29 Awesome Nerdy Wedding Invitations For Your Inner Geek

Okay, nerdy brides, this one’s for you! We know your level of fandom knows no end, so join us on our quest to cover the wide world of awesomely nerdy wedding invitations.

Whether you’re a self-professed witch trying to make your way in a world dominated by Muggles, a retro Nintendo gamer fan, or everything in between, take a look at our collection of wedding invitations that are dedicated to celebrating your particular love!

We know there’s way more out there than what’s represented, so we gathered some of the most popular fandoms out there: some Star Wars, Harry Potter, Zelda, comic books, and a dose of Doctor Who.

No great fantasy series would be complete without a touch of romance in the story, so buckle up and let’s get questing!

Dual Sun Sci-Fi Wedding Invite Set

Dual Sun Sci-Fi Wedding Invite Set

Your saga is just about to begin, and there is no better way to announce your journey than with this illustrated Star Wars invitation set! 

We’re big fans of this lovely wedding invitation set which features the iconic dual sun motif from Star Wars.

With the fabulous Star Wars font, Yoda (and typical Yoda speech), you can’t go wrong with this set if you’re getting married in a galaxy far, far away. 

Star Wars Galactic Font Wedding Invite

Star Wars Wedding Invitation Theme Galaxy

In a galaxy far, far away...This Star Wars inspired wedding invitation is perfect for the fabulous geek-chic wedding.

We love the almost iridescent galactic font option on this stellar wedding invite. With fun prints of all things Star Wars on the border, the end product is a fun and refreshing take on Star Wars fandom. 

If the purple color isn’t for you, they also have a galactic blue, as well as a black and white option!

Lightsaber Wedding Invitation

Star Wars Inspired Wedding Set

All designs are high-quality printable PDF files, featuring text customized for your special day! A printable file is an affordable way to buy custom wedding invitations, without the high-end price! 

The iconic lightsaber is featured on this awesome wedding invite; a striking way to show your love for each other as well as for the Star Wars world (although we’re not sure how effective battling with a curved lightsaber could be…). 

Embrace your destiny as a married couple with these stunning wedding invitations! You’ll get a kick out of the descriptions of the wedding party listed on the back as well. 

Zelda TriForce Themed Invite

Zelda TriForce Themed Invite

This printable wedding invitation set is the perfect mix of fandom and elegance. The invitation and coordinating items will be customized for you with your information. 

Are you and your sweetheart big Zelda fans? This TriForce Love-themed wedding invitation is a great way to invite your family and friends to support you on your quest to get hitched!

With the forces of power, wisdom, and courage on your side, these romantic and subtle wedding invitations are a great way to incorporate your love of all things Zelda. 

Artsy Botanical Zelda Themed Invitation Set

Zelda Invitation Wedding Suite

It's dangerous out there! Don't go alone! Invite your nearest and dearest to share in your special day.

Planning your wedding aesthetic and want to tie in all the gorgeous greens from Zelda?

Grab these botanically designed wedding invitations. We love the small details – the green rupees on the RSVP card are too cute!

Custom Pokemon Card Styled Wedding Invitation

Pokemon Card Wedding Invite

This design will be printed on a high-quality post card with square cut corners (Not rounded). These come without an envelope and will be packaged safely before transport to you.

Want to show the world that you found your match? Check out these Pokemon card wedding invitations!

They just scream “I Choose You” and are complete with details in a nice, compact, and orderly fashion. Makes us want to break out our collection of Pokemon cards!

Marauder’s Map Wedding Invite

Marauders Themed Wedding Invitations

Congratulations on your engagement or the prospect of an upcoming party! I'm here to help take the stress away of designing your invitation and getting them printed!

Potterheads, now it’s your turn to shine! Are you and your partner madly in love and up to no good? 

Manage your mischief with this incredibly detailed Marauder’s Map wedding invite. We love the iconic Harry Potter font (a must) and the aged, beige look of the foldout invitation. 

Wizard Train Ticket Themed Wedding Invitation

Printable Wizard Train Ticket Invitation

Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Edit online with canva.com. No software required. Download and print your design in minutes! Or send digital invitations via text or email!

Planning a wedding is quite a journey. And what better way to encapsulate the joy of going on this big adventure than with a train ticket? 

All aboard Platform Nine-and-three-quarters! Give your guests a first-class ticket invitation to your big day with this incredibly detailed wedding invitation. 

Minimalistic Unbreakable Vow Harry Potter Invite

The Unbreakable Vow Harry Potter Inspired Digital

A printable file is an affordable way to buy custom wedding invitations, without the high-end price! Print at home, online, or take to your local printer. 

