24 Golden Wedding Centerpieces That Will Impress Your Guests

Having a gold wedding theme can give your event a classic and elegant look. There are so many table accents to choose from when creating the centerpieces for your big day. 

We have gathered 24 gold wedding centerpieces for you to explore when deciding how to decorate the tables at your wedding. 

From geometric shapes to flowers and candles, you are sure to find a style you love to go with your golden wedding theme. 

Freestanding Table Number Centerpieces 

Freestanding Table Number Centerpieces
Image via SunFla on Etsy

These wooden table numbers are the perfect gold decoration to compliment your color scheme. They are ½ inch thick and are painted with a bright gold to accent your tables. 

These numbers are simple yet attractive, giving a classic look to any wedding. 

We love that they are freestanding and stable without using an anchor or other piece to keep them in place. 

Gatsby Tall Gold Crystal Globe Stand

This Gatsby tall gold crystal globe stand with ostrich feathers is a gorgeous addition to any table to add some glitz and glamor or if you want an old Hollywood theme. 

The stand is 28-inches high, putting it out of the way while your guests sit across from one another. It also includes an LED light for that extra shine with the crystals. 

We love that they are collapsible, making them easy to transport and store. 

Modern Geometric Rectangle Vase 

Instead of using a centerpiece that blocks the vision of your guests around the table, opt for this modern gold geometric rectangle frame. It stands 24 inches high or more, ensuring it is out of the way. 

These metal stands come in flat gold or chrome French gold and can hold up to 30 pounds, making them versatile centerpieces. 

We love how sturdy and easy to put together they are. 

Customizable Golden Table Centerpieces 

You can still have an eye-catching gold centerpiece with this wooden table number. 

These laser-cut ⅙-inch wooden table centerpieces are customizable for either numbers or names, depending on your needs. In addition, they have gold paint to give them a classic finish. 

We love how you can choose names or numbers to customize these golden table centerpieces. 

Gold Sphere Centerpiece 

These gold sphere centerpieces come in various sizes, including 6, 7.5, 9.5, or 11.5 inches, making them perfect for any table. 

The golden metal tubing makes this geometric sphere stand out and gives your table a classic look that you can include with flowers or other accents. 

We love the various shapes available and how you can customize your centerpiece with florals and greenery within the sphere. 

Sparkling Gold Branch Centerpieces

If you prefer something different for your centerpieces, these sparkling gold branches can add flair to any table. 

The branches are 35 to 40 inches long but can be trimmed at the bottom if you need to customize the sizes. 

We love how simple and elegant these gold branches are, suitable for any table centerpiece. 

Yellow Gold Votive Candle Holder Centerpiece 

This hand-crafted yellow gold votive candle holder is the ideal centerpiece for a traditional look at any table. They are available in 5, 6, and 7-inch sizes to customize your set. 

These votive candle holders are elegant and simplistic, giving your table a modern, minimalistic charm. 

We love their individuality, and you can mix and match the sizes to create the perfect centerpiece display. 

Resin Cube Paperweight with Gold Flakes 

This clear resin cube paperweight with gold flakes can make an eye-catching centerpiece for any golden wedding. 

The transparent resin showcases the gold flakes from within perfectly, making a gorgeous addition to any table. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors. 

We love how simple and elegant these resin cubes look with the gold flakes inside. 

Golden Lotus Pods with Branches 

These golden lotus pods with branches can be a terrific solution for a different spin on a floral centerpiece. Alternatively, they come in a set of five, making it an ideal choice for your tables. 

Each lotus pod is four inches in diameter, making the set ample enough for a large table. 

We love that five lotus pods are in a set which makes gathering centerpiece supplies easier. 

Sparkling Gold Wine Bottle Centerpiece

These golden centerpieces are hand-made and include five ostrich feathers, ranging in size from 14 to 16 inches. They stay in place with the included flower foam. 

If you want a Gatsby-themed wedding or want table centerpieces that draw attention, these sparkling gold wine bottles will do the trick. 

We love how simple yet over-the-top this centerpiece can be, depending on how you decorate your tables. 

Gold Crystal Tealight Candle Holders 

For a more glamorous centerpiece, these gold crystal tealight candle holders will surely brighten up a table. 

They are 2.4 inches across and 1.6 inches high, making them perfect for a votive candle. In addition, their high-quality metal construction prevents rust or corrosion. 

We love how the large crystals allow reflect the light and create a shimmering effect on the table. 

Golden Artificial 6-Inch Mini Flowers 

These golden artificial 6-inch mini flowers are versatile for many centerpiece ideas. They are small enough to act as a subtle accent or to use on their own. 

You can use them in floating vases under a tealight candle to dress up a table. Try including them in other floral bouquets or filling a vase. ,

We love how sparkly they are, and they will draw attention even when paired with other centerpiece items. 

