15 Bright Indian Wedding Centerpieces

Indian wedding decor is known for the use of bright colors, lush flower arrangements, and metallic accents, as well as intricate (often hand-painted) details.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful Indian wedding centerpieces ideas below. Many of the items on this list can be used on their own or combined with other pieces to create a custom-made wedding centerpiece.

We hope these items inspire you with loads of decor ideas for your big day!

Brass Urli Candle Holder

Traditional Brass Bell Urli Vintage Bowl

Urli was traditionally used cookware extensively used in South India and was commonly made of clay, copper and bronze.

An urli is a traditional Indian wedding decoration used during festivities, including weddings. You can place candles or floating flowers inside them, as well as other decor items.

This brass urli candle holder is absolutely gorgeous with its intricate detail. Place a tea candle, some fairy lights, or even a dainty arrangement of flowers inside.

Standing Gold Tea Light Candle Holders (Diya)

Gold Metal Tealight Candle Holder Candle Holder

These cubist inspired candle holders feature polished gold metal finish and a clear glass tealight holder cup.

Just imagine how stunning these standing gold tea light candle holders with faux pearls will look as part of your wedding decor?

Whether they form part of the flower arrangements, as part of the decorations on the stage, or along the aisle, you can’t go wrong in including them in your celebration!

Elephant Tea Light Candle Holders

Wholesale Lots Holder Elephant Candle Holder

 Each piece is handmade it takes a lot of time and effort to make one piece. this product is completely handmade.

The elephant is the cultural symbol of India and is revered far and wide. The Hindu god, Ganesha, has the head of an elephant and is a god of wisdom and good luck, as well as a remover of obstacles.

It’s also said that the Hindu god Indra rode a white elephant! If you’re looking to include these symbolic gentle giants in your wedding decor, look no further than these brightly colored elephants with gold metallic details.

The little mirrored basket on their backs will reflect the light beautifully.

Red and Gold Rose Kissing Ball Centerpiece

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Centerpiece

Made from high quality metalize crepe paper. Every flower made with love!

These paper roses, in red and metallic gold, use this beautiful and symbolic color, and accent it with the metallic gold, to a gorgeous effect.

They’re also a great option for anyone with allergies to real flowers, but who loves the idea of kissing balls!

Lotus Shaped Urli

Lotus design for Decoration

These Tealight Holder are extremely beautiful and are sure to add a subtle accent of sophistication to any event or any of your room or office space.

The lotus has a multitude of important symbolic meanings in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus flower symbolizes spirituality, wealth, knowledge, and fruitfulness, among other things.

We love the idea of this lotus-shaped urli, or water bowl, filled with floating candles and petals.

Blue and Gold Vases with White Flowers Centerpiece

Mehndi Wedding Decor Boho Wedding Centerpiece

Highest quality, professional glass paint and detailing paint – both are baked on to permanently set.

Boho, Bollywood, or a traditional Indian wedding, these tall hand-painted vases will complete the look.

Water and weather resistant, they can be used indoors or outside and best of all, they can be personalized with a monogram, the couples’ names, and the wedding date.

Multicolor Tea Light Candle Holder with Flowers and Pearls

Fall Decor Floral Tealight Holder for Table Decoration

Beautiful lacy foliage adorned with pretty little flowers, this tealight holder is a versatile craft you can use for multiple occasions.

These multicolor candle holders may be small, but they really pack a punch! With its ring of tiny silk flowers and faux pearls, this set of gold tea light candle holders comes with flowers in multiple colors. 

For a fun and cohesive look, you could consider placing one or two of these on a table around flowers in colors that match the little flowers on these tea light candle holders.

Teal Hand-Painted Pillar Candles on Square Platter

Hand Painted Pillar Candles

Lead-free, droplets unscented candle of highest quality wax, and pure cotton wick, which prevents it from dripping and melting quickly. 

There are pillar candles, and then there are pillar candles! While they’re a clever way of using any empty vertical spaces in the center of a table, these beauties make a statement all on their own.

These have been hand-painted with the most exquisite detail, and the charging plate they’re on is available in 7 different colors, including red, blue, green, gold, and blush. We’re partial to the teal in the photo, though!

Hand-Painted Henna Candle Glass Votives

Henna Candles

 The glass is detailed with hand-painted henna designs.

Available in multiple colors and sets of 50 or 100, these multicolored, hand-painted glass votive candle holders are stunning! They resemble little jewels, especially when a lit candle is placed inside them. 

Our favorite thing about these henna-style hand-painted glass votive candle holders is the little half pearls that add an understated elegance to the overall look.  

Handcrafted Iron Urli Candle Holder Centerpiece

Urli Set for Festival Decoration

The urli or uruli is a traditional Indian bowl that has been used for cooking and decorating for centuries.

How beautiful is this handmade iron urli? Honestly, it’s our favorite thing on this list of Indian wedding decor ideas!

The craftsmanship is out of this world, and we love how each petal is just large enough to hold a tea light. Using this as a centerpiece at your celebration will definitely make a statement!

Multicolored Kissing Ball Wedding Centerpiece

Burnt Orange Marigold Paper Flowers

These flowers come in any quantity and color. The flowers range in size from 2.5 - 3 inches.

These multicolored paper roses are so beautifully made, especially with the little leaves poking out from between them. It’s a great way to incorporate other colors in your decor in addition to red and gold.

What do we love most about these centerpieces? Keep them forever as a memento of your special day, or gift them to your guests.

Red Hand-Painted Charger Platter with Painted Candles

Decorative Henna Art Charger Plate

This Royal Red charger plate is Hand painted with acrylic henna and accented with rhinestones which gives it a graceful and charismatic look.

These charger plates and candles come in such a gorgeous shade of red and are decorated with a hand-painted gold design.

Personally, we love the little jewels that have been incorporated into the painted designs. The pop of green is an especially welcome surprise!

Use the chargers as part of your centerpiece, complete with the candles, or place them under the plates for that extra pop of color. Whichever way you choose, your guests will be wowed by the bright colors and intricate designs.

Set of 10 Large Paper Flowers with Gold Accents

Large Paper Flower Wall Decor

Made from high quality crepe paper. Every flower made with love!

This set of 10 large paper flowers is stunning in its own right.

However, if you sprinkle jewels or gems in among the petals, or surround the paper blossoms with little candles, you’ll have an absolutely stunning wedding centerpiece!

We love the fact that these paper flowers not only come in multiple colors, but they’re also bright and bold. 

White Distressed Lantern Indian Wedding Centerpieces

Metal Candle Lanterns Vintage Style

The life-size vintage candle lantern, with glass panes, special top and pattern frame distressed by white with gold brush powdering, creates an aura of old world charm.

You may have seen hundreds of lanterns at weddings, but probably none as gorgeous as this. With its distressed finish, you can hang these lanterns outside, use them as centerpieces on the tables, or line the aisle with them.

The possibilities are endless! Also, don’t feel limited to white candles, because you’re not! Just think how gorgeous a red, pink, or even gold candle would look inside.

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