31 Amazing Fish Wedding Centerpieces

Congratulations! You reeled in the catch of a lifetime! With so many fish in the sea, you two found each other and that’s worth celebrating.

If you and your honey bonded overfishing or have strong ties to lakes, oceans, etc… you’re in luck. We’re wading into the great big world of fish wedding centerpieces. 

There are things to consider if you’re curious about using live fish centerpieces; mainly the fishes’ welfare before, during, and after the wedding.

Even though goldfish and bettas (the most typically used) are attractive, small containers are uncomfortable, and there’s a high chance of stressful disturbances during the wedding day for them (handsy kids, spilled drinks, loud noise, etc.) Some may not survive the night.

Regardless of whether you want to use live fish in your centerpieces or not, you’ll find inspiration in our list below to pull off your dream centerpiece. Let’s dive in!

Slanted Punch Bowl Terrarium

Slant Bowl Terrarium

Clear Slant Cut Bowl Terrarium Vase on Stem

Who doesn’t love a funky slanted punch bowl? This can be filled with any matter of aquatic things, whether it’s sand from the lake where you and your partner met or colorful gems in your wedding colors… the ideas are endless. 

Molten Glass Terrarium with Wood

Bowl Molten Glasses Teak on Wood

The process blowing the molten glass fit to the Natural Wood base creating wonderful accent, there are no two exactly same shape.

As far as fish tanks go, this gorgeous molten glass tank is a big enough space for a small fish. If you’re thinking of going this route, just a recommendation from us- female betta fish are way less aggressive than male bettas and will most likely do better.

Large Footed Wine Glass Bowl Vase

Large Footed Glass Vase

This beautiful 12.5" footed bowl vase can be used for so many things. In pristine condition. It measures 12" tall by 9.5" in width and 9.5" in depth. The top rim measures 6.6" across.

Is this a comically large wine glass or a fishbowl? We may never know, but what we do know is that it’s awesome for a fish-themed wedding centerpiece!

Standing at a foot tall 9.5 inches deep, this large footed wine glass bowl vase can easily be filled with water to make a stunning mini tank for a live fish centerpiece.

The dimensions would be good for a betta or a goldfish to happily swim around in for a magical night, and can be taken home (and adopted) later!

Dark Mahogany Vase Stand

Dark Red Mahogany Porcelain Vase Stand

Hand made wooden Chinese vase stand in semi matte finish for table top or floor use. 

If you end up purchasing any number of our recommended vases or bowls, don’t forget a wooden stand to give it a polished, elevated (literally) look. 

Glass Shell Vase

Hosley Glass Shell Vase

 Hosley vases are for decorative use and are made for Artificial Flowers Only. Hosley vases are classically stunning and go excellent with any artificial flower arrangement big or small. You can add faux stems, greenery, bouquets, and flowers to add additional color to your decor. 

We can’t promise that you can hear the sea if you lift this glass conch to your ear, but it will definitely steal some hearts. This beautiful shell vase can be filled with water for aquatic plants, flowers, etc.

A fun idea would be to fill this shell vase with bits of collected sea glass or other shells from a place that is meaningful to both of you. 

Numbered Buoy Centerpieces

Beach Themed Wood Table

Fabulous for table numbers in restaurants, pubs, beach cafés with a nautical theme.

When putting together a wedding centerpiece, don’t forget about table numbers! These numbered fishing buoys would be perfect for a coastal wedding on the East Coast.

We love that they offer red, blue, light blue, and green as color choices. With just a little bit of artistic wear, these wooden table numbers are a unique and original way to tie table numbers in with your fishing theme.

Round Decoration Bowls

Wedding table Centerpieces Vases

Beautiful filled with a floral arrangement, equally striking with a floating candle, gemstones, rocks, or rose petals.

Probably the most necessary thing you’re going to need to pull off a fish-themed centerpiece is a bowl! Check out these round decorative bowls that can be filled with stones and aquatic plants.

If you have round dinner tables, the great thing about these bowls is that they afford every guest an equitable view of the decorations! Consider placing a flat mirror underneath the fishbowl to maximize the centerpiece sights. 

Fishing Dock with Rod and Tackle Box

Miniature Fishing Dock With Fishing Rod Tackle

Made from basswood. Life vest made of polymer clay. Painted with outdoor acrylic paint and finished off with a outdoor top coat sealant. All parts permanently attached.

Wish you could just escape from wedding planning and hit the dock for some relaxation? We’ve all been there! Bring this theme into your centerpieces with these precious miniature docks that even come with a tiny life vest.

We’ve fallen in “reel love” with these decor items!

Tropical Fish Bowl Lamp

Fish-bowl Lamp: Tropical Edition

Being battery powered, these lamps can go anywhere. Great for adding a bit of mood lighting or they work equally as well as a table center piece; especially in low light situations.

