First Kiss Wedding Photos: How To Get The Perfect Shot

In the sea of wedding planning, endless appointments, and improbable amounts of lace that you may find yourself in, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The wedding? Yes. But more specifically, that first kiss!

I mean, have you been dreaming about it? Have you been practicing it? (ooh la la).

Well, I will condone the practicing, but we’ll talk more about that later. 

The first kiss is the pinnacle moment of the wedding day. It’s when you’ve made it officially official, so it is kind of the whole point of all of this. 

First Kiss Wedding Photos

Why the First Kiss Matters

Newlyweds kissing under the wedding arch
Photo by: Jessica Maddela Photography

And that’s why the first kiss matters. It’s the signifier of the start. It’s where your wedding becomes your marriage and where you and your partner start forever. 

I know it sounds like I’m trying to hype this up, but outside of the cake (YUM), this is one of the most essential and notable moments of your day. And plenty of brides and grooms don’t even get to eat their cake!

Please eat your cake. Good lord, didn’t you spend enough money on it? Sit down and have a slice. 

Now, how about this kiss? Let’s make it your best one yet, yea? 

First Kiss Photos: Things to Think About Ahead of Time

newlyweds first kiss near the beautiful huge bush
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

So, you’re thinking about your first kiss with your favorite person. But then your mind pans out a little, and you realize that while you’re smooching it up, everyone will be watching you!

Well, maybe not the flower girl or your cousin Marie’s new baby, but everyone else will be! That’s a lot of people and a whole lot of pressure.

What if you do something weird like knock teeth, or what if you get wedding amnesia and forget how to kiss altogether?!

Breathe, friend.

A little bit of prep, and we’ll chase those jitters right out of you. Plus, I’m 97.8% positive that wedding amnesia doesn’t exist. 

Talk to Your Photographer

groom kisses his bride on the forehead
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

Before you do anything else, talk to your photographer. Well, maybe talk to your partner first, but then talk to your photographer. 

Not only will they help you with tips and advice, but you’ll also get to plan out the moment together. 

Talk about what you’d like to see in your first kiss photos. Figure out the aesthetic of the images and how you see them lining up in your wedding album. 

Good wedding photography will tell an authentic and cohesive story. Your story. But you need to express how you’d like that story to play out for everyone to hit the mark. 

Think about angles, whether you want the photo facing your guests or facing away, or maybe you want both!

Look at a little bit of inspiration, notice what you’re drawn to, and then communicate that to your photographer. 

Talk to Your Officiant 

newly married kissing in the sun
Photo by: We The Blackwells

Next up, bring your officiant in on the plan. 

Your officiant is front and center for most of the wedding ceremony, but unless they’re the third part of your love triangle, you don’t want them in that first kiss photo. 

A first kiss wedding photo with a photo-bombing officiant isssss a bit cringe. Tell them when and where to step aside so you can avoid that whole situation. 


newlyweds' first kiss surrounded by guests
Photo by: Vivian Fox Photography

Ah, yes. Let’s get to the good stuff. 

I mean, of all the wedding prep that you have to deal with, I’d say this will probably be the most enjoyable. 

Take some time. Visualize what it will feel like to stand in front of a crowd and give each other the best kiss of your life. 

Just kidding. This probably won’t’ be the best kiss you two ever have (you have your whole life ahead of you), but we’re going for a solid B here. 

When you take the time to practice where you’ll be standing, how you’ll be feeling, and who will lean which way, it’ll help you feel less stressed when the actual moment comes. 

Have a little fun with this. I’m sure it won’t be hard. 

Know What Happens Next

bride and groom kissing at their wedding ceremony
Photo by: Vivian Fox Photography

You will likely rehearse your wedding, including the exit after your first kiss. But make sure you have all the details. 

Will you wait for the officiant to dismiss you? Will you have your bouquet during the kiss or after? Will you run or walk or go in for a second kiss halfway down the aisle (highly recommend)? 

Know what your next steps are after you’ve sealed the deal. When you’ve got a plan, you’ll feel more at ease. 

How to Nail Your First Kiss Wedding Photos

Ok, but how do you nail this kiss in a way that translates well in wedding photos?

There are a few things you should be thinking about when you go in for the kiss that will help make it a gorgeous photo…

Think About Your Partner

newlyweds in love touching noses
Photo by: Rose Arrow Photography

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind up to this point in the day. You’re through the entire ceremony, and you’re coming in hot on that first kiss. 

Do your best to ground yourself. Your mind is probably racing, and you’re likely a little bit too aware of the giant crowd of people that have been staring at you for the last half-hour. 

Bring yourself back to your body. Feel your dress or squeeze your partner’s hands. Do something to bring yourself back to the moment. 

And then really try to focus on your partner. Notice something about their eyes that you haven’t before. Admire the way their suit sits on their shoulders.

Focus on them so that you feel connected when you two kiss for the first time as a married couple. 

Eye Contact, But Make It Chill

bride and groom eye contact
Photo by: Jess Living Photo

You want the right amount of eye contact. 

Test it out and see what feels right to you. You might look into each other’s eyes, and then right before the kiss, close your eyes to take it in. 

Whatever you do, please don’t keep your eyes open while you’re kissing. I don’t know why this looks so creepy, but it does, so avoid it. 

Take It Slow

newlyweds first kiss at their wedding ceremony
Photo by: Vivian Fox Photography

If you don’t remember anything I’ve said so far, please remember this – go sllllooooooowww. 

Don’t rush this. For one, it’s a moment you should savor. But also, if you get nervous and rush the kiss, it’s going to be a lot harder for your photographer to nail the shot. 

It’s not going to feel entirely natural to take your first kiss slow, so this is another excellent reason to practice it ahead of time. 

Get a feel for the right tempo. It should make you feel comfortable while also leaving room for your wedding photographer to capture it. 

Make It Yours

newlyweds kissing surrounded their bridesmaids and groomsmen
Photo by: Emily Ruth Photography

This should probably be the first point because it’s so important, but we will land it here. 

Your first kiss is yours. What does that mean? It should feel like you.

Leave room to get inspired at the exact moment. You can’t predict precisely how you’ll feel on your wedding day. My guess is you’ve never married this person before, so this is new! 

Let yourself authentically celebrate the kiss. If you’d have to choose between having a gorgeously photogenic moment and genuinely expressing your joy, then my vote is for the latter. 

Ideally, you’d nail both of those, but don’t let the idea of perfection get in the way of actually enjoying the first time you kiss your spouse. 

Remember, this is your first kiss! After this, you’re officially married (actually you’ll have to sign some papers, but you get what I mean). 

If you slow down and enjoy the happy moment, you will inevitably nail those first kiss wedding photos!

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