10 Bluegrass Wedding Songs for Your Big Day’s Playlist!

Bluegrass music is one of the most distinct genres that you can listen to today. With hints of folk, Americana, and country, bluegrass is defined by its unique, soulful tone that’s perfect for capturing authentic love stories like yours.

If you’re a fan of this beloved genre, you may be wondering how you can showcase some of its best tunes on your wedding day. After all, you want to make sure to include slow jams, upbeat tracks, and plenty of crowd-pleasers to keep your guests out on the dance floor.

We’re here to take away the guesswork for you, serving up only the best for your top-tier wedding playlist. Read on, and enjoy our list of 10 bluegrass wedding songs that will make your wedding day feel like a dream come true.

Bluegrass Wedding Songs

Sweet Home Alabama by Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard

Made famous by southern rock band Lynyrd Skynrd, Sweet Home Alabama is a bonafide crowd-pleaser, making it the perfect song to kick off your wedding reception.

This classic hit is ideal for all types of weddings, whether you’re getting hitched at a luxury venue in the city or the cutest little barn in the country (bonus points if you’re exchanging vows in the titular state!).

While the original version provides layered instrumentals and well-produced vocals, we love this tapered-down cover that honors the simplicity of southern living.

Throw this one on when you’re ready to open up the dance floor and watch as your guests rush out to get the party started.

It’s Grand to Have Someone to Love You by The Traditional Grass

This sweet, romantic bluegrass hit is just the song to make your first dance feel as unique as your incredible love story. Do-si-do with your brand new spouse as you listen to this upbeat single during your wedding reception.

Featuring expert-level picking from The Traditional Grass, this song is about as authentic as bluegrass can be. Still, fans of all genres should be able to appreciate the gravity of a timeless love like the one being honored here.

As this touching song plays, you’ll be grateful that you can experience such a grand love for the rest of your life. Hold your new hubby tight and do your best to make this beautiful moment last forever.

I’ll Fly Away by Allison Krauss, Gillian Welch, or Johnny Cash

I’ll Fly Away is an iconic song covered by artists far and wide, making it one of the most popular bluegrass hits on our list.

This uplifting spiritual song is a great reminder of the brevity of life and can encourage your guests to appreciate the time that you are sharing together on your wedding day.

Whether you’re hosting a religious ceremony or want to play a little something to appease your spiritually-minded family members, I’ll Fly Away is an excellent choice.

This is also a beautiful tune to utilize when you’d like to take some time to honor lost loved ones who may be looking down on your celebration.

Since there are so many versions of this song, you’re welcome to take your time in finding the cover that best suits your wedding. No matter which iteration you go with, this song is sure to create a powerful experience at your wedding.

Stay on My Shore by Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley’s Stay on My Shore is another great option to highlight your gorgeous celebration of love. If you’re looking for authentic, intimate music for your ceremony, this song has got to be on your list.

This charming bluegrass love song will win you over at first listen, sweeping you away with the gentle melody and sweet vocals from Shelley.

Whether it’s used as a first dance song, a bridal processional, or a soundtrack for slow dancing at the end of the night, Stay on My Shore will be a fantastic addition to your wedding playlist.

House of the Rising Sun by Doc Watson

Here’s another classic to break out when you want to keep the party going and feature a hit that just about everyone will know.

Covered in YouTube videos, live concerts, and endless singing competitions, House of the Rising Sun is an irresistible tune that you just won’t be able to get out of your head – not that you’ll ever want to!

While House of the Rising Sun was originally released in 1964, this hit single has stood the test of time, continuing to get music lovers, young and old, out of their seats.

Doc Watson’s unique take on this popular track puts a bluegrass spin on things, highlighting the somber lyrics and adding some old-fashioned guitar picking for good measure.

Despite the song’s solemn tone, House of the Rising Sun can be just as lively and fun as any other upbeat wedding track. Allow yourself to get lost in Watson’s spectacular storytelling and dance the night away to the rhythm of this passionate tune.

Dueling Banjos by Roy Clark, Buck Owens

Featured in countless film soundtracks and beloved by bluegrass fans all over, Dueling Banjos is one that your guests will recognize immediately.

You don’t have to be a Hee Haw fan to enjoy this song, although it may be a little difficult to separate this hit from the iconic television series.

Regardless of their favorite musical genres, Dueling Banjos is a familiar track that each of your guests is sure to enjoy. Throw this song on when you want to get all toes tapping and all heads nodding during your joyful celebration.

Carolina in the Fall by The Krüger Brothers

Solemn and slow, this is a tempered-down track that will allow you to create a more gentle mood on your wedding day.

While there are plenty of upbeat song choices to include in your reception music list, Carolina in the Fall will provide some much-needed variety and a touching perspective on life.

Don’t worry if your wedding doesn’t exactly fit the location and season of this track; it’s just as heartwarming no matter where or when you’ve chosen to say “I do.” The Krüger Brothers show off a more subtle side of their musical talents as they hum and strum their way through this cozy tune.

Carolina in the Fall appeals to just about everyone, honoring the beauty of life’s ups and down while garnering an appreciation for the simple things we often overlook.

Listening to this track will make you all the more grateful for this wonderful moment spent with your loved ones.

Daniel Prayed by The Isaacs

Another opportunity to celebrate the Christian faith at your ceremony, Daniel Prayed is a lively spiritual track that will move believers of all ages to their feet.

With expert picking and perfect harmonies, The Isaacs will blow you away with their unique bluegrass sound.

Daniel Prayed can be utilized at any time of the wedding, but it works especially well when used to honor those prayer warriors in your life that helped to make you the person you are today.

After all, without them, you may not have found the lifelong partnership of your soulmate, and that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Come Home by Chatham Rabbits

Come Home is a perfectly cozy bluegrass song that just has to be included on your wedding playlist. With the southern twang of a country track and all the charm of American folk music, Come Home will quickly work its way into your heart.

This track may come off as more of a folk love song to some, but it’s impossible to deny its clear parallels to the bluegrass genre. Simple lyrics, prominent banjoes, and sweet vocal harmonies make Come Home a stand-out track on our list.

This romantic song will inspire you to take your love into your arms and share a dance that might just last forever. So take a breath and hold it for as long as you can, hoping that time might stop and your dance may never end.

Great High Mountain by Jack White

Like us, you probably weren’t expecting to see The White Stripes’ Jack White featured on a bluegrass wedding music list. We can’t fault you for that, especially recognizing White as one half of a trendy rock band.

Once you get over the initial surprise, you’ll be impressed at how flawlessly White transitions away from electric guitar and thick, layered vocals to deliver a simple, yet effective bluegrass performance.

Never lacking in authenticity, this single will fit in perfectly with your character-filled bluegrass playlist.

Great High Mountain can act as a great wedding slow dance song for couples who love bluegrass almost as much as they love rock & roll. You’ll enjoy celebrating with the soundtrack of this casual tune as you take in the beauty of your gorgeous event.

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