perfect for a nautical enthusiast. We love the look of all bronze and the fact that you can catch a glimpse of the watch face through the octopus’ tentacles!

Philippians 4:13 Engraved Watch

Philippians 4:13 Engraved Watch

The watch is about 1 3/4” wide x 1/2” thick, comes with a 30” link chain and weighs a feather light 2 ounces!

Got a particularly religious groomsman? This quartz bronze-cased watch has an off-white watch face with a stamped filigree back.

It’s extremely reliable and accurate, and he will appreciate your thoughtfulness in celebrating his faith with this gift!

Wooden Pocket Watch

Wood Pocket Watch

With an attractive wooden case, exquisite dials, and stylish brass chain, this wooden pocket watch design is unique in its own way!

This wooden watch is a refreshing switch up from all of the metal watches that are usually found online. With options like walnut, zebrawood, and two sandalwood varieties, you can tailor each watch to your groomsman. 

Elegant Engraved Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch with Engraving

Enclosed by the black stainless steel case, it contains a white dial with large numerals and vintage hands. 

Smooth, svelte, and stylish, this elegantly engraved pocket watch is as timeless as the timepiece itself. We love the color options (ranging from gold to black) and know that this watch will absolutely be considered a keepsake in the future. 

Gunmetal Steampunk Watch

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Part of our range of specially selected pocket watches; named after those who made an impact in time from the North of England; made to ensure you never miss a moment again.

The intricacies of mechanical watches are not lost upon us. With one glance at this gunmetal steampunk pocket watch, you’ll know this is a one-of-a-kind treasure. 

Now the only problem is, what other accessory can a groomsman wear that isn’t going to outshine this bad boy? If you ask us, nothing else is needed.  

Retro Hollow Phoenix Pocket Watch

Retro Hollow Phoenix Pocket Watch

This watch provides accurate and accurate timing for quartz mobile pocket watch.

The mythical phoenix, rising from its ashes, is a tale as old as time.

For the groomsmen who have been to hell and back, show him how proud you are to have him there on your big day with this stunner of a pocket watch. 

Family Coat of Arms Pocket Watch

Family Coat of Arms Pocket Watch

A Great deal of work from research to final production goes into this bespoke item.

A stunning homage to your groomsmen’s families, these coat of arms pocket watches are engraved with family crests and done in rose gold. 

Minimalistic Multicolored Wood Pocket Watch

Star Wars Pocket Watch

The working Quartz battery-operated pocket watch comes with a chain fit for wear on a waistcoat.

Any Star Wars enthusiast is going to adore this pocket watch. May the Force be with You (and your groomsmen) on your wedding day!

Trout Design Pocket Watch

Trout Fish Design Pocket Watch

The front face of this item is handcast from pewter by us in our Worcestershire studios. It comes in a gift box perfect for presentation and has a 45mm external diameter.

We love the idea of this trout design pocket watch going to a groomsman that you’ve taken many fishing trips with.

The beautiful pewter trout is so lively, and we know the recipient is going to take it out with them on the next fishing trip. 

Ornate Black Mechanical Watch

Ornate Black Mechanical Watch

With its stylish and unique design, it can be used for everyday wear and special occasions.

This Half Hunter-style pocket watch is made from black stainless steel.

At first glance, you’ll see a glimmer of gold peeking through the ornate filigree, and upon opening it up, the mechanics of this timepiece are seriously mesmerizing. 

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