14 One Direction Wedding Songs: Upbeat, Emotional Melodies

You’re probably familiar with One Direction as one of the most successful pop groups of all time, that is unless you were living under a rock from 2010-2015. During this time, these talented young men revived the beloved boy band era, winning millions of fans all over the world.

From romantic tunes to fun party songs, One Direction has a diverse discography that resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. For this reason, they’re the perfect band to feature on your dynamic wedding playlist.

If you can’t decide which of their chart-topping hits to include in your celebration, we’re here to announce that you really can have it all. Here are the best One Direction wedding songs to transform your big day into a never-ending party.

One Direction Wedding Songs
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Night Changes

Night Changes is a wildly popular song that the band released in 2014. Although it was one of their last singles, this tune is still beloved by fans and casual listeners alike.

The romantic lyrics of this song remind you to hold onto life’s most precious moments before they fade away. Including Night Changes on your wedding playlist will help you to appreciate all the memories you’ve shared.

Due to its somber tone, Night Changes shouldn’t be used as a first or last dance song during your wedding reception. Instead, we recommend playing this slow jam in the middle of the reception when guests need a moment to chat and rest.

What Makes You Beautiful

With this hit single, One Direction took the pop world by storm. No one on earth can resist the upbeat rhythm and fun tone of What Makes You Beautiful.

This is a great song to play when you want to liven up the party or encourage a little crowd participation. Your wedding guests will love singing along to this tune, belting out the lovestruck lyrics at the top of their lungs.

Story of My Life

While this may be more of a slow jam, Story of My Life remains wildly popular. Whether you’re searching for the best first dance songs or putting the finishing touches on your wedding playlist, you’ll want to include this hit single.

Story of My Life is a great choice for your first dance, highlighting the romance of your unique bond. If your love story feels more like a Hollywood movie, this One Direction song is a must-have for the soundtrack.

If you’ve already got a first dance song in mind, Story of My Life can also be played during the reception or cocktail hour. Wherever you choose to feature this tune, it’s guaranteed that it will highlight your special day.

Right Now

One of One Direction’s slower singles, Right Now is a powerful song about star-crossed lovers. If you’ve been searching for a romantic ballad to add to your playlist, this tune may be perfect for the big day.

This song is ideal for couples who may have gone through a period of long-distance during their relationship. Right Now reminds you that all those long nights spent apart were worth it, as they still led you to this incredible moment together.


This song goes out to all the couples who make each other feel like they’re young again. To the high school sweethearts who’ve been best friends forever, this one’s for you!

18 celebrates couples who found each other during their younger years, honoring the energy and excitement of youth. Playing this song will encourage you to reflect on the glory days, filling you with gratitude for this picture-perfect love story.

As a couple who’s had the privilege of growing and maturing together, you know just how important it is to appreciate the little things. It’s this hard-earned wisdom and maturity that will lead you two into a lifetime of love together.

One Thing

Some people spend decades searching high and low for someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with. When you’ve finally found your soulmate, it’s definitely an event worth celebrating; you can honor that special someone with this romantic One Direction song.

One Thing is the perfect recessional song for couples that consider themselves genuinely inseparable. From love at first sight, to happily ever after, there’s just something about your partner that you can’t get enough of.

Kiss You

It goes without saying, but your wedding day should be full of laughter, hugs, and yes, plenty of kisses. Adding this song to your wedding playlist is a great excuse to steal a few extra kisses from your brand-new spouse.

Kiss You can be played at any time during the reception, as it’s fairly versatile and always brings a positive tone. Just be sure that it’s bookended with other upbeat tunes, and you’re guaranteed to keep the party going.

As a recessional song, it can also be a fun way to celebrate your first kiss as a married couple. While your guests clap and cheer you on, you’ll be ready to begin this incredible new season of life together.

Live While We’re Young

You and your partner may be a bit young, but when you know, you know! If you were lucky enough to find your soulmate early in life, this is the song for you!

Live While We’re Young works perfectly when you want to liven things up during the wedding reception. Your guests will be dancing and singing along as you two head into a lifetime of love together.

Best Song Ever

On your wedding day, you need a playlist full of songs that will bring the celebration to life. Best Song Ever is the perfect One Direction song to highlight the excitement and fun of your big day.

Your event will be full of romantic, special moments, especially your grand entrance into the reception. As your wedding party makes its way into the room, Best Song Ever will set the mood perfectly for what is to come.

One of the band’s more upbeat tunes, this song will have your wedding guests out of their seats in no time. As your friends and family make their way to the dance floor, you’ll realize just how fitting this song is on your best day ever.

Steal My Girl

Steal My Girl is another positive, upbeat song that will keep your guests moving and grooving on the dance floor. We recommend playing this tune during the reception or cocktail hour to keep everyone excited and engaged.

Steal My Girl also works well as a grand exit song played at the end of the night. As you two ride off into the sunset, everyone will know that you are 100% meant to be.

Drag Me Down

Life certainly has its ups and downs, but once you’ve found your person, it’s as if nothing else in the world matters. No One Direction song captures this feeling quite like Drag Me Down.

Meaningful lyrics and a steady rhythm make this hit single a must-have on your wedding playlist. In addition to being a fun dance track, this song has an important message to deliver about relationships.

Drag Me Down describes the confidence and strength of being in a safe, secure union. If you’ve got a love story that makes you feel invincible, we cannot recommend this song enough!


It’s all in the title, this song is perfect for taking your wedding playlist to the next level! From its amazing lyrics to the relentless beat, it’s impossible not to start dancing and singing when you hear this classic tune.

Speaking from the perspective of a lovestruck man, the boy band sings about a fairy tale relationship that just makes sense. They remind us that even with all of our flaws and imperfections, the right person will always feel like a perfect fit.


With its steady rhythm and romantic feel, Strong is another great One Direction song to play on your wedding day. This beloved song is definitely a crowd-pleaser, so you can bet that your guests will be singing along with you!

If you’re not quite sure when to play it, Strong is a perfect recessional song to play as you two exit the ceremony. It would also work well as a first dance wedding song, preparing you two for a lifetime of loving and lifting each other up.

While One Direction has plenty of chart-topping singles, Strong provides you with a great opportunity to let your partner know just how much they mean to you. For the person who makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do, this song is the only option.


History is an optimistic, upbeat song, ideal for your romantic wedding reception. If you two want to share a fun, light-hearted dance during the event, this song is sure to give you your moment.

For couples who seem to have been together forever, History encompasses all of the best things about your romance. Your love story has stood the test of time, and you deserve many more years of life and laughter together!

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