This tropical fish bowl lamp makes us feel like we’re sneaking into the aquarium for some late-night wedding shenanigans! 

With 16 colors, 4 modes, and the ability to control the brightness, you’ll be able to customize these lamps to your heart’s delight. If you’re unsure about having real fish in your centerpieces, this is a fun alternative!

Boho Coastal Fish Wedding Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Coastal Wedding

 It lights up with a cork light with led lights and looks amazing at night.

Are you feeling “caught” up with all the millions of aquatic-themed wedding decor ideas? These repurposed wine bottles are serving us beach wedding vibes with the enclosed fairy lights and small pearls.

If you and your partner have strong ties to ocean fishing, this is a great way to encapsulate your love and mutual hobby. 

Decorative Cotton Fish Netting

Novelty Fish Net Decorative

Spread out this net on the nautical beach themed table. Will fit all of your tables and you will even have enough for a backdrop on the wall. It will add a realistic touch to your party décor.

Forget traditional table runners! This natural cotton netting is a great way to tie in a fishing theme, and with 3 nets in a set, measuring 14 feet by 4 feet, you could easily cover an entire table with it by stretching it out or leaving it draped for a natural look.

The cotton netting is a nice neutral, beige color which is sure to complement any wedding color theme. 

Handblown Glass Centerpiece

Vase Clear Glass Round Table

Round, blown glass vessel with its very faint vertical ridging makes this accent piece very original.

This handblown glass centerpiece with its traditional vase-shaped body is big enough to hold a small fish. 

Alternatively, you could build your own lake or seascape inside of it with other decorations if you’re not keen on using a live fish.

Miniature Fishing Rod

At 6 inches in length, these miniature fishing rods are practically begging to be included in the party! Your guests will adore seeing these on every table.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate them into your centerpiece, so get those creative juices flowing!

Shallow Rimless Tank

Aquatics Shallow Rimless Tank Glass

 It is built with low-iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass, offering a more transparent visual effect than regular glass tank.

A minimalistic terrarium, like this rimless tank, will bring the entire focus to what’s inside! This extra-clear glass allows guests to take in all the gorgeous aquatic action. 

Large White Foam Water Lotus 

Artificial Floating Foam Lotus Flowers

 Made of soft but durable foam with excellent color fastness performance, these faux flowers are great alternatives for the real ones.

Looking to jazz up your fish-themed centerpiece? Don’t discount the importance of including aquatic plants. Take this gorgeous white foam lotus! It looks so real and makes us suddenly feel like we’re out for a weekend at a tranquil lakeside cabin. 

Mint Green Acrylic Gem Pebbles

Mint Acrylic Gems Vase Fillers

These plastic gems flat marbles are bright colors with similar shape of glass gems but smooth surface and soft edges.

Regardless of the vase or bowl, you end up choosing, you’ll need something to put at the bottom.. otherwise, your centerpieces might look somewhat empty and unfinished.

Rocks will give you a rustic look (just make sure they’re clean and washed thoroughly if you’re using them with a live fish), but we love the look of these “sea glass” shades of light green acrylic pebbles!

Tall Glass Cylinders

Not keen on using a live fish but want the fishing vibes to be strong? Consider the tall glass cylinder, which is a mainstay in so many weddings!

It can be filled with water and your choice of fabulous aquatic plants (such as moneywort, hornwort, or elodea) and topped with a floating candle for a lovely effect. 

Set of 3 Vintage Netted Glass Fishing Floats

Vintage Fishing Floats

Blue-green Japanese fishing floats, ranging from pale to deep aqua with original hand-tied netting in a rare woven gray, were hand-blown prior to the 1930s and used by fishermen to keep their nets afloat for years.

These gorgeous glass floats are so eye-catching, you may want to make sure they’re securely attached to the table, or else your guests will try to steal them!

You can channel in the nautical vibe easily with these blue-green floats. We’re totally smitten with these- hook, line, and sinker. 

Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Aquarium 

Self-cleaning Betta Fish Aquarium

The self-cleaning system runs entirely on physics. Simply pour clean water into the aquarium and dirty water flows out. 

Looking for a complete hands-off centerpiece that won’t require a lot of fuss? We’ve found a self-cleaning betta tank that can easily be jazzed up to be a stunning centerpiece.

To finish off the look, surround the tank with fairy lights, low tea lights (not too close to the tank, of course), or some color-changing LED lights for a fun party vibe!

Fish Themed Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding Table Number Card

The blue ocean theme design work perfectly with summer beach events.

Are you and your partner more into the academic study of fish? Check out these accurate, scientifically named table numbers… nothing fishy about them at all!

