27 Gold Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

You might be wondering a few things in particular as you plan your big day:

Like what’s with wedding favors, and do guests still expect a little swag bag of souvenirs or goodies from the bride and groom?

Today we’re talking about these curious wedding favors, and if you’re thinking about handing them out, we have fun, budget-friendly ideas that your guests will love.

And we’re not talking about your typical wedding favors, either…because we’re going for the gold wedding favors today, baby, and there’s great stuff here!

Let Love Grow Wedding Favor Has a Golden Message

Wedding Let love Grow Eucalyptus Wedding Seed Packet Favors

If you choose the "with seeds" option they come with approximately 1/4 teaspoon of wildflower seeds and planting instructions.

This idea is the coolest, most eco-friendly thing we’ve heard about for ages!

Each 15-count set contains personalized packets laser printed on both sides. The pretty design displays eucalyptus-type greenery and golden accents like “let love grow” on the front and a sweet little golden heart doodle on the back.

The presentation is terrific, but it is what’s inside that counts. Each packet contains about a quarter teaspoon of wildflower seeds and planting instructions, a special memento of your day that your guests can cherish as those planted seeds bloom.

Alternatively, you can let the love grow by emptying the packets and placing something fun like a lottery ticket or a gift certificate. It’s super-thoughtful, and your guests will adore it.

Wedding Favors in a Mini Golden Bucket

Wedding Favors in a Mini Golden Bucket

Ergonomic handle design with smooth surface, practical and convenient to use. wedding candy bag.

These little mini-pails pack a lot of punch! Each set contains 12 mini-pails made of durable plastic.

Of course, you can fill these with mint candies or pineapple-flavored lifesavers, but they’re also good to hold little shot bottles for your adult guests and bubbles for the kids (more on that in a bit!).

Around the Globe With Your Gold Wedding Favors

Fillable Mini Round Gold Plated Earth and World

Clear globes measure 2 inches in diameter. Easily removable from stands and snaps together.

This favor will be a standout on your reception tables!

Each set contains 12 little globes made of durable plastic with a golden metallic base, a perfect container to hold handfuls of M&Ms, mints, or perhaps personalized chocolates from you!

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors in Golden Foil

Personalized Chocolate Bar Favors with Gold Foil

Personalize your Wedding party favors with these custom order candy wrappers. Add a personalized message on the back of the wrappers to your guests.

These adorable little milk chocolates get a fancy outfit on your wedding day!

Each sweet treat gets wrapped in a golden foil with small decorative flowers in different colors you can choose.

Your names and wedding details are on the front, and you can request a message on the back if you wish.

Laser -Favor Boxes With Golden Light

100 Pack Love Heart Laser Cut Party Gift Boxes

All gift boxes are flat packed and need yourself assemble. Fold and open easily.

Anyone who’s a Cricut fan or appreciates laser-cut decorations will love these little paper wedding favor boxes with a gold pearlescent finish and an intricate heart and floral pattern.

This 100-count set comes unassembled with ribbons to attach, but they’re not too hard or time-consuming to open and fold.

Create a Golden Glow With Wedding Favor Sparkler Tags

Personalized SPARKLER TAGS for Wedding

These sets of recycled and personalized tags will be a massive hit as the evening descends during your wedding reception!

These gold wedding favors will be a massive hit as the evening descends during your wedding reception! Don’t get us wrong, this party favor itself isn’t gold, but the idea is still golden!

These are sets of recycled and personalized tags in a kraft paper brown or antique white color, and each piece has a striking strip attached.

These cool little tags hold sparklers for your guests, and the striking strips come in handy to light matches and, in turn, get the golden glow of sparklers dancing like fireflies in the night.

Just ensure there is a fire-safe area for everyone to participate, and think of how fantastic the pictures and videos will look!

Clear Wedding Favor Boxes With Gold Lining

Clear Wedding Favor Boxes With Gold Lining

Gold trim favor boxes are a great way to add some charm and elegance to any event.

Here’s a larger gift box with gold trim that measures 3×3 inches and about an inch and a half high.

We like the clear plastic and vinyl to display wedding favors for your guests, and some customization is available if you’d like to add a message across the top.

