10 Best Luke Bryan Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

If you’re on the hunt for music for your wedding, consider Luke Bryan.

Like many popular country musicians, Bryan boasts a contemporary sound which finds influences from genres like pop and even hip-hop.

While mostly known for upbeat, party anthems, Bryan does have a softer side. “To the Moon and Back” and “First Love Song” are both ballads that would do well on any country wedding playlist.

We’ve gathered a list of the best Luke Bryan wedding songs for your big day right here; give it a read, and you won’t be disappointed.

luke bryan wedding songs

“I Don’t Want This Night to End”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Gonna cuss the mornin’ when it comes/’Cause I know that the risin’ sun/Ain’t no good for me ’cause you’ll have to leave/Gonna make the most of every mile/Do anything to make your smile/Land on my lips, get drunk on your kiss.”

“I Don’t Want This Night to End” is a catchy tune about two people who meet and form an instant connection.

With fun lyrics and an upbeat melody, this could be the perfect song to play early in the reception when it’s time for your friends and family to get on the dance floor.

“First Love Song” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Baby I’m not who I was/You gave me your love/And it woke me up/Made me more aware/Of somethin deep inside/Something that I have/A life I wanna share/And I’ll remember this as long as I live/Every note, every word/Every single kiss.”

A warm ballad with touching lyrics, “First Love Song,” would be a great choice for a first dance wedding song.

The lyrics are sweet and earnest, recalling that lightbulb moment when you suddenly understand exactly what all those love songs on the radio were trying to say. We’ve all had that moment, and the first dance at your reception is the ideal time to savor that feeling.

“To the Moon and Back”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Through all of the words/The mean and the kind/Through the strings that unravel/And the ties that bind/From the crazy and the different/To the more of the same/From the coast is clear/To a hurricane.”

“To the Moon and Back” was recorded for Bryan’s wife, Caroline. With poignant and emotional lyrics, this tender ballad could be an ideal choice for the bridal march or first dance.

Although Bryan did not write this song, the lyrics resonated with him instantly, and he saw it as an ideal way for himself, or any guy, to tell his girl how much he cares for her.

Let your guests know how much you care for one another by playing this song at your wedding.

“Down to One” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Said we’d leave in one more minute/One passed by, but we didn’t/’Cause you were looking like a dream I’ve been dreaming/I was thinking ’bout anything but leaving/Still feel that touch/You were in my arms/Soaking up that young love.”

A charming country ballad, “Down to One” is a cute song about that moment when you realize you’re in love. When you sit up all night talking because you just don’t want the night to end, you want the moment to last forever.

We recommend this sweet tune for your first dance.

“Love It Gone”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Come on and trust me, honey/I can turn those raindrops sunny/Let me untie that tangle/Put on that kissing angel good morning song/Let me, let me love it gone.”

A lighthearted, upbeat country song, “Love It Gone” is fun and flirty and will make a great addition to your playlist. The cheerful, straightforward lyrics are about taking care of your partner and making all of their cares vanish.

Of course, one of the promises you make at a wedding is to take care of each other through all things. Play this fun little tune that embodies that promise, and you can’t go wrong.

“In Love With the Girl” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Talk about an old boy fallin’ hard/Think about a few weeks flyin’ by/And talk about the losin’ track of time/Now I’m countin’ every second until I see her.”

“In Love With the Girl” is an uptempo song about those first sweet days of falling in love, when you can’t get enough of each other.

Luke Bryan has a few pieces on this theme, and who can blame him? There is nothing quite like the cheerful early days of love or the honeymoon phase of newlyweds.

Consider this song for your cake cutting or anytime during the reception.


Lyrics you’ll love:

“Wish I could bottle up the taste on your lips/That margarita saltwater sunburned sip/It’s like I feel that sun right next to me/Yeah, girl your touch is a hundred degrees.”

Another cheerful ballad, “Waves” invokes the stunning imagery of the shining sea and the golden sun-dappled beaches of summer.

All love songs sound the same to a point; the good ones say something that resonates with us. “Waves” is one of the good ones, invoking the longing for a perfect time that you never want to end.

“You Make Me Want To” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“You make me want to hang up the phone ride across town/Walk through your door and lay it down/Kiss you ’til you feel the truth/Yeah, you make me want to.”

A song from the early days of Bryan’s career, this cheerful little ditty is upbeat and fun. The message of “You Make Me Want To” is clear; it’s time to settle down, no more messin’ around.

If you’re a Luke Bryan fan, you have to add this one to your playlist.

“Kick the Dust Up” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Bar downtown they got a line/Of people way out the door/Ten dollar drinks, it’s packed inside/I don’t know what they’re waiting for/Got me a jar full of clear/And I got that music for your ears/And it’s like knock-knock-knock goes the diesel/If you really wanna see the beautiful people.”

Of course, your wedding playlist needs some fun party songs to get your guests on the dance floor, and this is one of those.

With down-home earthy lyrics and a fun, upbeat tune this would be an excellent choice for that, doubly so if you’ve chosen a barnyard wedding.

“Here’s to the Farmer” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Here’s to the farmer’s wife/That loves him every night/Raising a son, raising a daughter/They gather ’round the table, send it up to the Father.”

“Here’s to the Farmer,” released by Luke Bryan in 2016 may not be the first song that comes to mind when you think of wedding songs, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t earned its place on this list.

This simple little tune is an ode to family and hard work, two important things you’ll need to hold onto to make your marriage work!

Play this song at your reception and allow its energy to soundtrack your first moments as husband and wife!

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