This is a simple way to organize the tables at your wedding with a fun variety of cool fish species. 

Three Legged Orb Glass Terrarium

This handmade orb is a delicate and clever take on the traditional fish tank. This could also hold submerged aquatic plants, or be filled with other ocean and beachy decorations.

It almost resembles a very modern take on the pufferfish with its three little “spines” for legs. 

4 Piece Miniature Sailing Boat Model

Juvale Set of 4 Miniature Sailboat

These adorable sailing decorations for home feature 4 sailboat figurines in assorted designs including a fishnet, anchor, steering wheel, starfish, and lifebuoy.

Looking for something that says “we love fishing” without being too literal? Think about ways to incorporate the themes with things like sailboats, anchors, and other sea creatures. 

These miniature sailing boat models have all of the above! These would look adorable in a centerpiece with lots of other fishing-related decors.

Assorted Fishing Bobbers

Fishing Bobbers Assortment

Assortment including 16 pack of multiple sized fishing bobbers floats for your fishing trips, the bobber floaters are made of premium ABS, durable so won't be broken easily.

A set of 16 bobbers can go a long way as centerpiece decor! One look at these and you’re instantly transported to a fishing boat on a serene lake. 

The bobbers can be put on the table as is (think about how cute they would look on a runner made of netting), or floating in a tall cylinder candle- just a couple of ideas for you!

Unique Glass Bowl with Inverted Mountain

Mountain Bowl Decorative Vase

Create a little world below the surface by turning this vase into an air plant terrarium, marine aquarium, or accent terrarium.

This unique glass bowl has a craggy built-in mountain shape, making it a gorgeous setting to either fill with water or with a fake underwater scene!

Hot tip: little air plants (tillandsia) are a cheap way to flesh out beach scenes without actually filling them up with water and sand.

Handmade Fairy Garden Fish Pond

Handmade Fairy Garden Fish Pond

The fairies found a discarded saucer filled with rainwater, and now they certainly enjoy the swimming hole immensely. Wild plants and moss are all around the saucer, with stepping stones leading into the pond.

A clever way to bring the outside indoors to each table during the reception, these handmade fairy fish ponds are the stuff of whimsy. These can be standalone with some candles, or part of a larger centerpiece vision!

Assorted Colored Acrylic Fishbowl

Acrylic Ins Vase Flower Arrangement

Fashionable appearance, suitable for you who are with super high aesthetic feeling.

For a fun burst of color and a mod look, these acrylic vase-shaped bowls are a groovy take on a fishing-themed centerpiece. Available in a variety of colors, we love that you get a hint of color without being entirely opaque. 

Round Vase on Geometric Stand

Vase Bowl on Stand

The top vase is heavy, slightly darkened glass. It's removable and could be used separately from the base. The base is metal, smooth and lightweight.

Looking to keep things minimal? Check out this awesome geometric stand with a round, slightly darkened glass vase. 

Fill it with fishing decor like bobbers, sand, or starfish-like the ones pictured by the seller. You can easily achieve a fishing theme this way!

Brass Crane Fish Bowl Stand

Brass Crane Fish Bowl Stand Terrarium Display

A lovely vintage brass crane stand with glass fish bowl.

Wanting some regal gold color and ornate decor in your wedding? Incorporate this gorgeous brass crane fish bowl stand with your aquatic decor!

Glass Bag Fish Bowl 

Hand Basket Bubble Basketflower

This handicraft does not include the plants.

Yes, you read that correctly. This glass bag fish bowl centerpiece is so unique and would be perfect for a bride who loves to shop… for fishing gear!

Molten Glass Vessel on Teak Wood

Molten Glass Vessel on Gamal Wood Base

Skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia use Recycled Glass to hand blow these beautiful one of kind glass vessels directly on top of Gamal Root bases. This wood is otherwise scrap from the hardwood furniture industry.

Molten glass is serious all the rage when it comes to terrariums and tanks and we’re loving this one a teak wood stand!

It’s a clever way to move away from the typical tanks, and by incorporating a teak wooden stand, it feels very natural. These tanks will fill about half a gallon of water, which would work for a betta fish.

Assorted Fishing Lures

Fishing Lure Set

ealistic 3D eyes, brilliant color and patterns of real bass lure which create life-like swimming actions in water, attract a variety of fish.

We’ll do you a solid and give you some inspiration here. Take a tall cylindrical glass, put some of those great mint green acrylic gems at the bottom, a couple of sprigs of aquatic plants, and toss one of these fishing lures in.

Top it with a floating candle, and voila! You get your ‘fish’ without actually having a live one- a fishing lure is clever and iconic, because who hasn’t gotten their lure tangled up in some weeds before?

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