Golden Chair Wedding Favor Box Is Fun

Golden Chair Wedding Favor Box

Miniature Gold Chair Favor Box with Heart Charm and Ribbon.

We fell hard for these tiny gold chair favors!

Each little handmade box has a golden chairback with a heart charm and ribbon. Fill each box with hard candies, mints, or gums.

We also like how you can add name markers to each box to add some personality to your reception tables.

Golden Pomegranate Box for Wedding Favors

Golden Pomegranate Box for Wedding Favors

These favor boxes would be beautiful gifts for your guests!

This exotic-looking party favor box looks deceptively weighty, but it’s made of a lightweight plastic. There are different colors and sizes, including straight gold, antique gold, or rose gold (we love rose gold!).

If you choose a larger size, you could hold a hand-dipped truffle in each box as a delightful surprise for your guests. However, the smaller boxes are perfect for loose candies, and we think this little box is a keepsake because of its unique beauty and durability.

Wedding Guests Love Gold Wedding Bubble Favors 

48 Personalized Wedding bubble Labels

Available in clear (transparent) premium glossy sticker. Size of each label: 1.75” x 0.75".

Here’s another fun wedding guest activity that brings out the kid in everyone, kind of like sparklers, but bubbles instead!

This wedding favor comes in two parts: the first is transparent stickers printed with your personalized wedding message in a quality golden foil.

Each set contains 48 printed stickers, and you can get the order quantity adjusted to meet your guest list.

Here’s the info on the bubble part…

Wedding Bubble Tubes for Your Party Favors

30 Wedding Bubble Tubes - Sold in Sets of 30

Wedding bubbles end your reception on a playful note – guests will have a blast creating your billowy send-off!

These wedding bubble tubes come in sets of 30 or 100, so you can choose your perfect amount.

You’ll receive instructions from the seller on assembling the above-noted stickers on these tubes, so round up your wedding party and have some fun with this!

Cool Coffee Flavors for Your Gold Favor Bags

Lavender Coffee

We only use sustainably sourced, 100% Arabica green beans.

Leave it to first-generation lavender farmers to come up with this heavenly idea!

They use pure green Arabica coffee beans roasted in small batches with genuine lavender buds and other natural flavors to create unique blends. As a result, you and your wedding guests will taste and smell one-of-a-kind medium roast coffee with a smooth flavor and an addictive aroma.

The blends include straight lavender coffee, lavender and vanilla, lavender honey, and a lavender coconut coffee blend with a floral twist.

Keep Your Glow Golden With Sunscreen Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors Sunscreen

These sunscreen bottles make for an adorable addition to a backyard bridal shower or bachelorette beach bash with fun foil designs!

Here’s a perfect idea for destination or beach weddings: a personalized bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen with a gold (or rose gold) foil label that’s easy to assemble.

We love that the little bottles are refillable for travel with convenient carabiner clips to attach to luggage or a sports duffel bag.

Wedding Wraparound Label for Tic Tacs With Gold Image

Wedding Wraparound Label for Tic Tacs With Gold Image

There is no need to remove the original label from the Tic Tac container… just buy the containers of Tic Tacs & stick the labels on.

This laser-printed, personalized label has a glitter gold image that’s easy to apply and looks great over the original label on a Tic Tac container.

The label is printed for you on both sides and can include a wedding hashtag if you wish.

Golden Splattered Macaron Wedding Favors

Brown Macaron with Gold Splatter

Luxe brown macaron with gold splatter are available in 6, 12 & 24 pack.

Yet another delicious golden cookie idea, this tasty handmade macaron is jammed with dark chocolate buttercream and decorated with edible golden paste!

Golden Marshmallow Wedding Favor

Golden Marshmallow Wedding Favor

You will receive 1 dozen Chocolate dipped Marshmallows, ready to be devoured in no time!

These marshmallow favors get dipped in gold sprinkles, and we know they’ll taste even better than they look!

Gold Monogrammed Cookie Wedding Favor

Gold Monogrammed Cookie Wedding Favor

Cookies can be prepared in any color requested. Each cookie in this collection measures approximately 4”.

Check out the detail on these monogrammed cookies with the edible golden piping and your initials front and center.

This delectably different treat makes a delightful wedding favor!