So much of the Harry Potter story is about love, and any fan knows that in their heart of heart.

Celebrate your love with touches of the Unbreakable Vow on this gorgeous, minimalistic Harry Potter wedding invite. 

We love the delicate take on the Elder wand motif on the bottom, as well as the iconic Deathly Hallows. 

Wizard-Themed Nerdy Wedding Invitations

Wizard Themed Wedding Invitation

Your guests will look forward to The Wedding when they see the owl delivering their invitation, cut from premium card stock and layered with gold vellum.

The Deathly Hallows is center stage on this wizard-themed wedding invitation. You’ve also got Hedwig, presumably, carrying this invitation to your friends and family’s mailboxes, along with the beautiful silhouette of Hogwarts. 

With color options of gold, silver, and blush, you can be sure to match this wedding invite to your magical wedding theme easily. 

Harry Potter World Themed Wedding Invite

Wizarding Wedding Invitation Set

These invitations were personally hand drawn and designed in order to bring a fresh and unique perspective to your invitations.

There are so many scenes in the Harry Potter world where a piece of paper, be it an acceptance letter from Hogwarts or a screaming Howler, makes a huge difference in someone’s life. You should think of your wedding invites in the same fashion!

After all, it’s not often that a Muggle gets an invite to a wizarding wedding!

Celebrate your love with these beautifully themed invitations, complete with floating candles, broomsticks, and Owl Post. 

Art Deco Style Magical Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Suite Art Deco Classy and Retro

This wedding invitation suite features a unique Art Deco design. Classy and retro, this is the perfect wedding invitation suite! You can change the color of everything in this template to match to your perfect wedding!

Here’s the thing about incorporating your fandom into your wedding invitations- it doesn’t necessarily have to be over the top obvious!

Just take a look at this modern, refined magical wedding invitation that gives us art deco vibes with its intricate and geometric design. 

You can also include a photo of you and your love, which is a plus in our book!

Retro Gaming Inspired Wedding Invitation Set

DIY Print Yourself Retro Gamer Inspired Wedding Invite

These life-sized 5.5x 3.5" Save the dates are sure to set the tone for your wedding day! You will receive your personalised order in a single format as well as an easy to print 4 per page format.

For all the throwback Nintendo fans, this Gameboy-styled wedding invitation will transport you back to those good old days of playing Mario and Duckhunt in the basement!

We love how the set also includes the iconic handheld controllers for RSVP cards. The accept and decline are the A and B buttons- ingenious!

Classic 80’s Nintendo Themed Invitation

Classic Video Game Wedding Invites

Celebrate adding a second player to your lives with this classically geeky Nintendo invitation set! Whether a gamer, geek, child of the 80's, this NES inspired digital invitation set will be sure to delight yourselves and guests alike.

We’re pretty sure anybody who remembers messing around with the cartridges and blowing them to get it to magically work will appreciate this wedding invitation!

The riff on “Nintendo” to “Intended” is so sweet, and we love the nostalgia of 8-bit imagery.

Mario Themed “Level Up” Gamer Wedding Invite Suite

Gamer Geek Retro 8-bit Level up Printable Wedding Invitation

This unique design will set the perfect tone for your wedding day!

Mario fans, this one is for you!

If you want to make it to the next world, tell your friends and family that you’re leveling up and ready to face the next bad boss together with these adorable gamer wedding invites.

We love the background effects of clouds, bricks, and coins. You can even “choose your character” and customize it to your liking so it’s truly a reflection of the two of you. 

Custom Comic Book Cover Themed Wedding Invitation

Comic Book Wedding Invitation

If you're looking for a unique wedding invitation, look no further! Choose this fun and cool, comic book cover invitation - it makes people smile as soon as they open it and it's a fun keepsake! 

Are you and your love big into comic books? If this is your realm, consider making your wedding invitation a customized comic book cover!

We love the impactful design, the accurate fonts, panels, and speech bubbles. Your friends and family would be thrilled to celebrate you two superheroes on your big day!

Dungeons and Dragons Wedding Invite

Dungeons and Dragons Wedding Invite

Inspired by tabletop games and RGP, these invitation sets include invitations, save the date and rsvp cards. Customize the colors to match your wedding and get ready to show off your collimate.

If you’re into Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll know that the entire game is based on storytelling and imagination. We love how imaginative and gorgeous this wedding invite is!

It features blossoming florals, a dragon claw, and of course, the magnificent 20-sided dice with you and your partner’s initials. You’ll be proud to share your story on your wedding day

Renfaire Themed Wedding Invite

Medieval Renaissance Middle Ages Dragon Knight

This listing includes an Instant Digital Download. You edit the template yourself using your web browser. You will be emailed a link to access your template after purchase within a few minutes.

