10 Best Journey Wedding Songs To Make Your Day Rock and Roll!

One of the most popular rock bands of all time, Journey has no shortage of chart-topping hits. With a song list as long as theirs, it’s tough for even the biggest fans to decide which ones are the absolute best.

Whether you’re a die-hard Journey fan or a casual listener, you can’t go wrong with including a few singles from this beloved band on your wedding playlist.

Their greatest hits will keep the party going and encourage your guests to get out on the dance floor to have a good time.

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, which means you don’t have time to stress over the details of crafting the perfect tracklist for your romantic bash.

Instead of spending precious hours searching for the right sound, just check out our list of the very best Journey wedding songs and trust that your big day will be an event to remember!

journey wedding songs

Don’t Stop Believin’

There are few songs as well-known as this one, and even fewer that are as well-loved.

Played at weddings, birthday parties, and celebrations of every kind, this track has a unique way of bringing people together, encouraging them to let loose and really have some fun.

‘Don’t Stop Believin” has been covered by a multitude of artists, meaning that you’ve got a wide variety of versions to showcase at your wedding.

Whether you choose to go with the classic version or spice things up a bit, this song never fails to get everyone up and belting out that chorus at the top of their lungs.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

While this song has a bit more edge, it’s almost as popular as the first track on our list and is just as likely to keep your guests’ attention. This is a great song to bring out when you want to keep the rhythm upbeat and avoid a lull in the celebration.

You may not know all the words to Separate Ways, but that won’t stop you from getting into the infectious beat and singing along to this undeniably catchy melody.

You don’t have to be a hard rock fan to appreciate the character that this perfect song will bring to the party.

This track is a perfect choice to pull out when you’ve had enough wedding slow dance songs and want to liven things up a bit. Besides, your guests will be thankful for the opportunity to show off their best (or worst) dance moves with an upbeat song.

Anyway You Want it

Keeping things light and fun, ‘Anyway You Want it is a dance-worthy track that will bring a high-energy vibe to your wedding reception.

One of Journey’s most popular songs, this hit single is a favorite of music lovers, both young and old.

This lively song is great for couples who have a sense of humor and don’t tend to take themselves too seriously. If you don’t mind a bit of teasing during the reception, you can even use this song to poke a little fun at the picky nature of your spouse.

Open Arms

Slow things down for a moment with this sweeping rock ballad, allowing your guests to catch their breath and mingle before returning to the dance floor.

This gentle tune shows just how versatile Journey’s catalog is, maintaining its signature sound while bringing something unique to the table.

Take this as your chance to sit down, grab a drink, and catch up with friends and family for a few minutes. You’ll be thankful for the time to relax and decompress from all the excitement of the day you’ve experienced so far.

Even the most lively, extroverted couples need some time to take in the ambiance of their big celebration.

As much as you might enjoy cutting a rug during the reception, this slow-paced song will encourage you to slow down and appreciate all the special moments that led you to this wonderful day.


Ok, you can’t call yourself a true Journey fan if you haven’t belted this one out in your car at least once.

‘Faithfully’ is a powerful ballad that was written to be performed in stadiums, at huge parties, and yes, even at weddings.

‘Faithfully’ is widely regarded as one of Journey’s greatest hits, so you’ve got to include this irresistible track in your wedding playlist.

So raise your glass; let’s toast to great friends, happy families, and a wonderful love that will never fade.

Wheel in the Sky

An undeniable hit from Journey’s self-titled album, ‘Wheel in the Sky’ has a melody that will keep your guests captivated during the wedding reception.

This song may have a more somber tone, but that hasn’t hindered its popularity at all, so feel free to add this track to your song list and get ready to dance the night away.

‘Wheel in the Sky’ can be played when you need a mid-tempo song to maintain a steady mood during your romantic event.

Guests can hang out and mingle on the dance floor as this song plays, or simply catch up with one another on the sidelines while grabbing a quick drink.

While Journey’s musicianship has never been in question, it’s frontman Steve Perry’s vocals that steal the show. You may not be able to sing out these lyrics quite as well as Perry, but don’t let that stop you from trying!

Stone in Love

This edgy track has the 80s written all over it, making it a stellar choice to add character and charm to your wedding. There’s no way you’ll be able to resist moving and grooving as soon as this chart-topping track starts playing.

‘Stone in Love’ is a great song to play when you and your spouse are introduced as husband and wife for the first time.

Otherwise, just turn this song on when you want to get the party going and keep your guests out on the dance floor.


Slowing things down just a bit, ‘Lights’ is a mid-tempo song that’s perfect to add to your wedding playlist.

While this song is fairly versatile, we recommend that you throw it on during cocktail hour or another period where your guests are encouraged to mix and mingle.

This song’s steady rhythm and comfortable melody make it a low-key tune that can easily soundtrack your event. Guests will enjoy swaying back and forth to the rhythm as they take turns admiring your unbelievably stunning dress.

You may even have a few die-hard Journey fans who are familiar with this one, finding themselves quietly singing along in the midst of your beautiful reception.

As your special day comes to a close, you’ll love how naturally this song helps everyone to start winding down for the evening.

Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

Light-hearted and full of passion, this classic rock song will make a great addition to your romantic event.

This song can be played at various times throughout the day, so you really can’t go wrong with putting it on your shortlist.

Sultry and sensual, this song is an excellent choice to play during the garter retrieval and subsequent garter toss. It’s sure to keep your guests on their toes and remind everyone that your wedding is an opportunity to let go and have fun.

When You Love a Woman

No Journey playlist is complete without this unbelievably romantic single featured on their greatest hits album.

This dreamy track can be used at any point in the ceremony at which you’d like to call attention to the blushing bride.

‘When You Love a Woman’ honors the joy of finding the special girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with, referencing the kind of love that you’ve found together.

Its passionate vocals and sweeping instrumentals make this ballad an ideal choice for your first dance wedding song, as well as the bride’s ceremony entrance.

Swaying in your lover’s arms as this song plays, you’ll feel as though you are the only two people left on Earth. Cherish this incredible moment, and know that your love story will only get better from here.

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