Oreo Cookie Wedding Favors Bathed in Icing and Gold

Chocolate Covered Oreos Dozen

Individually packaged in a food safe poly bag and packaged nicely in a box with padding and reusable long-lasting gel ice pack.

Just when we thought you couldn’t zhuzh up an Oreo to make the most spectacular gold wedding favor, we find these chocolate-covered, golden-sprinkled cookies; we are ready to say, “I do!”

Pretty Pink and Gold Matchbox Wedding Favor

Monogrammed Matchbox Wedding Favors

Our personalized monogrammed matchboxes are the perfect wedding favor to celebrate your perfect match!

We like the classic look of a matchbox instead of a flimsier matchbook that’s sometimes more awkward to light.

The ballet pink color of this item looks elegant and sophisticated, with your names personalized in a golden font with a subtle sheen.

There are color choices here, though, with a dramatic dark navy blue or a bright white also available for the matchbox color, and perhaps a monogram, wedding hashtag, or your wedding date if you choose.

Golden Pineapple Lifesavers for Wedding Favors

Golden Pineapple Lifesavers for Wedding Favors

Great to crush and add as a topping or melt down for super flavoring!

Pineapple Lifesavers are delicious, and they remind everyone of a sunny, tropical day.

These little hard golden candies make perfect (and perfectly affordable!) wedding favors alone or in mini grab bags!

Edible Gold in a Lip Oil Wedding Favor

Edible Gold in a Lip Oil Wedding Favor

Our lip oils are made from cold pressed oils so that you recieve all the beneficials they have to offer.

A luxurious lip oil makes a thoughtful and special wedding favor to pamper your guests with.

This lip oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and it’s also infused with 24k edible gold that’s skin-safe and healthy for any pair of lips!

Lip Balm Wedding Favor Is a Golden Sphere

Lip Balm Wedding Favor Is a Golden Sphere

Vanilla Non-SPF Lip Balms are great for bachelorette party and bridal shower favors or just because!

Your guests will rave over this golden spherical lip balm that tells them, “You’re the Balm.” How fun is that?!

Gorgeous Gold Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

60 Wedding Opener Bottle Rustic Favors

DIY Card Tag: Each key bottle opener come with a brown Kraft escort cards tag. 

This bottle opener is one of our favorite gold wedding favor ideas because it’s unique and affordable.

Each order contains 60 little bottle openers in the shape of vintage skeleton keys, and each key is attached to a card tag where you can write down a personalized message!

Popcorn Is Wedding Favor Gold

Popcorn Favor Party Pack Includes 24 Bags

This boxes includes our four best-selling flavors: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Everything Tiger, Cookies N Cream, 1/2 Caramel.

Individual servings of popcorn (approximately 2.5 cups per sealed bag) make fantastic wedding favors!

These handmade snacks come in four delicious flavors: caramel, cookies n cream, everything tiger, and dark chocolate sea salt.

If you’d like to personalize each bag, you can order customized labels or print up gold labels yourself as a fun and thrifty decoration.

From the Queen of Hearts: Golden Playing Card Favors

From the Queen of Hearts: Golden Playing Card Favors

Personalized Playing Cards are perfect for a black and gold Las Vegas Theme Wedding Favor!

Playing cards make great wedding favors, especially at destination weddings when people are away from home and might want to get a card game going for some R&R.

You can personalize these decks with gold-foiled labels and icons for a fun party vibe.

Golden Wedding Favor Box

Elegant Wedding Favor Box

Elegant Gold/White Marble Wedding Favor Box with your choice of Hershey Kisses or Ferrero Rocher chocolates inside! 

These golden octagon-shaped boxes can be ordered empty to fill with personalized goodies, or you can choose Hershey’s Kisses or Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

You can order customized tags for the top or put your message within the box for a sweet surprise.

Gorgeous Green on Gold Floral Wedding Favor Box

Green Favor Boxes With Flower Decor for Wedding

These boxes are made by recycled paper in an environmental-friendly way.

These boxes are the nicest containers for wedding favor boxes we could find, and they are super-special because they’re made from recycled materials with zero glue, each box carefully crafted by hand.

You have four sizes to choose from, depending on what you want to put inside these boxes.

Decide between gold and white floral accents for contrast or all gold for breathtaking bling!  

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