Want to feel like nobility on the big day? We don’t blame you; the medieval theme is a great way to feel like a real Lady and Lord!

We love the aged look of the design, the regal knight on a horse, and the medieval language that brings it all together.

Elegant Dice Wedding Invitation

Elegant Watercolour D20 Dice Wedding Invitation

With this DIY printable suite you will receive a template for the invitation, details, and RSVP pieces to personalize at your leisure. You will be able to change the fonts and font colours to match the theme of your event.

This wedding invitation puts the 20-sided dice front and center.

The dreamy, elegant watercolor look adds a sense of fantasy and possibility which is perfect for a romantic wedding!

Medieval D&D Wedding Invite

D&D Save the Date Template Dungeons and Dragons Theme

Invite your guests on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime! Surprise them with a fantastical save-the-date that fits your unique event best!

Your quest to throw the perfect wedding is just within reach! With just a roll of the die, you too can find yourself with this awesome Dungeons and Dragons wedding invitation.

Magic: The Gathering Wedding Invitation Card

Magic the Gathering Wedding Invite

Please pick which Mana Colour you would like for your card. This is an amazing way to personalise your card!

Are you and your partner into Magic: The Gathering? If so, this is the wedding invitation card that everybody needs to have in their deck! 

Primary color options include black, blue, green, red, and white, which will make for great keepsakes in the future!

Wizard and Fireworks Lord of the Rings Wedding Invite

Wizard and Fireworks Geeky Wedding Package

This is a wedding invitation set that I created based on my love for geeky books and movies! I hand drew the little wizard and horse cart and then added some digital elements as well. 

Calling all hobbitses- these merry wedding invitations feature a silhouette of Gandalf and a hobbit on their way to a festive celebration!

If you’re a Lord Of The Rings fan, you’ll particularly appreciate the ring and fireworks motif.

Elven-Inspired Lord of the Rings Invite

Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitation Elven Inspired Suite

This invitation pack features hand drawn elven inspired designs and a parchment background. 

If you’re feeling inspired by the Fellowship, check out this Elven-themed wedding invite!

There aren’t many timeless love stories and folklore out there like Aragon and Arwen’s, but if you think yours is up to their level, grab these ASAP!

Digital “The Adventure Begins” Lord of the Rings Invitation

Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitation Template Printable

Celebrate your wedding with this fantastic Tolkien themed wedding invitation.

You definitely will have the “One Wedding to Rule Them All” with these LOTR wedding invites!

We love how they feature the Elven script and the White Tree of Gondor… makes us want to jump right into watching the movies again!

“We’re Going On A Quest” Lord of the Rings Invite Set

Lord of the Rings Wedding Invite Set

One geeky love to rule them all! What better way to celebrate your wedding than with hand illustrated Lord of the Rings themed invitations?

Getting married is an adventure, and for those of us who are ready to leap, you’ll want to have this wedding invite in your back pocket. 

Doors of Durin and Moria Themed Wedding Invite

Moria Invitation Doors of Durin Lord of the Rings

The drawing of the hidden doors to Moria is printed in white on a Stardream Metallic Slate Gray Silver heavy cardstock, which is made into a gatefold. 

Here’s a deep cut: featuring the Mines of Moria’s Doors of Durin, this stunning wedding invitation opens up like a real door. No need to “Speak, friend, and enter,” but the sentiment is there!

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Themed Wedding Invite

You and Me Time and Space You Watch Us Run Gallifreyan

For fans of Doctor Who, this suite features Doctor's Cot Gallifreyan in white on a galaxy background. 

Do not get us started on The Doctor and Rose’s story or else we’ll have to grab the tissues! An iconic love, which is only fitting for this Gallifreyan wedding invitation.

Blue and Gray Dragon Fantasy Watercolor Wedding Invite

Fantasy Dragon Wedding Invitation

Take a look at this beautiful blue and gray-themed wedding invitation that features a dreamy watercolor dragon. 

Do you and your partner love dragons and the fantasy world at large? Then take a look at this beautiful blue and gray-themed wedding invitation that features a dreamy watercolor dragon. 

It’s entirely customizable, which frees you up to design this invitation according to your wedding theme and colors!

Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding Invite

Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding Invite

This listing includes: Wedding Invite 5x7", RSVP Card 3.5x5", Thank You Card 3.5x5".

“Wedding is Coming.” That’s all we have to say about this one! Just kidding. 

Game of Thrones fans will love the direwolf crest, GOT font, and aged look of these invitations. Just send them along via raven to your guests if you want to be extra!

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