Vintage Gold Crystal Candlestick Holders 

For an impressive centerpiece that will catch your guests’ eye, these vintage gold crystal candlestick holders are the just thing your table needs. 

They come in two different sizes and use high-quality metal construction that gives a noble yet elegant ambiance. 

We love how the differences in height create the perfect off-set golden centerpiece. 

Tall Gold Metal Chandelier Flower Vases 

This 2-piece tall gold metal chandelier centerpiece is versatile enough to use with flowers or other accents to create a stunning look. 

The gold complements the hanging chandelier crystals to give an over-the-top shine to any wedding table. 

We love how extravagant and eye-catching this tall gold metal centerpiece is. 

Golden Place Card Holders 

These golden place card holders are the perfect addition to any wedding table. They can hold table numbers or even your guests’ name cards to ensure proper seating. 

Each stand is 2.3 inches high and gives a sleek and classic look to any golden wedding. 

We love how these golden card holders are small enough for each place setting or table number holder in an elegant centerpiece. 

Gold Brushed Faux Foam Pumpkins 

These gold brushed faux foam pumpkins can create the perfect centerpiece for any fall wedding or if you just love pumpkins. 

These gold pumpkins range in size from 2.9 inches to 8.7 inches, creating a versatile and unique display for a table. 

We love the many size choices of this 7-piece gold brushed pumpkin set, so you can use one or more for each table, depending on your preference.

Gold Handmade Crystal Pineapple Table Centerpiece 

If you want a golden wedding centerpiece that goes against more traditional choices, this gold handmade crystal pineapple will take the cake. 

This centerpiece is hollow to hold a small string of lights that comes with it, or you can choose to use a tealight candle inside. 

We love the charm this crystal gold pineapple adds to a table, especially when lit. 

Gold Acrylic Centerpiece Holders 

These acrylic frame holders can hold table number signs as a simple and elegant way to use gold accents on your wedding tables. They are clear to show both sides of any number card. 

These gold holders will fit any 5-by-7 inch items, and the acrylic base ensures they remain secure on the table. 

We love that they are two-sided, so you can view both sides of the same card or use it to display two separate items at once. 

Gold Pearl String for Floating Candles

Gold Pearl String for Floating Candles
Image via TeaSu on Amazon

These gold pearl strings are the perfect addition to any floating candle vase or a golden vase filler for your wedding table centerpieces. 

Each string includes varying sizes of golden pearls that are ideal for floating in a vase rather than sink to the bottom. 

We love that the pearl string is soft and pliable enough that it will suit any vase size. 

Golden Vintage Hanging Birdcage Lantern Centerpieces 

If you want to use a tealight candle in your centerpieces, this golden vintage hanging birdcage lantern adds an elegant charm to any table. 

Although they come with a sturdy hanging ring, they also have a solid base to sit securely on a table for any wedding. In addition, they are 5.5 inches tall, which makes them perfect as a centerpiece. 

We love the detail and accents on this birdcage lantern that give each table an elegant charm. 

Gold Vases with Floating Candles and Acrylic Crystals

This set of three centerpiece vases use gold silk flowers submerged with acrylic crystals for an eye-catching look to go with the floating candles. 

The vases are 12, 16, and 20 inches tall, creating the perfect trio for this golden centerpiece. 

We love the acrylic crystals that come with this set, where other products do not provide any crystals. 

Modern Gold Metal Geometric Shape Centerpiece 

This geometric metal shape comes in gold to add a classic touch to any gold wedding table decoration. You can use it for a tealight candle or fill it with a floral arrangement or other table accents you see fit. 

This modern gold geometric shape measures 8 ¼ inches by 4 ⅜ inches, ensuring that it will not be too big and take over the center of your wedding table. 

We love how versatile this gold centerpiece is. You can fill it with any item you choose, and it will look fabulous. 

Modern Abstract Gold Accent Ceramic Art Statue 

Modern Abstract Gold Accent Ceramic Art Statue
Image via FJS on Amazon

For something entirely different, this modern ceramic art statue will turn heads at your wedding. It has gold accents that will catch anyone’s eye as they sit down at the table. 

This elegant modern art statue measures 10.8 inches high, so it will not overpower the table at your wedding. 

We love the gold accents on this statue. An entire ceramic sculpture of gold would be too flashy for a centerpiece, but this statue is perfect with the accents. 

Black and Gold Hurricane Votive Candle Holders 

These black and gold hurricane votive candle holders will add a touch of class and elegance to any table. They use durable metal construction with gold accents that you will love. 

They come in three sizes, 3, 4, and 6-inch heights, to create the ideal centerpiece for any golden wedding theme. 

You will love how these candle holders fit inside one another for easy transportation and storage.  

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